19 Spatial Origin Space

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"Such shockingly powerful mental power!"

At this time, everyone was filled with admiration and slight surprise.

Looking at their expressions, Gurney immediately understood what they were thinking.

The door was right there. What you guys lacked was something to find the door — a cheat! Gurney thought to himself internally.

As the stone door opened, what they saw was a blood-red veil that was flowing like a waterfall.


"Yes, this is a Spatial Origin Door. It leads to a special space behind it."

"It's actually a Spatial Origin Small Realm…!"

Seeing the flowing blood-colored veil, everyone was stunned before quickly revealing expressions of joy as they chattered on.

They even forgot that they were in a dangerous supernatural area and needed to keep their volume down.

Spatial Origin Areas were places like "rabbit holes", "small secret realms", or "mini grotto-heavens".

Such a Spatial Origin Area could only be controlled and used by great existences, which meant to say that this land of treasures was the inheritance ground of a great person.

How could they not feel excited about it?

Even Avery who was mature and shrewd could not help but show an expression of joy when he saw this. But soon, his joy faded away and was replaced by intensified worry and doubt, because he knew that they were likely the cannon fodder this time.

Discreetly looking towards Gurney, he saw that Gurney had a calm expression without any signs of peculiar emotions. Seeing Gurney in this state, Avery also calmed down by a lot.

After all, in their previous explorations into the wilderness plain, Gurney had used his powerful strength and methods to alleviate all the crises that they faced. As long as Gurney did not act flustered, it meant that the situation was still under control.

Pulling out the key and giving it back to Avery, Gurney did not enter first.

He spoke lightly, "Who knows how many years this space has been sealed already? Let the air flow in and out first. That way, when we enter, we will not be poisoned by the unknown gases inside the sealed space. At the same time, we need to rest and prepare first. After all, behind this Spatial Origin Door lies the resting place of that great existence."

Everyone nodded; they had this much common sense at least.

While everyone rested, Gurney thought about the situation rapidly in his mind, Even at this point, they are not doing anything, but just observing us. In fact, with the dangerous scenarios that my system listed, they are likely waiting for us to enter… as cannon fodder.

These people are truly trying to make full use of us. They are not even treating us as people when they set up this trap!

Gurney's eyes surged with killing intent, but on the surface, he was still calm as ice: there were no emotions on his face.

It is a pity that they do not know we can enter and obtain the treasures safely. Because of this, I can definitely create a plan to lure them and counter-kill them.

Considering the enemy's inactivity and their observation of the situation, along with his own strength, Gurney quickly came up with a series of plans for the future.

About an hour later.

Gurney who was seated opened his eyes and stood up.

The others also sensed Gurney moving and looked at each other.

"The airflow is smooth now. It is time to enter." His voice was not loud, but the surrounding people could hear him clearly.

Everyone stood up.

After making preparations, Gurney took the lead into this veil that resembled a blood waterfall.

The distance of one step brought him into a whole new environment.

Outside was hazy and misty.

Inside was dark and moist, and the air had the faint smell of mold and rot.

Even with the system, Gurney was very careful and vigilant. After all, the system had pointed out the treasures and the method to obtain them to Gurney, but it would not tell him if a puppet or guardian would jump out at the doorway to attack him.

Once he landed, with Gurney's strong spiritual sense, he quickly looked around the place and eased his anxious inner heart.

The surroundings were safe. If there really was a powerful supernatural lifeform or even a supernatural puppet, at the very first instant, Gurney's spell would have been cast and blown everything to bits.

After all, Gurney was able to instant-cast his spells now. Even when instant casting was possible, the Spellcaster would face another problem; that was the "one-second stacking" problem of spell casting.

In simple terms, it was the number of spells one could instant-cast in one second.

At this time, the factors would be the mobilization of origin force, the capacity of the soul, and the most-important cognitive speed of the soul.

Normally speaking, without any external influences, five spells in one second was the level that most Spellcasters could reach with instant casting.

As for Gurney, due to the effects of that incomplete supernatural spell Ring Explosion, when Gurney unleashed his full potential — that is, casting spells without moving or thinking about anything else — he could reach a terrifying 12 spells in one second.

When he was in combat mode, while moving around and dodging attacks, Gurney would still be able to use six to eight spells per second.

Whether Spellcasters used incantations or instant casting in combat would result in two different fighting styles.

The former was the fighting style of most Spellcasters.

The latter was something only a very small number could do.

Waving his hand lightly, Fire Arrow was instantly formed and ready to attack. It was about an arm's length and a finger's thickness; the pure black arrow appeared beside Gurney. At the same time, all over the arrow, there was a thick and intense flame burning continuously, lighting up the surroundings.

After creating this fire arrow, Gurney did not unleash it. The burning arrow continued to float beside him.

If it was the four-syllable supernatural spell Ring Explosion, Gurney would be unable to cast it without shooting it right after.

As for this two-syllable ordinary spell, Fire Arrow, Gurney could cast it and hold it back without much issue.

As he gazed around, Gurney found himself in a rugged tunnel that had clear signs of being man-made. This proved that an expert had once lived here.

As Gurney stretched out his hand towards the blood-colored veil, he indicated for them to come over.

Next, Pavel, Avery, and the rest came in.

After the few of them entered, they first noticed the meter-long arrow that was one and a half meters in front of Gurney, floating silently.

"He can actually cast but not release it!" Yulair gasped loudly but quickly controlled her emotions.

Blue Shire and Black Dill were also quite surprised. They could not look away.

Casting but not releasing ordinary spells was not something an average tier-one Transcendent could do. This was something that only tier-two or tier-three Transcendent Spellcasters with immense mental power could do.

As for Gurney, he was still an Apprentice Spellcaster. Once Gurney became a true Spellcaster, then…

What a terrifying fellow.

Pavel and Avery were not Spellcasters, but they too knew about the immense mental power needed to cast but not release such spells.

Soon, everyone controlled their expressions, but their gaze could not help but move towards that floating fire arrow.

After observing the location for a while, Gurney nodded at Avery.

Avery sighed in relief. Now that they were inside this Spatial Origin Realm, they were isolated from the outside. That feeling of being watched had vanished.

"Everyone!" Avery spoke softly.

Everyone looked over at him, not understanding the situation.

"This exploration is a trap, and we… are the unlucky ones who have unknowingly stepped into it."


Everyone else showed expressions of shock and confusion.

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