28 Bloodcaster

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Beyond the dark and silent tunnel.

Avery, Pavel, and the rest looked towards the other end of the tunnel with great concern and worry.

At the end of the tunnel, the row of Fire Arrows that Gurney made had already been extinguished, and the path ahead was completely dark.

More than ten minutes ago, they had clearly heard Gurney's terrifying cry and anguished screams, so they were worried.

Inheriting a supernatural token was very dangerous. After all, humans were lifeforms with blood and flesh, while supernatural tokens were involved with extraordinary powers that were mysterious and peculiar.

An ordinary human trying to grasp extraordinary powers through their flesh body, it was obviously very dangerous. If one lacked will or sufficient supernatural talent, they would suffer soul injuries, or their minds might get corrupted, or their bodies might mutate, or they might lose control over the entire situation.

Even though Gurney had immense talent and they were very confident in him, after hearing that pitiful cry earlier, their confidence could not stop them from worrying about him.

Ta… ta…

Ta… ta…

Strange footsteps could be heard from within the darkness.

The few of them became serious and alert immediately, with the three mages having already prepared their spells in secret.

A moment later, a human bathed in blood appeared before the group, his appearance being lit up by their torches.

Seeing this bloody person, the mages almost unleashed their spells.

"It's me!" Gurney spoke immediately as he appeared, preventing that from happening.

"What… what happened to you?" After looking at Gurney closely and confirming that he was the real deal, Avery became less worried.

"When I came into contact with that Blood Magic Totem earlier, there was still some sort of spiritual power left inside. It should be the remnants of the blood lifeform that we killed earlier… I was caught off guard and fell into the blood pool."

The few of them looked at each other.

"Thankfully, I had my backup plan and managed to kill that thing. Afterwards, I obtained the supernatural class, Bloodcaster, successfully." After saying so, Gurney pretended to let out a sigh of relief.

Everyone had complex emotions as they heard his narration.


This was their current goal, and Gurney had already achieved it.

These rich aristocrat kids were very clear of it. In order to gain sufficient status and power in their families, they needed to be a Transcendent. In fact, in some families that had intense internal conflicts, if you were not a Transcendent, you might lose your life.

Other than strength and wealth, a Transcendent also had a lifespan that far exceeded the normal person's.

An ordinary human who worked laboriously throughout his life would be fortunate to live for over fifty years. For aristocrats, their lifespan ranged from around sixty to seventy. However, after fifty, their vital energy would dwindle, and their minds would become dull, leaving an ordinary illness to easily take their life away.

In this supernatural world filled with mysterious powers, ordinary lifeforms were as fragile as paper. But if one became a Transcendent, even if they were an ordinary tier one or two Transcendent, they would easily live beyond a hundred years. Even when they grew old, they would still have a decently sharp mind and a strong Transcendent body.

The higher the Transcendent tier, the higher the lifespan they had. A longer lifespan was also one of the main goals of many people who wanted to become a Transcendent.

While thinking, Gurney looked at Yulair. "You also want to inherit this Bloodcaster class?"

Yulair was also trying to be a true Spellcaster, and she was qualified to accept the inheritance. Regarding this problem, she had already given it careful consideration.

"Yeah!" There was no doubt in her mind as she nodded.

Even though Bloodcaster had a weakness, that could not hide the fact that it was a very powerful class.

Many curses are resolvable. If I am sufficiently strong, I can even suppress the blood curse instead. In the worst case, I can still rely on supernatural items, Yulair thought to herself.

"Even though I exterminated that evil thing, you still need to be careful when you go there."

"Yeah! I know."

Breathe in… breathe out…

Taking a deep breath, she calmed her palpitating heart.

Yulair walked in the tunnel alone, and she was soon engulfed in darkness.

After Yulair was completely submerged in the darkness, Gurney looked at the rest of them.

"Who has extra water?" The blood in the blood pool was very strange. It was sticky and oily, and the feeling of being covered in it was extremely uncomfortable.

"Sorry." "Not me." "Me neither." Everyone said convincingly.

Shrugging his shoulders helplessly, Gurney went to the side and sat down to meditate.

Opening the system in his mind, and looking at the [Passive Farming] page, Gurney smiled.

The fifth farming slot has finally opened!

At this moment, on the [Passive Farming] page, after such a long time, the fifth slot had finally been unlocked.

Putting away his joyful emotions, Gurney started to inspect his supernatural class — Bloodcaster.

Currently, Gurney had already completed the catalyst acceptance, so he was now a Bloodcaster. Thus, Gurney was no longer an Apprentice Spellcaster now.

Of course, he was not a tier-one Spellcaster either. He was considered half a Spellcaster.

After Gurney opened his origin pool, his soul would undergo a qualitative transformation and push through the boundary of tier one. Then, Gurney would become a genuine tier-one Transcendent Bloodcaster!

The core ability of a Bloodcaster was blood. As Gurney sat down calmly, at this moment, he could clearly feel the bubbling and movement of the blood in his body.

Blood was produced in the bone marrow; it would flow into the veins, before being pumped throughout the body by the heart to supply energy. In the core inheritance of the Bloodcaster class, the most important thing was the strengthening of one's blood. The stronger the blood, the more it would nourish the body, and the stronger the body would get.

The Bloodcaster class can strengthen the blood to raise the strength of the body. This suits my tanky-mage route very well. A tanky mage not only needs to have a supreme defense in terms of equipment, they also need to have a strong body.

This Bloodcaster class suits me so well! Gurney sighed to himself internally.

When he inherited the supernatural Bloodcaster class, he discovered that at the core of this inheritance, there was also a method to strengthen the blood, and it was called the Blood Pool Codex.

Blood Pool Codex? Looking at this supernatural book, Blood Pool Codex, Gurney fell into deep thought.

It seems that Blood Magic Grandmaster Gog had made an agreement with a powerful and mysterious Blood Demon or Blood-kin. Thus, he managed to create this Blood Pool Codex that is able to strengthen one's blood.

Feeling the vast depth and profundity of this Blood Pool Codex, Gurney knew that this was an extraordinary supernatural book. The mid-tier supernatural book Cybona Origin Pool that Gurney had placed in his passive farming slot was not even ten percent as complex as this Blood Pool Codex.

While thinking about it, Gurney placed this Blood Pool Codex into the newly unlocked fifth passive farming slot in his system.

[Passive Farming]

Slot 1: Bone Essence Potion Mantra (Level Six)

Slot 2: Cybona Origin Pool (Level One)

Slot 3: Ring Explosion (Level Five)

Slot 4: Devotion Knight Breathing Style (Level One)

Slot 5: Blood Pool Codex (Level Zero)

All five of them were supernatural books.

During this period of passive farming, Cybona Origin Pool and Devotion Knight Breathing Style had both risen to level one. For other people, they would need to spend months or even years of training to level their supernatural books; in Gurney's case, it was just a few days of farming.

After Blood Pool Codex was placed in the slot, and once 10 seconds had passed…


The number +15 appeared above Blood Pool Codex before quickly vanishing.

The experience gain is so high?

Seeing the two-digit experience gain, Gurney could not help but feel stirred internally.

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