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Absolutely wonderful story telling! She always updates on time and often. She listens to her readers and she is very involved in discussion on her author discord. The story so far head great pacing and it's already well developed! ❤️❤️ AimeeLynn I love your skill and talent.

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Having cone over from AimeeLynn’s falling in love with the King Of Beasts, I thought I knew what to expect. And then Elreth’s story hit me like a freight train in the first chapter. To be clear you won’t need to have read about anima before to love this. Though it does add a whole level of feels. It’s just going to get better and better, I can tell.


There aren’t enough adequate words in the English language to describe how incredible this book is, nor what this book means to me. I am Pro-Aimee Lynn books for life, and I don’t think I could ever say anything negative about any of her works - they are real, raw, well developed and edited - this second journey into Anima and the WildWood is an even better experience than the first. I recommend reading Falling in Love with the King of Beasts first, and then start right into this one. This author is a gift to the world and I’m so grateful to have found even a small corner of her creative cave. I wanted to write a review as soon as the book ended, but I really needed to process everything and take it all in, it was just that amazing. As with any of Aimee’s books, the stories will stay with you. So buckle up buttercup and enjoy every chapter. Happy reading, Tribe! ❤️❤️❤️


If you thought Falling in love with the King of Beasts was good, this one is amazing!! All heil the Queen!! My heart is pounding faster than I've ever felt it before. Can't wait to see what happens next!


I was introduce Amiee when i stubled upon falling in love with king of beasts which is amazing but this book as good as the original and completly fell in love with it only after reading the first chapter. Amiee you are a genius


This author does NOT disappoint !! I fell in Love with the King of Beasts and am eagerly awaiting to see what kind of wild ride is in store for his daughter! This storyline and the world of Anima is definitely worth your time!


Another marsterful story from my new favorite alternate reality, the Anima! Falling in Love With The King if Beasts grabbed my by the ears and pulled me right in. But this new installment has pulled my by the heartstrings in what I can only describe as a whirlwind of emotions. My King is paving the way to a new day for the Anima in propelling his beloved Elreth to fulfill her destiny. I can’t wait to see her break all the rules, misconceptions, and stereotypes as she becomes the new Alpha, and the Queen of Beasts. Bravo AimeeLynn! 👏👏


The author gifted us the first two Chapters, from the author section in, Falling in Love with the King of Beasts. I added it to my library immediately! I have 4 books going, (now 5) on WebNovel, and AimeeLynn is the Best Author! So much detail, you can see It, yet not so nuch detail, where you’re mad you wasted coins to read about it... I wish I could get these books on Audible.


How can it be addicting like this after only a handful of chapters?! Such good writing, story, world, characters, etc. I can’t wait to see how much more we get to learn of the Anima that were introduced in King of Beasts - Elreth’s story already promises to be inspiring.


I am 9 chapters in and already can see its on par with Falling in love with king beasts.. I cant wait to see the carathers we know from beasts to make an apperance hear and also see how our first dominant queen will navigate the challanges and also see the love bloom between Elreth and Aaryn!!!!


I'm only 7 chapters in and I'm in love with Elreth and Aaryn! I'm so excited to see their relationship blossom and watch them grow together as leaders and lovers! Let the Magic Begin!


Reviewing at 25 chapters. This story is amazing so far and I can't wait to see where the author takes us. This builds very naturally on previous work but is done in such a way that you could read them in order, at the same time or just one. The world created for these stories is fascinating and the characters and relationships are very well written. I definitely recommend, especially if you like a good plot alongside your romance!


Such a great read! This book has completely transported me to another world and hooked me in right from the first chapter. Wonderful storytelling and engaging dialogue. I also love that the author replies to comments and connects with the readers! It feels like you’re a journey with a reading community ❤️


I fell in love with The King of Beast so I couldn’t help myself when this one started. This is great as a stand alone novel but also is amazing with the backstory from Elreth’s parents and Anima. I am floored by this novel! I can’t put it down!


Fantastic sequel to her Falling in Love with the King of Beast novel. Elreth's journey as the new Queen of Anima is awesome! Love the daily updates as well.


Aimee has created the incredible world of Anima and you will love meeting new characters as well as joining some old favorites (if you read Falling in Love with thr King of Beasts first, which isn’t necessary) as they continue their journeys. This is a sweet and powerful story and there is never a dull moment with Elreth and her loved ones. Dive deep into friendship, love, and growing through challenges.


This story has the capacity to reel you in and somehow turns minutes into hours! Once you start reading you simply cannot put the book down! Tastefully written.


Love this story!! Its one of the best here on WebNovel. I hope the author decides to share more from Anima. Maybe Garhye and Kalle would make another awesome volume. I love this authors writing style and imagination. I am captivated ❤


I love this book, im concurrently reading King of Beasts and they are so well written. I feel like Im there experiencing everything as I read it. I am definitely enthralled in it, which is great, but also super distracting, lol. It partially makes me feel really envious though, as I wish I could be where the Anima are, as sometimes I would prefer not to be in our current world. I would love to escape to that world and live as an Anima.


There could not be a better sequel to the absolute BEST novel on the entire app! With amazingly lovable characters and a storyline that keeps you constantly on your toes through each new chapter, Taming The Queen of Beasts is a novel that you just can’t stop reading the very moment you start!