Taming the Mythical Beasts: My Eccentric Wife Book

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Taming the Mythical Beasts: My Eccentric Wife


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(A WPC #161 entry. Support the book with your power stones. An extra chapter per 50 votes will be updated. The end of Chapter 4 is where the fl will be transported to a different world. Anyway enjoy XD) Lilian was on her way to close a major deal when life had given her a sudden twist. When she regained her consciousness back a virtual screen with its texts in bold neon fonts appeared out of the blue stating, ‘GAME INITIALIZING…’ Her mind went blank. The world had become unfamiliar. All sorts of fictional characters from stories, movies and games have been brought to life. For an MMORPG developer, this was not hard to digest. But a world without even a trace of a darn calculator or any technology? Now, that was pushing her to death. She watched her clan fighting over a small company that had no future prospects with their teeth and nails. Fucking idiots! She watched those three major clans’ iron claws grasped the world power structure and trampled on the Feng Clan like ants. Is there anything worse that this? Ah Yes! There is… The egg on her arm twitched asking for another batch of jades from her. What a bottomless money pit! It wasn’t for the spell binding us together. I would have smashed it long ago. Thus, she endured the impulse to throw it on the ground. Lilian threw her new life a grim look. Darn it! After several months later, she witnessed the egg hatched and turned into a young man. Her motherly instincts flared, inwardly recognizing him as her son. Those previous negative feelings dissipated. But what was that dark look he was giving her every time she addressed him as ‘son’? “Son? Woman, I’m a thousand years old Beast!” -- “Wealth. Power. Influence. These were the three things that distinguished the status of each clan in the country. In the south, the Turquoise clan with their cunning wits and innovative minds flourished their land with wealth dominating in the area of economic resources. The might of the Dragon Clan, whose descendants possessed great strength and power resides at the north and were able to produce famous figures in the political circle. On the other hand Qilins, who lived in the west, were known for their spiritual ability to bring luck and foresee one’s destiny was seen as the most influential.” “Uncle, you forgot one.” “Eh?” “Where’s the phoenix?” “The phoenixes...Well…they’re declining…” -- [Main task: To raise the affection bars of the three targets.] Lilian watched the Boss-like specs of each target with a wide mouth. Her eyebrows twitched constantly. “How about ascending? That might be easier.” [Players duties: To follow the system’s orders.] “Follow...Huh…” Since the system said so, I will follow your every command. Want me to raise those bars? Yes…I’ll raise them… But first… Let me raise this bank account... Several months later on, the country had a sudden shift the three pillars of the world’s structure. Lilian, with her knowledge of developing MMORPG games redefined wealth, power, and influence. -- Cover is not mine. Credits to the owner This novel is a combination of various genres like Otome game, Xianxia, RPG, System and so on, so don’t bring your common sense here otherwise don’t blame be for damaging your neurons.


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