2 Chapter Two- Boss lady?

I was expecting Lucas to be asleep by the time I reach home. But as soon as the door opened, he ran towards me and wiggled in my arms.

"Aww baby. You missed me?" I kissed him a lot, like I always do.

"Woof woof!!" He wagged his tail more. And started making circles around me.

"I know honey. I missed you too." I told him while petting him. In return, he started licking my face.

Dogs are angels with four legs.

"No boy. Mom has makeup on her face. You are not going to lick it and fall sick." I giggled as he started whining. I kissed his head reassuringly and walked in with him.

"I know you love me. I love you too. Now let's go. It’s bed time."

Lucas was my three-year-old black Labrador. I gifted him a studded collar, when he turned three this year. It had a charm with Mommy’s Boy engraved in it. The back of it had my number, just in case if he gets lost. I adopted him after moving in to Seattle. My dad was against it, me having a dog. But to keep me sane, I need someone to listen to me.

"Here. Now sleep. I will sleep in next fifteen minutes. No woofing anymore." I tugged him in a warm blanket and gave him his rope toy. Lucas wagged his tail and dozed off.

I went towards the door and grabbed my stuff. After placing my bag on the table next to the door, I took out my keys and wallet out of it. The files I had from work was next to the bag. All in it’s own place. It was a tiring day and I need a big cup of hot chocolate to unwind.

Sitting on the foot stool next to my shoe cabinet, I took of my stilettos and put it back where it belonged. Taking my clothes from the large draw just above the cabinet, I started walking towards my room. A comfy short and an oversized hoodie. Undoing my hair was a task. My mane reached mid-thigh.

My hair is my best feature so far. The best part about it, is the colour. When sunlight hits it, it’s like melted chocolate on my complexion. I have stunning hair... I admit. But now, they need to go up. I tied it up in a messy top knot and walked towards my bathroom. With great hair comes great responsibility.

Taking off my jewelleries, I went for some cleanser in a cotton pad. As soon as I wiped the concealer from my undereye, the dark circles popped out. Boss lady. Easier said than done. It was not easy taking charge of your own life. But it was worth it.

At the age of twenty-freaking-six, I am running two successful businesses. It made me sleep deprived. I have my gym on this building, just above my floor. I bought it two years later when I moved in, into this part of the city. I was an Interior designer by profession, in next six month after I started the gym, I opened my own firm.

Post clean-up, I quickly stripped from my black work pants and the pastel orange floral shirt. Warm shower, here I come. I felt my muscles and mind relaxing as soon the drops started hitting my skin. Cleaning my entire body with my all-things-Lavender body wash, was a bliss.

I lathered my skin with moisturizer quickly after I stepped out of the shower. In moments of complete silence like this, I question my life decisions, was it really worth it? I am head-strong and an independent person for the world. But for my own parents, I am insane to leave the happy life I can have easily.

“A secure family, siblings, a loving husband, kids, wealth and happiness. What else a girl wants in her life?” That’s what my parents told me when I decided to move out and stretch my wings. They tried moulding me into something, which was soothing their ego.

But no. I am a hustler. I always liked it the hard way. I am not taking any favours from anyone. Not even my parents, not friends, and certainly not from my fiancé either.

I sat on the stool in front of my dressing table and took a deep breath. Sliding open the left drawer, I took out a picture of us and my ring. My engagement ring. A lot of memories came back to me as soon as I touched it. The good; the bad and certainly the ugly.

I kept it back where it was supposed to be. I tried to get rid of it, but couldn’t. I don’t know what I was waiting for! I don’t feel anything for that guy, not anymore. Maybe, all I need was a proper closure from him. Pushing those thoughts aside, I went towards the kitchen to make myself a big mug of hot chocolate quickly.

After the tiring day I had, sweetness was all I need. I lay on my bed and saw his photo. I wanted to ask him so many things. But I won’t. I am stuck in a place, where I can’t move forward or go back.

Can I still love him? After what he did, what he said?


Every Saturday was usual for me and my dog. I have successfully ditched my date with Edward last night, which I really feel bad about. I have my priorities, and dating is not on the list. Following his everyday routine, Lucas came to my bed and started licking my face.

I let him do his job and kissed his head afterwards. After a moment of peace with my dog, I pushed myself up and got out of bed. Good morning world. Your little ray of sunshine is up. I seem positive this morning.

Then, my anxiety took over. I shook my head and tried not-to-think-negative, just as my shrink said. I made my bed back so it is easier to hop on it, whenever I want. Small tip. I walked into my kitchen, to brew my cup of coffee.

My parents were about to visit me soon, and I need to prepare the other room soon. They usually come once or twice a year. Apparently, my mom has forgotten how her firstborn looked, since I moved out. By the time I had my coffee, Lucas came around and started making circles. A sign he needs to do his morning business.

“What’s for breakfast?” He just woofed and I understood. I grabbed eggs, oats, milk and frozen berries from refrigerator and started putting all the ingredients in the mixing bowl. After finishing the pancake batter, I filled his bowls with dog food and water.

The smell of pancakes filled my whole kitchen and my stomach grumbled. My phone beeped with a text. It was Samantha’s, asking me to hit the gym early. Reaching my closet, I took my favourite workout shorts and sports bra in bright pink. Tying my hair in a tight boxer braid, I grabbed my phone, Fit-bit and water bottle.

“Let’s burn some calories.” My dog was not a big fan of work-out. But since he is Labrador, I had to keep him moving, or else he will start getting skin tumours. It was just one floor, so I took the stairs. Plus, it is a nice warm up idea.

The Gym was mostly empty at this time. I will do a quick cardio and then will lift heavy. I am quad-dominant person. One of the reasons why, I used to get bullied. Now, I am a T-Rex. I helped Lucas on the treadmill and started it. After a good thirty-minutes of his walk, I took him back to my apartment.

You shout it loud but I can’t hear a word you say –Titanium by Sia, was the first song I played, as soon as I came back. I started walking, then jogging. The moment I felt my body warming up, my sprinting started. Burning almost hundred calories, I stepped down and did my cardio. I admire my legs but not more than how I admired Ronda Rousey’s. My inspiration.

“Hey. Punishing those legs for the hangover last night?” Sam yelled from the background. I just smirked at her and she knew what needs to be done. She is my gym-buddy too. I started with deadlift, followed by squats, leg press and other leg exercises. This gym was my escape from insanity.

After two hours of grinding, I finally felt happy. After catching a long breath, I wiped off the sweat my body. Soon, my employee came up, on her scheduled time. My gym mostly has females, and I was happy for that. Woman helping Woman.

Ginny, my trainer-slash-employee greeted me. I asked her to come to my office for finishing few files. Since it was not that big of a gym, I did the books by myself. Going through the books, I realized one thing, I am good at this. This whole Business-woman deal was suiting me.

After completing the files, I went straight to my place for a nice bath. I liked what I saw in the mirror. My almost dream body. I don’t mean the perfect hourglass figure. But yes, strong legs, round glutes, flat abs. I don’t have that V-bones on my waist... yet. Firm shoulders and sexy biceps complementing my triceps.

I still have a little bit of double chin. But I learned it was just about the angels of camera and not my body. I wrapped my hair in a towel and wrapped another around my body. Around eight o’clock, I gave Lucas a nice scrub and cleaned him. My dog, just like any other Labrador, loves water.

I went to my dressing table, and did my morning-skincare-routine. I was hungry, again. Entering the kitchen, I took the ingredient for my second-breakfast. This time it was an omelette and espresso. Yum. I sipped my espresso and moaned.

Post breakfast, I started cleaning my apartment. My clothes were scattered everywhere and everything was a mess. Since my parents were about to come for a visit soon, I have to clean up everything. Let’s get the hands dirty.

Putting the dishes into the dishwasher, I started cleaning my refrigerator. I have frozen leftover food here. A frozen bowl of mac-n-cheese, yummy. As soon as the kitchen was done, I went to the guest room and cleaned it.

My room was the messiest of them all. I folded all my clothes and kept it in the closet. Living solo had its’ own perks. Doing everything on my own, was something I adapted lately. Cleaning was done. It was eleven o’clock, when I sat to work on my grocery list.

After doing my household chores, I took my car and drove towards the mart. I had to stock up on few things this week. I was humming the song, when my phone rang. It was my father.

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