15 Chapter Fifteen – Possessive much


When Damon came towards me and hugged me from behind, I felt like a hopeless romantic person, and started imagining my life with him. Kids; a house with picket fences; more dogs. Get a grip woman, my inner self yelled at me.

I don’t know what this guy was up to. I can see him making an effort. It is now high time that I allow myself to enjoy the love I deserve. He was domesticated even if he doesn’t accept it. I shrugged, and continued cooking.

We had our dinner on total laughter. He is hilarious. Cracking every possible joke with me and making me laugh. By the end of dinner my cheeks were hurting. We both went towards the kitchen; he loaded the dishwasher while I cleaned the island and tables.

Everything was done. It was around ten o’clock, when I decided to head for bed. Lucas was out with Damon for his doggy business. I made the bed for Lucas, put all his toys there, and went to my room. I put Damon’s clothes in my closet, and made our bed, while I was placing the pillows, I heard a whistle.

He was standing at the threshold, checking me out. I raised an eyebrow, “what? Do you want me to make your bed in the other room, boyfriend?”

Damon shook his head and chuckled. He came closer and grabbed my hands, placed it on his waist. He took my hair tie from the bun and cupped my cheek. I leaned into his warmth.

“You are amazing.” He crashed his lips on mine. His kiss was so passionate, I wrapped my legs around his waist, and kiss him harder. I kissed him deeper. Our tongues were fighting for dominance. I fisted his hair and kissed his ears all the way down to crook of his neck.

His gripped tightened on my butt. The next moment I felt myself laying down on my bed and Damon was on top of me. Kissing my cheeks, my nose, my ear and started breathing heavy. The hair on my napes stood up and I got Goosebumps in my entire left side of body.

He then pushed his hand inside my hoodie and took it out in one swift motion. I was wearing nothing but a camisole now, and my nipples betrayed me, like literally. They stood up high, for Damon to smirk and say “my girls are ready for me.”

I blushed at this... hard. He came down, kissed my lips softly. Grabbing my right breast, he started kneading it softly. A soft moan escaped my lips and I got awful goose bumps, like everywhere. He then came down from my lip, kissed my neck, my ears, he breathed “mine” and it felt like my world just spun faster.

After our make out session, we both were breathless. I wanted to take things further, but don’t know why I didn’t. His face was flushed and he got a lot of hickeys on his neck; chest; arms; abs and shoulders. I was happy with my accomplishments.

He then grabbed me closer, “happy honey?” I nodded and blushed. Tranquillity washed over me and I found myself asleep sooner than I thought. The morning was surprising, seeing an angel looking down on me, playing with my hairs. I rubbed my eyes and gave him a morning kiss.

I finished my morning business in ten minutes, and came out of bathroom. He was ready in his gym shorts and a half sleeve t-shirt. He looked fresh. The guy is a superman. He was making us coffee and toast for morning.

I took out my phone, and texted Sam.

Me- Hey, woke up a little late, are you coming?

Samantha – YUP.

Damon passed me the coffee and toast. We munch on it silently. Around quarter to six we headed towards the gym. Damon and I started running. this was his first time in my gym, I was nervous, don’t know why, but I was.

He kissed me on my lips and started his workout. He winked at me and took out his t-shirt showing me all his delicious abs, he started doing pull ups. I took the challenge, and took out my t-shirt as well. I was wearing only a sports bra and a gym short. I winked back at him, “game on boy.”

I completed my sets and was walking towards him. He was near the dumbbell racks, curling those biceps. I walked up closer to him, brushed my lips with him and took two dumbbells of twenty-five-kgs, and winked.

He looked smug and continued his grinding. The strength he had was radiating from his body. I continued my sets. I was done with my exercise, and looked at him. His hands were on his hips and he was all pumped up.

I chuckled and looked around. All other females were gawking on something. Rather someone. I looked back at him, and for a second my breathing stopped. He was pouring water on his head and face from my bottle. I never knew, I was this jealous. I couldn’t control my words,

“Get your ass back off, he is mine.”

I sounded like a lioness, I bet those mice were terrified by me. I am possessive and a little jealous now. He turned back with wide grin on his face, and I was beyond angry. I threw his shirt on his chest and ordered.

“Wear this.” I was beyond angry and I didn’t like it. I didn’t want to show these emotions this early. Guess he threw me off-balance here. I left everything behind and walked out. I shut the door a little too hard, I am happy that it didn’t break.

I was mad, tremendously mad. Does that guy not know, he is hot? And what those girls were thinking, can’t they see all those hickeys on his body. I was annoyed. Without wasting a second, I started the shower, and when warm water touched my skin, I relaxed.

I was in the shower for few minutes, when I heard a knock on my bathroom door, “Babe, can I join you?” He asked.

I was mad but could not say no to him. “Yes! Come in.”

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