Taming the Alpha Female Book

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Taming the Alpha Female


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In her late-twenties, Delilah had everything she dreamed of. She is the boss. Paving her own path to success. But in that run, she lost the desire to be loved. Her heart was broken, by the one man she was supposed to love. Now when love comes knocking on the door, she shuts it and shuts it hard. But what if this time, the guy is just head-strong like her. Even if she falls in love again, exs' are always lurking in the shadow to pounce on every opportunity given. Damon was looted by his ex-wife. A gold-digger in disguise. When he started everything from scratch, he found himself in love with one of the most bad-ass females. But only strong man can stand her. Will Damon be able to tame his Alpha female, to become his girlfriend or will he be crushed just like her ex. What if Delilah finds out he hid the biggest secret from her? About his identity. Will their love be strong enough to sail through all the problems? the story has smut scenes, platonic love, and a lot of adoration. Read and find out how they end up.