Talon's Heart Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Talon's Heart

Jordan Silver

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Talon Avery is the one everyone on campus whispers about, both male and female alike. The suave junior is captain of the football field, but that's not the only place where he shows his prowess. Known as a carefree man about town with a trust fund that's way beyond his peers', he has no plans on settling down anytime soon, not when he can have his pick of any female within a ten-mile radius. Until the day he sees her across the football field and feels something he never knew he could. Skylar Abbot has moved to the university miles away from home to lick her wounds. After the arranged marriage that had been looming on the horizon fell apart due to betrayal that involved a cousin and her intended, she wants nothing to do with men. Now she finds herself the sole interest of the school's heartthrob and the envy of all the other females who'd been waiting in the wings for a chance. Talon's Heart is Created by Jordan Silver, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.