12 Did I Scare You? Part 1

--The Nydisian Kingdom, Eraregord, Othes Forest--

The sun had already disappeared and was replaced with the night sky. Katherine subconsciously rubbed her arms together trying to get rid of the summer night cold that was starting to settle in the wind.

"Any word from the Duke's son?" Lucian asked as he conversed with Llewellyn. He was hoping to hear about more sightings of the burned symbols spread across the kingdom.

Llewellyn shook his head in response, "Walter described the city as strangely silent, there have been no new reportings,"

Most second sons of high-ranking positions would join the law or commit service to the throne, as the family's way of showing support for the kingdom. While first sons would inherit their father's possessions and carry on the title and family name.

Lucian hummed lowly as he listened to what Llewellyn was saying, "Are you sure he checked with every commanding officer?"

"They all gave the same answer, there's nothing out of the ordinary aside from petty crimes here and there," Even that's odd, in an entire kingdom the only thing worth noting is petty crimes?

The two men were referring to recent attacks in the surrounding cities near the capital, the anti monarchs were trying to send the message that sooner or later they're coming for the throne.

"I'm beginning to think they've fled the kingdom," Lucian concluded. It was the safest assumption considering every able body officer was on the lookout for anyone who bared the markings of the rebellion.

Among those who rebelled against the throne, to prove their loyalties they would have to be branded or bear the mark of the anti-monarch.

Though Llewellyn was a captain, Lucian had asked him to hold off on going overseas until needed. Llewellyn raised an eyebrow and asked, "Should I orchestrate an inspection?" Seeing as Nydisia was the reigning monarch over all the other kingdoms, they had the power to scrutinize the other empires.

Katherine who had remained silent all this while finally spoke, "For which kingdom, Cyrene or Zelania?" Llewellyn knew that she had asked a good question because if they were to do one kingdom at a time, it would give the anti-monarchs time to move around.

Lucian, on the other hand, was wondering when the girl would speak up. It was better that she knew what was going on in the kingdom than keeping her off to the sidelines.

She didn't seem like the type to deeply analyze a situation at hand, if she had then she would've understood something but Lucian and Llewellyn understood well. When going up against an opponent, the ball must always be in your court. You must always be prepared for the possibilities of different outcomes caused by miscalculation and human error.

Lucian was always several moves ahead, if they weren't in Nydisia then it wasn't a matter of looking for the rebellion, it was a matter of drawing them out.

After some time had passed, Katherine could feel her body weaken exponentially. "Is there something to eat?" She muttered quietly, hoping either of them had food of some sort for her to eat.

Several minutes had passed and neither of the two men spoke. Katherine could feel her frustration rising, "Are you not hungry?" This time her voice was slightly louder.

Lucian stopped dead in his tracks and turned around to face the petite girl that was standing behind him. His entire frame towered over her and his dark red eyes narrowed, "Are you offering?"

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