Tales of the Rebirth Apocalypse Emperor Book

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Tales of the Rebirth Apocalypse Emperor


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[Gold Tier Winner WPC162!] Have you ever wondered how your life might have turned out differently had you made different choices or decisions along the way? Sometimes, life does give you a second chance. However, it is you who decide whether that second opportunity counts… This novel revolves around our main character, Chen Murong, who can accidentally go back in time even before the apocalypse period begins to change everything humankind has done. We will follow our MC and see how he and his family react to this second chance to ensure their family and the human race's survival. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current release schedule: 1 Chapter/week on Saturday + extra if I have more time on the weekday If you like my writing, please consider tipping/supporting me on: PayPal: Paypal.me/AmateurAuthorPen Patreon: patreon.com/singlehamster I plan to have advanced chapters on Patreon in the future for you to read as well. However, as of now, there is no early access chapter. It is only a tip jar at the moment. That being said, your generous support will help me a lot and will stabilize the flow of chapters coming. This is just the start of my journey, and I hope to progress more with your help. I am also in the process of setting up my discord. Feel free to hop over to chat with me. :) I will give any notice, poll, artwork about my novel there in the future too! Discord: https://discord.gg/eMaxDuHvRP That's all. I hope to see you guys there! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Full background: The story situates in a universe called Gondola, where countless races from numerous worlds and realities are poured in. Our MC's original world, Blue planet (similar to Earth), went through an apocalypse period for ten years and has been pulled through this universe by mysterious force as one of the human race worlds. Unfortunately, the human race is one of the weakest and most feeble races of all Gondola races. However, their sheer number and several allies have helped them escape extinction so far. Regrettably, even though there are many ants, given a sufficient amount of time, the elephant will eventually be able to destroy them all. After 50 years of pointless struggle, almost all of the last remaining humans have been hunted down by some of the strongest undead races of the Gondola, the Skeletons, the Vampires, the Werewolves, and the Demons. The few remaining humans have been found and eradicated. Our MC, Chen Murong, a member of the last humanity group, can escape the hunt from undead races for fifty years. He finally dies under the claw of Lucifer, one of the emperor-rank demons from the undead race. However, he activates one of his time magic spells with his most precious space gemstone at the moment of his last breath. Through the spell, he wakes up alive, back in his home world, and returns to the year before the apocalypse period began.


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