Tales of The Mighty Dragonair

*** A completed novel! *** Arthur was a peerless sword cultivator possessed by experimenting and trials. After unlocking a great secret in cultivation, he was punished by heavens and transmigrated into the body of a worthless heir to a nameless clan in a world without spiritual energy. The world is built on mages where they kill monsters and absorb their energy to form inner demons. Follow Arthur's journey to build himself up from scratch and seek his former power again while his soul is tarnished by Willy's weak soul and many of his abilities and powers are sealed by heavens. It's a story of a rise up of once strong man from the bottom to top. Watch Arthur grow in strength and form a team of his subordinates to crush the worlds and gain his former power back. ___________________________________________ ++Video trailer one: https://cutt.ly/talesvideo1 ++Video trailer two: https://cutt.ly/talesvideo2 ++Video trailer three: https://cutt.ly/talesvideo3 ++Listen to the synopsis on soundcloud: https://cutt.ly/tales

ranmaro · Fantasy
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Emy Finally Showed Up!

Her fears came true, as after the continuous harassment of Arthur, that special monster decided to use its true powers. The small horn in the middle of its forehead shone brightly, in a way that caught Arthur off guard. He looked towards the horn, feeling the threat it represented to him, knowing that whatever was coming, he better to avoid it.

He couldn't evade things he didn't know, so despite the growing alarm inside him, he stood his ground, not moving an inch, focusing all his senses over that monster, wondering from where the next attack would come.

All his muscles were contracted, ready to move at any prior notice of any danger approaching, however just as he was alarmed, he spotted something moving fast towards him, a shade of a person.

"Jump, leave the ground, fast!"

This urgently distressed call screamed from Emy, who came running as fast as she could, knowing that Arthur would never predict the direction this hit was coming from… the ground!

It was an earth based attack, targeting Arthur from below. At the time Arthur would realize it, it would be so late for him to act, or even evade. So, she couldn't bear to witness such a brilliant young man getting hurt, not like this, and she didn't feel it before she already left her hiding place, running fast towards Arthur, yelling at him.

Arthur got the warning and his mind understood it. this treacherous monster had an earth based ability, and if he stood his place like this, or even ran into anywhere else, he would still be in danger.

However, that monster faced his nemesis, as Arthur first jumped in the air, away from the ground, and just as his jump reached its climax, he hit the air again, exerting his utmost strength, and jumped higher up in a second jump that startled Emy and even got her stumbled on the ground.

She stood there watching Arthur flying high, before the spot on the ground where he stood cracked opened, with a long, horn like, spear shaped, hard sharp rock emerged from there, extending to the sky, trying to get Arthur.

Arthur heaved a sigh of relief, as just the rock kept coming at him in a rapid move, he hit the air again to jump third, reaching a higher altitude, a place that rock would never reach.

Arthur watched the speed of advance of this rock get slowed, as he didn't push himself any further, letting his body fall smoothly over the ground, using the rocky spike that could claim his life as a landing spot, gliding smoothly over its sloppy surface, before landing safely on the ground.

"What are you doing here?" that was the first thing he asked, without even stopping for a second, as he raised his bow and started attacking the monster again, with some anger racking up inside him.

This monster was about to claim his life just now, if not for Emy's timely interference, he would have ended up dead, or severely wounded.

"Is this the thanks I get from saving your life?" she bellowed back, as she was trying to cover the fact that she was spying on him.

"Thanks for saving my life," he said with gratitude, before adding, "and don't spy again on me, please."

Her face blushed, as he directly accused her like this, without even trying to cover things up. She didn't answer him, as she had the right to do what she wanted, without taking permission from him.

He smiled, as he felt lucky she announced her presence this early. Seeing him battle wasn't a big issue, as he planned to make the whole world watch and admire him later on.

What he cared about were the secrets he carried, the ways he knew to raise the powers of him and his friends. These secrets must remain as such, limited only to him and his little gang. This incident reminded him to stress over the others, to keep these things to themselves, and never share to anyone without his permission.

Emy stood there without saying a word, and Arthur didn't bother speaking with her, as he continued to dance with the monsters like before, sometimes he lured the special one away, driven by irrational feeling by doing nothing to this annoying human, and so Arthur would attack the poor monsters with his sword, forcing that special one to retreat.

Things kept repeating itself for quite some time, where Arthur was attacked three times more with that earth based ability of the monster. as he already knew the extent of this ability, it was easy for him to evade, and even he used this to throw as many arrows as he could, causing deeper wounds to that monster.

It appeared when the monster used this ability, it exhausted itself, lowered its defenses, making it vulnerable to attacks and damage, in a stronger way than before.

Realizing this, Arthur started to wait for the times when the monster would use its ability, and he even tried to instigate it to use the ability more than once, by targeting the horn with his arrows.

After the fourth time of using the ability, that horned bear monster looked quite exhausted, panting heavily, with its movements sluggish and slow. Arthur knew that this monster must have hit its limit already, and so it was now in a weakened state.

He wasn't polite, as he continued to harass the monster, attacking it with arrows, targeting the horn, neck, and any place of old wounds. His attacks brought fruit, as the monster roared, ordering the other two to chase Arthur away, until he caught its breath and was fit to join the fight again.

"I want this bear."

Suddenly, Emy, who was standing still, doing nothing, all this time, finally opened her mouth, pointing towards the weakened state horned bear, wanting it for herself.

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Creation is hard, cheer me up!

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