Tales of The Mighty Dragonair

*** A completed novel! *** Arthur was a peerless sword cultivator possessed by experimenting and trials. After unlocking a great secret in cultivation, he was punished by heavens and transmigrated into the body of a worthless heir to a nameless clan in a world without spiritual energy. The world is built on mages where they kill monsters and absorb their energy to form inner demons. Follow Arthur's journey to build himself up from scratch and seek his former power again while his soul is tarnished by Willy's weak soul and many of his abilities and powers are sealed by heavens. It's a story of a rise up of once strong man from the bottom to top. Watch Arthur grow in strength and form a team of his subordinates to crush the worlds and gain his former power back. ___________________________________________ ++Video trailer one: https://cutt.ly/talesvideo1 ++Video trailer two: https://cutt.ly/talesvideo2 ++Video trailer three: https://cutt.ly/talesvideo3 ++Listen to the synopsis on soundcloud: https://cutt.ly/tales

ranmaro · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1090 Chs

Chapter 28: The Black Lady's Inn

"It's your lucky day then," Arthur said before pointing his sword to the man, "drop everything first and move to that side."

After all he wouldn't let himself be clouded by the desire for knowledge and miss the risk of that bandit.

The man let down every single gear and weapon he had, even the rings he threw them with a bitter look over his face. "don't slow down," Arthur said, "I don't have the entire night to waste on trash like you."

"Humph, we'll see who will be smiling at the end of the night," the man was still resentful over his big loss. "What do you want to know?"

"First who are you?"

"I'm Lirand, the leader of a local gang in the area," the man said.

"Ok Linard, why are you attacking guards?"

"Because of my system's quest of course," the man shrugged as if this was a known fact.

"What's about your system?" Arthur asked, "Is it a bandit system?"