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It was a peaceful world where both holy and unholy beings coexist with each other. And it was the world that filled with magic and other such powers, making this an incredible, yet a dangerous place to live as the danger lurks.

Here, there existed entities of destined men entitled as the Dragon Mortal, a group of madness which was chosen by the dragon since their birth. And every being with the title of the Dragon Mortal could use a power called the Dragon Magic, a particular type of magical prowess that could change the fate of the world all in itself Without any regard for either right, useful, and desired cause, or even the worthless reason. And it was why the Dragon Mortals were favoured and a sought-after being by any nations available out there as their power was equally matched with the deities.

And then, time and location had been set in the centre of Laira Village, right when the sun inclined to sink to the horizon.

As the time set, there was a man, having short black hair with a silver knight armour toned on his muscular body and long platinum coloured sword placed on his back, unsheathed.

But as a knight himself, he wasn't wearing the typical helmet which every fellow knight wears, making his little ears and a pointed nose could be seen clearly.

He walked at the lane of the road, made of hard brick with many shops lined on his left and right side.

From time to times, he greeted the passed civilians, completely disregarding their race or physical appearances.

And there was a man who greeted him as he passed by.

"Hi Young Master Richeolot!"

He greeted in a full of friendliness attitude to the left fruit stall which had been handled by a fox demihuman who has a brown fur covering his body up, with humanoid face and fox ear, wearing the white shirt with a blue apron that fit his fur perfectly.

The man had looked to the source of the voice, with his point of view had looked onto a stall with the apple that stocked right away when he saw it into the booth before he replied,

"Hi! Ah, newly stocked apple, is it?"

He walked to his stall before grabbing the apple and smelled it.

"How much is it boss?" He said

The man replied in a friendly manner.

"Free for ya man, just endorse me, and it's all good!"

That knight smiles with his pinkish lips as he said,

"No, I have to pay for it. Just tell me how much is it?"


Seeing his insistence to pay for the goods he took, the demihuman replied,

"How much... whoa!!"

That man had given a full piece of gold coin to the fox demihuman shop keeper, an expensive value which was as expensive as a thousand dollars in comparison!

Kruk!! Kruk!! Kruk!!

He chewed that Apple happily with his smile still maintained on his face.

"I don't want to waste this fresh apple seriously! Take it!! I'm telling everyone how awesome your apple is!"

And then, that man left the wide-eyed shopkeeper, still chewing the apple slowly as he felt, the apple is too fresh for him to eat it in one go.

He continued his walk. He was murmuring himself as he saw a tall castle-like building in the middle of the Laira Village.

He said in his mind,

'Salary time!!'

And he ran inside of the castle-like building with the inside of it. Is a modern interior looking cafe with everyone chit chatter from different races?

Yes, it did have so many races out there, but what the man wanted to see, wasn't them.

Instead, he walked towards a female elf, black dressed with short silver hair who had brewed the Ginkgo tea for herself at the bartender's table that located in the middle of that room.

As he walked towards the brown chair on the bartender table, he called the woman who paid serious attention to her own self brewing Ginkgo tea.


The female elf looked at him with her beautiful blue sapphire coloured eyes, nicely drawn eyebrow with her pointy nose and silver-coloured lips.

And she replied,

"Hey, Lex. What a rare guest for a hero grade adventurer who rarely comes to the guildhall, huh."

He sat on the brown chair at the front of the bartender desk.

As he sat on the brown chair, he passed a paper of the mission that had been completed by him with it suggested that it costs five gold coins, which were as much as five thousand dollars in modern society currency.

And he said,

"Is it wrong for me to come to my servant?"

She chuckled and then, she gave her hand-brewed Ginkgo tea that was served to him although she wanted to drink it, and she said.

"Nothing wrong, Lex. It's pretty surprising considering your hectic working hours. you can still come here for a while."

As she was about to serve the tea to Lex, she moved it carefully by pushing it using the long and sharp fingernail of her left index finger, and then. She said.

"For you, Lex. Drink it before it's chilled."

Lex smiled, and then he said,

"Thank you."

And he took a fragrant smell of it. Then, he started the conversation.

"Did you saw Lira by any chance?"

She replied as she washes the glass from the customer who put the glass near Lex. 

"He was heading to the Richeolot Clan headquarter for it."

Lex remembered the things happened two days ago, for someone who ate sphere-shaped magical item that had made the name who called as Lira, to being summoned there for being questioned.

And then, he said it in a cold sweat as he knew what was happened.

"That damned Metoria sphere, he must be called by father for this thanks to someone who eats his green sphere. That awfully sweet crap ball that would kill you anytime for hyperglycemia!"

That female elf shook her head, and she said.

"It's another business, Lex."

Lex, who curious with that, asked her.

"What's that, Kiana?"

Kiana said.

"It's all about his issue that Kiana didn't even know exactly. You should ask him directly as you are his twin brother, I guess?"

Lex sipped the Ginko tea, and he gave the satisfying expression of him liked that.

And then, he said.

"Well, I guess so."

The location had shifted to the castle-like place at the top of the Laira Village.

There was a man, white-haired and bringing the dragon-shaped bow on his back wearing black minimalist yet, modern military armour for an archer.

And the story continues.


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