Tales of Memes and Deities Book

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Tales of Memes and Deities


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In the vast internet, there are pictures that are called Memes. Memes are basically a picture with texts on them, but in the ancient era, Memes are life itself. When there is life, there is also death, that is Meme Review. Meme Review is the taker of memes, once a Meme goes on Meme Review, its death is inevitable. The host of Meme Review, the God of Death, the taker of memes, the Supreme Being, PewDiePie. A once mortal man who has achieved godhood by killing memes. In the Cyber Era where memes are banned, a young boy will risk everything just to get ahold of the memes from the Ancient Era, the memes that were once profound is now lost, the memes that are present is mediocre. He will trek the depths of the deepweb just to get even a piece of the meme, he will go as far as to go to Realms like [Facebook & Instagram] to take back the memes that were once theirs. Come join the adventure of a young man who will gather all the memes and meet the Supreme Being, PewDiePie, to bring back the meaning of memes to the Cyber Era, to bring happiness to the people. ----------- Because nobody comented on my thread, I decided to make a novel centered around memes. Note: This is only a troll novel, I'm not gonna pursue this in the future, well, maybe.


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