640 Nightmare Butterfly (2)

Of course, it didn't turn black completely as it only flashed between black and white for the entire process of absorbing the Essence of the Nightmares.

It took more than 10 minutes for the Dream Butterfly to completely absorb the Essence of the Nightmares which turned into nothingness afterwards.

"Now, wrap yourself with the shadow silk along with the shadow lily."

Soon, the Dream Butterfly picked the shadow lily and entered into Shadow Silk.


As soon as it entered into the Shadow Silk, the silk thread wrapped around the Dream Butterfly and the Shadow Lily tightly, making Uncle Grey frown for a moment.

However, when he saw how calm Leo was, Uncle Grey muttered, 'Is everything going according to his plans?'

Nevertheless, he didn't ask anything and continued to observe both Leo and the Dream Butterfly that was tightly wrapped in the Shadow Silk.

"Now, it is the final step for evolution."


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