643 New Pets

'If they know that he had already evolved a mid-level beast into a special high-level beast, I wonder what kind of expressions they would have.'

When Leo was talking with his senior brothers, from the side, Uncle Grey thought in his head that he could not wait to see their expressions when they learned about Leo's capabilities.

'According to Elder Obe, if Leo continued to work hard and study, it would take five years. Hopefully, he could become one before the [Awakening Ceremony].'

While they were returning, Uncle Grey thought in his head as he continued, 'Later, when he became a Purple Grade Beast Tamer, he could focus on evolving his contracted beasts.'

"Uncle Grey, are there any pet eggs in the treasure room?"

Suddenly, Leo's question made Uncle Grey come out of his thoughts.

"There might be some eggs. Why? Do you want to redeem them?"

Uncle Grey asked with a question mark on his face as he didn't understand why Leo wanted so many beasts.


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