10 Chapter10-Fire Dragon, Descend!

After reaching level 4, the experience points needed for Howard to level up increased again, changing to a state of 'lv4 (79/800)'.

The battle still persisted, with the massive fire dragon continuously spewing fireballs, ejecting streams of fire, and raining down fiery showers, as one after another the Enchanted boars met their end.

In truth, with Howard's mana, it was impossible to sustain the fire dragon for such a long duration and at such a high frequency of combat.

After all, in the world of magi, there was a well-known law: the stronger the magical power, the greater the mana consumption. Moreover, continuous magic skills inevitably led to a continuous drain of mana.

Especially for a Dragonfire spell, an S-level magic skill, the mana consumption was like an abyss with no bottom.

[Dragonfire Spell]

[Level: S]

[Attributes: Summons a fire dragon. The fire dragon can emit burning ground flames, searing fire lines, expel explosive fireballs, rain down fiery showers to attack enemies, and even engage in close combat with enemies. The fire dragon can last for up to 30 minutes.]

[Cooldown time: 45 minutes]

[Consumption: 100 mana points per second]

[Proficiency: 0/100]

Currently at level 4, Howard had a base mana of 850 points.

Even with the additional 1000 points of mana amplified by the Mana Drainer, sustaining such a long battle would be impossible.

The reason the fire dragon could last this long was indeed due to the merits of the Mana Drainer.

The first special effect of this equipment allowed 1.5% of the damage dealt in each attack to be converted into mana.

With the Dragonfire spell being an S-level magic skill and coupled with the blessings of the Platinum-grade Mana Drainer, the damage output was naturally high.

Although the Mana Drainer could only absorb 1.5% of mana with each attack, leveraging the high magic damage and high-frequency attack efficiency of the fire dragon still enabled him to garner a substantial amount of mana.

Throughout the battle, Howard essentially maintained full mana, showcasing the potent effects of the Mana Drainer.

As the battle raged on, the entire battlefield was pervaded with the nauseating smell of burning fur, scorched flesh, and sizzling fat. The alternating stench was revolting to inhale.

Yet the ghastly scenes on the battlefield made everyone forget everything, even overcoming physical and mental discomforts.

Even Alec, who was worldly and had witnessed countless great battles, was left dumbfounded, unable to comprehend the sight before him.

"Is this the strength of a prodigy?" He murmured to himself.

But soon, he shook his head, refuting himself, "No, the so-called prodigies still operate within the realm of human understanding. They might be slightly stronger than others but not entirely unreachable."

"Howard, a newcomer who can overturn the entire enchanted boar tide with his power, cannot simply be described as a genius."

"For someone like him, I am willing to call him a freak of nature, a star of humanity, a son of God, the dawn of the future, an angel in the mortal world... All praises in this world seem understated when placed upon him, failing to fully depict his might."

Across from Alec, the Enchanted Boar King was filled with fear, watching Howard, who was slaughtering in all directions, as if looking at a devil, its body couldn't help but tremble uncontrollably.

Suddenly, a fireball the size of a washbasin exploded near the Enchanted Boar King, jolting it awake.

Seeing its kin being slaughtered, the Enchanted Boar King turned around without any hesitation, dragging its severely wounded body as it crawled away into the distance.

A gigantic body brought with it a heavy weight, which, in times of advantage, could translate into greater physical prowess, stronger defenses, and enhanced endurance. Yet, when it was wounded and prepared to flee, this became a tremendous burden.

The Enchanted Boar King hobbled away in the distance, dragging its left hind leg on the ground, leaving a long trail of blood in its wake.

Only then did the crowd realize that the giant axe that had disappeared from Alec's hand at some point was lodged in the boar king's left flank.

Not only had it severed a leg, but one could also vaguely see the intestines and internal organs.

No wonder it had only dared to command its subordinates to attack Howard instead of stepping forward itself.

At this moment, Alec, who was no longer restrained, took a few strides to stand in front of the Enchanted Boar King, wearing a jovial smile. He said, "Don't leave, our business isn't finished yet. Stay, watch this spectacular drama to the end. A complete monster tide without its boss seems somewhat imperfect, doesn't it?"

"To give this battle a perfect conclusion, you should stay and put a period on it," he urged.

Alec did not take any action, even though the boss could be of significant benefit to him, he merely stood serenely before the Enchanted Boar King, silently waiting for Howard to arrive.

Clearly, Alec intended to leave this boss for Howard, to grant him a perfect victory in this great battle.

Setting aside the standoff between Alec and the Enchanted Boar King for a moment, the battle between Howard and the enchanted boar tide had already turned into a one-sided massacre.

One after another, boars were blown up by fireballs, sliced apart by flaming lines, and incinerated by a rain of fire, ultimately becoming the nourishment for Howard's leveling up.

With the emergence of a warm current and the sounding of a system notification, Howard's level rose once again.

[... You have leveled up, currently at level 5, please check the details yourself!]

Out of twenty-eight Enchanted boars, except for the ten killed by Alec, all had been slain by Howard, commanding the fire dragon.

This earned him a total of 2070 experience points. Adding the 89 points previously gained from the gnome thrower, it astonishingly enabled him to rise four levels in succession, reaching 'lv5 (659/1600)'.

"Hehe! Howard, not bad on the speed. Come over quickly; see what nice thing I've saved for you." Just as Howard was about to breathe a sigh of relief at the end of his battle, a deep male voice rang out.

Following the source of the sound, Howard saw Alec looking at him with a face full of smiles, and not far from Alec was the Enchanted Boar King, who was now more or less breathless. It was evident that it had received a hefty amount of discipline from Alec during their confrontation.

As the battle came to an end, the remaining members of the leveling team gathered around. Seeing the Enchanted Boar King which was hanging by a thread, a look of desire appeared on everyone's faces.

Yet, no one made a move, for they all knew to whom this boss belonged. This time, the gazes directed at Howard harbored no jealousy, mockery, or scorn.

All that remained were admiration and gratitude.

Had it not been for Howard, they all would have perished under the savage tusks of the enchanted boar tide. The sentiment of despair that had gripped them earlier still lingered in their hearts.

"Go on, Howard, it belongs to you..."

"Yeah! Without you, we would have ended up as dinner for the enchanted boars."

"Howard, go claim your spoils of war!"

"A battle isn't perfect without defeating a boss, Howard!"

"Howard, after you kill the boss, my earlier invitation still stands, you know. I really am still innocent!"

Faces beaming with smiles, everyone watched Howard, encouraging, supporting, and urging him to take the Enchanted Boar King's head.

A few girls even cast flirtatious glances at him, inviting him to explore the river of love with them!

Howard nodded, turning to Alec and said solemnly, "Thank you, Alec. If not for you injuring it and then blocking its escape route, it might have gotten away today."

Even for a boss of just level 21, it held substantial value for Alec.

Be it the immense experience points or the potential spoils of war, all were incredibly tempting delights.

Yet Alec resisted the lure, not only sparing the Enchanted Boar King but preserving it specifically for him; such magnanimity indeed merited respect.

"Hehe! Howard, you're too kind," Alec waved off the thanks with a hearty laugh, "If not for you, we might have met our ends here today. It wouldn't matter much for me; I've lived half a life already."

"But you all are still young, yet to witness the beautiful sceneries this world has to offer, yet to indulge in the splendid experiences it holds. If you kids were to die here, I wouldn't be able to rest even in death."

His words struck a chord with everyone, moving them profoundly.

Given Alec's strength, a mere enchanted boar tide couldn't possibly have injured him.

It was only his decision to staunchly shield the students from the boar tide's onslaught that granted the Enchanted Boar King an opportunity to strike stealthily.

Even with severe injuries, he had the chance to flee, yet he chose to stay and fight a bloody battle with the enchanted boar tide, hoping to carve out a path to survival for everyone, even in his weakened state. Such noble character could only inspire reverence and touch hearts deeply.

"Hehe! Alright, don't all look at me like that; you're making me somewhat embarrassed." Alec scratched his head, his words tinged with modesty.

Pausing for a moment, he turned his attention to Howard, urging, "Howard, don't dawdle. As Koralry put it, a battle of annihilation isn't perfect without defeating a boss."

"Now, it's time for you to put the perfect full stop to this sudden fight."

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