Talent Awakening: I, the Weakest Awakened, Start with Dragonfire Spell

Update Daily! 9 AM PST ---------------------- In the age of Universal Awakening on the Azure Sphere, a myriad of races and gods coexist. Devils, dark gods, and monsters descend upon the mortal realm, only to be met by the Awakened. Howard, during his Awakening Ritual, discovers dual talents— F-rank Mana Recovery, and the supreme talent: Supreme Synthesis. He keeps a low profile, hiding as a 'common magus.' Through countless acts of synthesis, he forges supreme artifacts, supreme skills, and supreme classes! Fireball synthesis... Ding! Synthesis successful, attaining D-rank skill— Fire Serpent! Fire Serpent synthesis... Ding! Synthesis successful, attaining B-rank skill— Fire Python! Fire Python synthesis... Ding! Synthesis successful, attaining S-rank skill— Dragonfire! When devils invade and dark gods descend, they are left slack-jawed by the Azure Sphere before them. "No, this is a trap... a trap disguised as a mere cupcake!" ---------------------- WSA 2023 Entry! Please show your support if you enjoy the story! How can you show your support? Gift Power Stone! 150=1 bonus chapter 200=2 bonus chapters 500=3 bonus chapters Bonus release will drop the following week!

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Chapter1- Awakening Ritual

"Hey there, young gents. My name is Eva Bodley, 23 years young, and a professional masseuse. I'm looking for a strapping young man who can lift me up high—both literally and metaphorically."

"I am Dorothea Keber, the heiress to the wealthiest family in Saint City. I have no desire to marry. What I seek is someone endowed with a B-level talent or above, to father exceptional children. In return, I offer a king's ransom in gold..."

"I'm Jenny, blessed with an F-level talent in flexibility. I can do handstands and blow job, guaranteed to leave you satisfied. If you know what I mean, step right up, gentlemen..."

"I weigh 43 kg and stand at 164 cm. I'm your sweet girl-next-door who loves wearing white stockings. Currently seeking a generous partner. If you've got a six-pack and meet certain... size requirements, feel free to reach out and let's see where things go!"

"'With my E-level talent for face-changing, I can transform into any look you desire. Whoever owns me can switch girlfriends every day!'"

A barrier separated the square into two sections. On the outside were women of captivating beauty, and on the inside were young boys and girls with fresh, innocent faces.

Seductive soft-spoken sales pitches filled the air, originating from the alluring women outside the barrier. Their voices pierced the ears of the young boys and girls, inflaming some youths who found it difficult to control their impulsive glances.

Many wished they could break free from the barrier and put an end to those seductive women.

Yet no one dared make a move, aware that failing to awaken a powerful talent would put them in an even worse situation than these self-promoting women.

After all, those women could earn their living through their physical allure, while the youths would be left to toil away as lowly laborers.

In this brutal world where only the strong were revered and bloodshed was routine, talent awakening was the golden ticket to ascend the social ladder.

Those who failed or awoke to useless or low-level talents had no choice but to seek the favor and protection of the strong, even if it meant losing their dignity and becoming female slaves, servants, or mistresses.

Hence, the self-promotion we witness today.

Inside the barrier, a circular altar sat at the center of the square, surrounded by six ancient, weathered stone pillars.

Hovering above the altar was a gigantic rhombus-shaped crystal.

Beneath it, hundreds of young boys and girls waited in line.

At that moment, a stunningly beautiful girl with rosy cheeks and a curvy figure ascended the altar.

As soon as she settled, the crystal showered her with a multicolored beam of light. The radiant light danced around her, making her body quiver slightly.

A few breaths later, an even more dazzling column of light, tinged with shades of purple, rose from her head towards the rhombus crystal. The sight left the young boys and girls below in awe.

"Abby Adler, S-level talent—Heart of Elf. Available class: archer!"

Especially when the host next to the altar announced her awakening results, everyone lost their composure.

"Holy smokes, an S-level talent! Way to go, Abby Adler!"

"That talent is definitely the top scorer of this year's Saint City."

"She's so beautiful, and her talent is incredible. How envious."

"If Abby Adler could be my girlfriend, I'd break my own ribs to make her soup!"

A millennium ago, games engulfed reality and countless monsters appeared on Azure Sphere.

From then on, the rules were overturned, and the old order ceased to exist.

Fortunately, the inhabitants of Azure Sphere also gained the ability to awaken talents, choose classes, and level up by defeating monsters.

Anyone who turned eighteen could participate in the Awakening Ritual and choose a class based on their awakened talent.

Today is the Awakening Day for the graduating class of Saint City's Soulspark Academy. The girl who stood bathed in the column of purple light is one of them.

Understand that talents are categorized from low to high as F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, and SSS. An S-level talent isn't just one in ten thousand; it's so rare that you might not find one among a hundred thousand awakened individuals.

No wonder her awakening shocked everyone, including the panel of old men on the main stage, who were beaming with irrepressible joy.

"Haha! Headmaster Jay, congratulations! I never thought your Soulspark Academy would produce such a rising star."

"Director Delan, you're too kind. Abby Adler is not only a pride of our Soulspark Academy but also the pride of the entire Saint City!"

"It looks like there's no doubt your Soulspark Academy will be selected as the honorary academy this time."

"Ah! Teaching and nurturing talents are what matter, not honor or dishonor..."

Under the gaze of all, Abby stepped down from the altar, her presence commanding envy and admiration. Like a butterfly, she fluttered into the crowd.

"Congratulations, Abby!"

"Abby, you're amazing..."

"Abby, we're about to graduate, can we exchange contact info?"

People rushed toward her, offering congratulations and begging for contact information, their voices incessant.

But Abby didn't even look up. She went straight to a young boy standing nearby.

"How's that, Howard? Your sister's pretty awesome, huh?"

"S-level talent. You must be so jealous..."

The young man stood tall, with a face as handsome as jade, eyes that twinkled like bright stars, and eyebrows that seemed to be drawn with the finest ink brush.

Amidst the crowd, he exuded an air of regality, like a crane amidst a flock of chickens.

When he and Abby came together, they looked like a divine pair, immediately drawing the attention of young men and women around them—some envious, some jealous.

The young men were jealous of the young man's close relationship with Abby Adler. The young women were envious of Abby for being able to stand next to their heartthrob.

"Yeah, yeah, you're the greatest, okay?" The young man, named Howard Hughes, extended his right hand, his index finger slightly bent, and flicked Abby on the forehead, speaking afterward in a voice tinged with endearment.

This scene made countless people cringe with envy.

On the main stage, Soulspark Academy's Headmaster Jay was so irate upon seeing this that his beard nearly curled.

"Outrageous! These young ones have no shame, talking about love at such a young age. And doing it so openly! What's happened to decorum?" The old man banged his cane with a 'thud, thud.'

He then turned to a woman in her thirties, dressed in a white blouse and black stockings, as striking as a rose, and scolded her angrily.

"Hmph! Mrs. Bevan, are these the students you're teaching? Don't bother explaining. I don't want to hear it. You, now, immediately, go and separate them. They should focus on leveling up, not on romantic dalliances..."

Margaret Bevan, the one being named, bowed slightly in resignation and began walking towards her class.

But before she could take a few steps, she heard, "Never mind, let's discuss this later. Let's first see how the boy's awakening turns out. If his talent is garbage, the gap too vast, they'll naturally drift apart. But if his talent turns out good, then perhaps they're a match made in heaven, and there's no need for us to play the villain."

At these words, Margaret Bevan's heart instantly lightened. She chuckled, "Headmaster, your wisdom and foresight are unparalleled indeed."

The ceremony continued, as one student after another ascended the altar to awaken their talents.

"Betsey Frost, awakening failed. Please exit the ceremony area immediately!"

"Eve Copfield, D-level talent—Strength of the Berserk Bear. Class available: Warrior!"

"Laurel Adler, awakening failed. Please exit the ceremony area immediately!"

"Bernadine Nicholson, C-level talent—Mental Enhancement. Class available: Magus!"

Sadly, not everyone was fortunate enough to awaken a talent, and those who failed were swiftly ushered out of the square, without a moment's hesitation.

After all, how could the sacred Awakening Square afford to be tainted by the presence of failures?

The scene was as real as it was brutal.

No one else with an S-level talent like Abby Adler's appeared, not even an A-level talent was in sight.

Just then, the teacher overseeing the Awakening Ritual called out, "Howard Hughes, come forth for your awakening."

Howard Hughes, upon hearing his name, immediately withdrew his arm from the small of Abby Adler's back and confidently stepped out of the queue, making his way towards the altar.

"Go, Howard!" Abby Adler cheered for him continuously, much to the annoyance of Headmaster Jay, who looked as if his beard might lift in indignation.

On the other side, Howard Hughes took a deep breath to calm himself, then ascended the altar step by step.

Once he settled, the ceremony host activated the rhombus crystal above, and a beam of multicolored light descended upon him.

Howard Hughes felt an initial warmth spread throughout his body, a sensation so comfortable it almost made him sleepy.

But quickly, that comfort turned into an indescribable mix of sour, numb, and ticklish sensations.

It was as if a latent force within him was racing around, looking for an outlet, eager to burst forth.

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