Tale of spear hero Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Tale of spear hero


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In ancient time where all of the 4 clan having a peace treaty and was safe in each other territory but that’s change after a god named helix descend down to earth because the boredom seeing the ancient time was so peaceful and no blood spilling across the land.In order to fufill his amusement he lash out the 4 mytical item to each clan leader and promise immotrality to the clan leader who collect all of the 4 mythical item and place it on top of fountain of sacrifies.After 250 years has passed a teen boy name Chris was left alone because o.f the war but then its all change when helix descend again to ancient world to give chris a legendary spear as in the fifth mythical item to make the war more interesting for his own amusement again but then the god shocked to find out the boy challenged him and planning to stop the war has been going for 250 years.The god accepted the boy challenged and will wait for him.In order to bring the world order back the boy gonna find group of strong beings that despised the war like him…………….


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