1 The Great Fire

Welcome dear readers, in this rollercoaster ride of emotions, feelings and drama. 

So,  without wasting any further moment, let's dig in. 


A beautiful house, which gives an exquisite yet luxurious taste from the outside, while a warm and homey feeling from inside. 

A house that always stole the breath of passers-by while eliciting envious looks was once again the center of attention.

But this time, there wasn't any envy in people's eyes, if more there was a pity in those onlookers' eyes. Such a beautiful, breath-taking, exquisite house... was on fire. 

There were huge clouds of smoke coming from the first floor of the house, while the ground floor was fully covered with yellowish orange flames. 

As if Agni Dev [ God of fire] was all set to show it's glory, while turning this beautiful wonder into shambles. Swallowing each and everything inside in it's blackish , blueish, orangish and yellowish flames, while breaking the glasses of doors and windows, to get in touch with the outside world. 

The Great God seemed ready to wreak havocs. But, it wasn't just the house, which became the offering of This God. 

There was a little pale, fragile figure inside, whose screams for help could be heard very clearly. "Please help me."

"Someone help me." 

"I don't want to die."

"Please save me."

"'Cough' Help 'Cough' please help."

A voice as gentle as flowing water, a voice as soft and smooth as honey kept on pleading.

And the screams from inside started dying slowly and slowly. Creating the sheer form of terror in the onlookers and the firefighters.

This person inside can't die. No matter what. Otherwise the entire world would be in chaos. They have to save her. 

Especially to save this person, there were 5 trucks of water hose, while 20-30 firefighters. But, the fire just couldn't get controlled by them, no matter what. 

And soon, the sounds of stuttering of cameras and voice could be heard clearly ; 

' As you can see, The great ' Kim Garden' has caught fire.' One reported.

' BREAKING NEWS :  The only heiress of The Great patriarch Kim family ; Miss Aelin Kim is still trapped inside this  burning house'. Another reported. 

' BREAKING NEWS : Miss Aelin Kim's villa caught fire. And Miss. Kim is still inside.'  Another reported. 

' BREAKING NEWS : The one and only hope of The Great Kim Family, Miss Aelin Kim's voice for help has started dying down.' Another reported. 

' What do you think, will she be saved? Can this terrible situation be salvaged by those firefighters?' Another reported. 

And in the country Soul ; The only breaking news which has been broadcasted broadly at this time was… ' The Kim Garden caught fire, and the one and only heiress of The Great aristocratic, blue blooded, patrician 'Kim Family' of the country Soul' , Miss Aelin Kim is still trapped inside. 

As for whether she would be able to survive this disaster or not. That was unpredictable, at the moment. Many people had heard her screaming and pleas for help. But now, slowly … slowly… her voice was dying down.' 

And once again, the most secretive, most influential, most powerful, richest family of the country Soul was back on headlines again.  No one either knew or found out the reason behind the incident. 

And the entire Kim family was completely silent on this matter, which started arousing many suspicions in people. After all, everyone knows that it is a Patrician family, and Aelin is a female, which means the end of patriarchy.

The greater powers and riches are, the more is the danger involved. As for the mastermind behind, after hearing the news,  a smirk displays on very cold, yet handsome face. 

"It's time to say goodbye to this World, Aelin." In a pin-drop silenced room a low, cold, little hoarse, dangerous voice echoed, which gives the creepy, eerie aura to people. 

The person just rapt his long, slender fingers on the armrest of the throne like chairs. And Boom! The building in the television screen exploded out, leaving only the traces of fire filled debris of the house. 

And then another round of  'BREAKING NEWS' started. 

As the little explosion occurred, right in front of numerous onlookers. The fire, which didn't find any route of escape, ended up escaping like a little time bomb, forming a mushroom cloud in the air.

While covering each and every single inch of house in it. As if the typhoon of fire had just travelled through here. Leaving only black fog of smoke behind. And the smoke enveloped the entire building afterwards. 


A girl who has fallen into deep slumber, at some point after screaming and pleading for help again and again, couldn't help but feel utterly uncomfortable.

Her entire body was feeling the utmost level of discomfort, as if millions of ants had been feeding on her body, as if all the leeches were sucking her blood down to her very bones. 

Her bones were feeling the piercing pain of getting broken by hundreds of hammers, to get crushed into powders. 

Her beautiful face, her angelic , heavenly beauty, everything was being snatched far and far away from her. Her beautiful and highly adored hairs were getting turned into thorny bushes. 

What was it?! Her end! Will she die?! But she doesn't want to. Heh! As if she had any choice.

But has she ever been given any choice to begin with. No, from the moment she was born, she was told and ordered to do things that were supposed to be done by her. 

She was never given any choice. Never. No matter, whether it's about school, classes, friends, friend circle, studies, sports, arts, training, even lover, fiance , everything was enforced into her. 

And it was obligated for her to obediently carry out those commands. That was her fate. So, if her own family, her own parents never gave her the choice to even breathe air without their permission. 

Then why would God; The non-existence creature, the thing she never ever , even believed in, would give her a chance. 

She is surely going to die. Her story will end even before it starts.


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