240 Warning

When Newton opened his mouth to speak again, this time, the members of the kingdom's magic college looked at him strangely, not liking his words.

What Newton had said was obvious to them. None of them needed to be geniuses to say it would be impossible for Vicente to reach the 4th stage in ten years, the time he needed to fulfill his promise to Joshua.

But even so, the deal with Vicente would still be precious to Joshua because even if Vice failed, the young man who would soon become a soldier of the kingdom would still have a deal that would make Cesar owe him a huge debt.

Vice could even lose his freedom and become Joshua's slave if he didn't keep the promise he had just made!

But with Newton opening his mouth to talk about it, it might dissuade Cesar from going through with the deal, which would be terrible for them.

'What is wrong with him? Why is he against us?' Joshua looked at Alice, uncomfortable with Newton's words.


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