234 Mission Completed 

"Vicente, you bastard! You almost got yourself killed!" Rory shouted with a smile on his face, sighing when he saw his friend long after they had reached a new chamber where they were no longer in danger of being crushed by their leader's spell.

Vicente looked back and sighed, seeing how his group had acted on the brink and narrowly escaped suffering at the hands of his own move or that woodpecker.

"A 3rd stage beast is truly powerful. Even with so many wounds on its body, exhausted, almost at its limit, it still almost reached us." Vicente commented. "Sigh, my bad, folks. I had to use what I had. But it was worth the risk. We're safe for now."

"Are we really?" Rory asked him as he made an ugly expression and looked at the darkened surroundings.

"This wall will hold it for a few minutes. Beyond that, I can't guarantee anything. Even if it's not easy to escape being buried, it is a Mage... It will surely escape sooner or later." Vicente said.


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