1 A flash of the past

Just like yesterday under the pouring rain, it rumbled softly, causing heaven's light to flash across the dark blue sky. It added a romantic aura to the feelings being genuinely displayed as both beings couldn't resist taking their eyes off each other.

"Seo-yeon, will you be my girlfriend?" His heartwarming gaze alone was enough to make her insides flutter to the point she could feel butterflies swooning inside of them.

She could think of nothing else at this point, almost like her brain stopped functioning on other things and only rang the words which she wanted to say more than anything in the world.

"Yes!" She squealed happily with glinted eyes, throwing herself in his warm embrace.

During their graduation ceremony, they both stood together while staring at the life which had ended and the journey of another was just beginning, holding each other's hands like that was all that mattered. "I'll always be yours Do-yun."

"Wait for me Seo-yeon."

Even after the six good years in University, they stayed in love, affections only grew, reminding her of those fairy tales like she was reliving them. Nothing ever separated them or could….. that's what she thought until...

"I have something for you Seo-yeon." He failed terribly in hiding the anticipation in his eyes as he went down on his knees, showing her the diamond ring in a box he held while locking her dumbfounded gaze with his.

"Oh my goodness! Do-yun! Yes!. Yes! I will marry you." She happily agreed.

It was literally the most joyful day of her life but unbeknownst to her, she didn't know just a night with her would change the whole concept of their love. All that had been built for over ten years came down crashing like a pile of nothing! All because of a woman!

"But Do-yun. That's my dream. I can't just leave it." She sobbed while trying to make him understand and see things from her own point of view.

"Then we can just call off the wedding and embarrass your parents." His deadpan tone caused her to freeze in her spot as those words replayed in her head for the ninth time, he had his back turned against her so she couldn't tell if he was serious or just joking.

"Wha_what did you say?"

"Is that what you want?" He turned to look at her, "If that is what you want, give me my ring. If you can't want what I want then I don't think we're ever going to work." He snapped, causing the sobbing lady to fall on her knees while clutching tightly to his legs.

"I'll... I'll do it, please Do-yun." She doesn't think she'll be able to stand losing Do-yun due to her expectations, he was worth more than that.

Do-yun's gaze finally landed on the crying lady and the fire in his eyes vanished like a fading smoke, he helped her up to her feet and made her meet his gaze.

"Thank you for understanding Seo-yeon." He smiled.

But It wasn't for good at all, it was for his own wicked interest. He made her give up on her dreams just because of the love she stupidly has for him.


"I'm pregnant Do-yun!" She seriously informed the man who was going to end up being the father of her unborn baby but the man just ignored her like someone who barely sensed a living person and left the house. "But…."

Her heart stung deeply seeing his heartless reaction towards her and her fist clenched tightly, causing her nails to dig deep into her palm but what can she do?? She had no one to run to, they left her because of him.

They called her a fool because of the same man who changed entirely after they got married. He ignored her, he never spent a night with her, he literally turned her into a full time housewife, he killed her potential.

"Is she your wife sir? She had a baby boy." The doctor happily broke the news to him but her husband remained numb and there was no trace of happiness in his eyes at all.

"What did I ever do to deserve this type of treatment from you? Do-yun,"she yelled when it was starting to get too much, "I sacrificed everything for you, I sacrificed everything for your love!" She knew where it was all heading to despite his silence response, he never said anything no matter how many times she tried to figure out what the problem was.

She didn't want to jump into the conclusion that she was losing her husband despite the warning signs ringing those words in her head, she still wanted to hold on to the little light that told her deep in her heart that he would come back to her and everything would go back to the way it had always been but who knew the little light would end up going off quicker than she had expected.

Seo-yeon walked into the large mansion of Do-yun's home, holding her five years old son in her arms but what she was instantly welcomed with made all the colors drain from her face as the handbag she was literally holding in her arms fell to the ground.

Right before her eyes, her own husband was busy making love to her so-called friend, in the living room, right in the open!

"Do-yun!" She screamed, covering the eyes of her son before he witnessed the abomination taking place in their living room.

Was she dreaming?? Her husband! With her friend??? "How dare you do this to me??"

"What is your problem woman?" He hissed in annoyance while moving away from the woman he was practically having some fun with, unable to hide the hostility in his eyes as he locked gaze with this damn useless wife of his.

"Are you blind? How dare you interrupt my fun with your nostalgic presence??" He pushed her out of his sight, a little too hard that she stumbled backwards, only to end up hitting her head on the nearby furniture before falling to her feet.

"Mom!" Her son hurriedly rushed towards her side after witnessing the atrocity his father just did.

Seo-yun couldn't believe it herself, it was like a nightmare that she thought would end up disappearing from her life for good but no… she touched her forehead when it suddenly felt sticky, only to see her hands were painted with her own blood, causing her eyes to wide horrifically.

She's bleeding!!

"How could you do this to me?" Seo-yeon stared in disbelief but the man before her barely showed any sort of remorse as a cynical smirk formed on his lips

"Oh... Did you really think I ever loved you? Yes I did once but I was a fool back then to have fallen in love with someone like you in the first place, I hadn't opened my eyes then when I claimed to love you." He yelled.

"Do-yun. How... how could you?" She couldn't hold back the tears threatening to fall from the brim of her eyes while holding onto her son, "you know I sacrificed everything just to get married to you. My family, my dream, I birthed your son for goodness sake!"

"You know what? I'm done with you." He threw a divorce file at her feet. "Sign it now or else you would hate what comes next."

"Do-yun….. please…. don't do this….think about Ji-hoon. Please Do-yun." She sobbed, grabbing his leg but he kicked her off while throwing the pen at her.

"Get all the things I asked you to pack and throw them out!!" He barked at the maids who quickly went up the stairs to bring down her bags of Seo-yeon and that of her son. "Take your things out of my house and never return!"

Seo-yeon picked the bag and signed the papers with her hands shaking violently, she couldn't resist stealing a quick glance at her so called friend who smiled victoriously while watching the drama unfold and it stung even more.

Why her? Why did it have to be her own friend??

As soon as she finished, he dragged her out of the house, having the guards throw her out of the vicinity and warning them never to open the gates for her or her son.

All the years of sacrifices, all the years of love, all the years of commitment was just a waste of time. A waste of her own effort, she lost everything.

"Momma." Seo-yeon was pulled out of painful flashbacks the moment her son called out to her, looking down only to see the little one was busy tugging her apron.

"Yes sweetheart? Momma is back." She smiled weakly, lifting the six years old boy in her arms.

"Ji-hoon wants cereal. You didn't give me any yet." He pouted, causing his half confused mother to glance down at his empty cereal bowl on the table.

"I'm so sorry sweetheart, I got carried away by something, don't mind momma, I'll make some cereal for you now okay?" She lovingly pecked her son's cheeks before putting him down to make him his cereal.

Watching her six years old son happily munching down on his cereal uplifted her heavy heart, his presence alone was enough to reassure her that she wasn't alone no matter what.

Snapping out of her deep thinking again, there were a lot of things she had to work on before preparing her son for his baby sitter's place.

She was quick to do all she had to do, dressing little Ji-hoon In some warm clothes before carrying him out of their apartment which was built just above her local restaurant.

The restaurant was closed for the morning as usual. As soon as she got out of the building, she put up her umbrella and walked down the pavement holding her son securely in her arms.

After successfully dropping little Ji-hoon with his baby sitter, she hurriedly headed towards the market to get some foodstuffs she would definitely need in preparing enough delicacies in her restaurant once she got back.

Seo-yeon walked down the busy market and ineluctably stopped in her tracks when she heard a familiar voice singing.

With squinted eyes, she looked into the music shop to see a crowd had gathered there, listening to a song she could never forget no matter what.

"Did you know the song is from a singer in the Stellar industry?" Someone from the crowd curiously whispered to the other who nodded in response.

"The industry never disclosed her identity and no one has heard her voice since the past seven years now."

"It's a shame, I'm really sure if she was still releasing her music, she would take Eun-ji's place as the empress of the music industry."

Seo-yeon looked at the screen of the TV playing the music before walking away.

Hearing the song being played repeatedly made her angry, she didn't know whom exactly she was angry at but she was angry.

"Calm down Seo-yeon. It's almost time to open the restaurant."



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