68 Chapter 68: A mature computer should learn to type and take care of its owner itself

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"Sister Xueyi, I love the roles you play so much.

I didn't expect to meet you here, I'm so thrilled!"

In the dance studio.

Zhou Qingyue was extremely excited looking at a woman in her mid-twenties.

She had a delicate face, exceptional temperament, and a curvy figure.

Her name was Chen Xueyi, a popular rising actress.

She had starred in many films and TV dramas.

And she was also a professional dancer with great popularity.

She alone had over five million fans on Weibo.

She also was one of the shareholders of Qinghe Entertainment, being the second biggest shareholder.

Today, she had some free time, and was brought over by Liu Yue.

Specially to train Zhou Qingyue.

Like all girls their age, Zhou Qingyue was a fan girl,

so she was very excited after meeting Chen Xueyi.

Chen Xueyi was quite friendly, or at least she appeared to be.

She spoke in a uniquely gentle and intelligent way.

She smiled and encouraged Zhou Qingyue, then let her continue her practice.

She quite liked this girl.

She was very hardworking.

In dance and acting, she had ample talent.

With proper training, she might reach, or even surpass, Chen Xueyi herself.


Zhou Qingyue responded and got up to continue practicing.

"Hmm?" Chen Xueyi noticed a book by Zhou Qingyue's side.

She picked it up and saw that it was the latest edition of Story Meeting.

Zhou Qingyue had now collected all the issues of Story Meeting that carried Jiang Xu's works.

The more she learned, the more Zhou Qingyue admired Jiang Xu.

Each of his novels was unique, but equally captivating.

Especially the latest one, "Pure White Lover".

Which made her unable to put it down.

So even though she was here to practice, she had brought the book along.

She could read it during breaks.

"Pure White Lover..."

Chen Xueyi mumbled to herself, then was quickly absorbed by the novel.

The story was about a man and woman who started a sweet love affair after an accidental encounter.

However, not long after, the plot took a drastic turn.

The female lead was hit by a car and woke up with amnesia.

Before the accident, she was infatuated with the male lead.

After losing her memory, she couldn't stand him.

The infatuated male lead remained with her.

Used every possible method to help her regain her memory.

After a lot of effort, he finally helped her regain her memory.

The two were living sweetly together again.

But not long after, lo and behold.

The male lead was diagnosed with an incurable disease.

To not burden her, the male lead quietly left the city on his own.

He lived alone in a remote place, spending the last part of his journey alone.

The female lead desperately searched for him,

and eventually, found him frozen stiff in a heavy snow.

The main appeal was tragedy.

If such a plot were written ten years later, it would certainly be met with scorn and disdain.

But for now, such a storyline was quite rare.

Despite its immoderate drama, it was very engaging.

After Chen Xueyi finished reading the latest chapter, she was left wanting more.

She couldn't help but feel restless.

Wished she could put a knife to the author's head

to make him update faster.

"This is such a good novel, I have to share it with my beloved fans."

Thinking of this, Chen Xueyi took out her phone, took a picture of the novel,

opened Weibo, and posted a new update.

"Darlings, today I found a wonderful novel.

It's called "Pure White Lover", you should check it out."

A few minutes after the post, many fans commented and shared.

Wow, it's rare for Xue Xue to recommend a novel.

The title alone makes it sound tempting.

Alright, I will get it and read it now.

Yes, I definitely have to get it if Xue Xue recommends it.

Apart from fans,

there were also some good friends in the circle who followed her,

and some newcomers who wanted to curry favor with her, all joined in the comments and shares.

Luckily the day was calm, with nothing major happening.

No celebrities made any scandals.

So, this Weibo post quickly jumped to the 10th place on the trending list.

And was seen by even more people.

Chen Xueyi's most loyal fans immediately went to buy Story Meeting.

After reading it, most of them gave positive reviews.

Then they promoted it on Weibo.

Further expanding the sales.

In a very short time, Story Meeting's copies for most regions sold out.

One by one, the bookstores urgently contacted their headquarters, requesting more stock.

The headquarters staff were shocked when they got the news.

Because the market expectation for Jiang Xu's new book was quite high,

they had produced 10% more copies than usual.

The first batch shipment alone was a hundred thousand copies.

According to their estimate,

it should take one to two weeks to sell out the first batch.

But it had only been two days since it went online, and most regions had already sold out.

No time to figure out what had happened, the headquarters immediately called the printer to urgently print another hundred thousand copies.

On receiving this news, Lin Nan was left stunned.

But then she started hopping with excitement in her office.

"It's settled! The position of chief editor is mine. I'm going to prosper with every passing year! Hahaha."

After her excitement subsided, Lin Nan wanted to share this great news with Jiang Xu.

But on second thought, she decided to wait.

Although the sales were high at this point, they hadn't yet reached their highest potential.

She would wait until the sales were even higher before telling him — that would surely give him a shock.


After taking An Nuonuo home and returning, Jiang Xu drew the blueprint of his backyard renovation.

He then took a picture and sent it to Fu Yanjie.

His family had a part of their business in the renovation field.

He asked him to see how much it would cost according to his design and requirements.

Ten minutes later, Fu Yanjie replied.

If they covered everything, it would cost 12,000 yuan.

This included labour, materials, and the grape vines that Jiang Xu wanted to plant.

They would take care of everything.

This price made Jiang Xu doubtful if they could actually make a profit.

So he asked.

Even brothers should keep clear accounts; he couldn't let them incur a loss for his sake.

Fu Yanjie replied saying there was still a profit, but he had given Jiang Xu a discount.

Only then was Jiang Xu reassured.

He freshened up then went to bed.

After turning off the light, he started thinking about his fourth book.

He didn't plan to write about school life for this fourth book, he intended to write a new story.

When he woke up the next morning,

Jiang Xu had breakfast and sat in front of his computer, only to find he suddenly didn't feel like writing anything. He felt listless.

Indeed, a writer must not stop writing.

After stopping for just one day, he felt lazy.

Jiang Xu stared at his computer: "You're a mature computer at this point.

You have to learn how to type and earn money to support your owner, understand?

Get moving, start moving right now!"

Laptop computer: "..."

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