Taking Advantage of Ruby Rose

Ruby's family should really have taught her about sex. Instead, she winds up getting a somewhat-twisted sex education from Jaune, who discovers her innocence and guiltily takes advantage of it to get lots of blowjobs.

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Taking Advantage of Ruby Rose (And Nora Too), Part 11

Pyrrha sat next to Ruby, but her attention was entirely on Jaune. His handsome, boyish face, his short blonde hair, his easy-going smile. "What're you looking at?" He asked her, noticing her lingering gaze. "Something on my face?"

She shot her eyes down to her food. Agh! She should say she thought he was handsome! But he wasn't interested in her. "Just lost in thought," she said. No, no, she should say something. "You're really handsome."

"Well, thanks," he replied. "I don't-"

He was interrupted by Nora landing in his lap with an unconscionable speed. "Woopah! Lap claimed!" Nora declared, giddily bouncing in his lap, fully clothed. Pyrrha's eye twitched as she watched the other girl obliviously wiggle in place. Pyrrha wanted to sit in Jaune's lap! She wanted to feel his hard cock through their clothes, to temptingly suggest sex - but here was Nora, acting like a clown.

There was a sharp stabbing noise from her side, and she glanced over at Ruby to find the girl had slammed her fork right through her food, actually cracking the plate from the sheer force she put into it. "What's the matter, Rubes?" Her sister Yang asked.

Ruby's lips twitched in irritation on her face, and she glared daggers at Nora. "I... want some pancakes!" She yelled the words out, swooping off with her Semblance.

Pyrrha turned her attention back to Jaune, who wore a half-hearted smile as Nora eagerly bounced in his lap. "Yeah, Ruby sure does like her pancakes."

"I like pancakes too, especially the ones with your special batter!" Nora said, winking at Jaune. Pyrrha felt her heart clench at that. Why would he make special pancakes just for Nora? Before she could even really finish that thought, though, Nora spoke up again. "Jaune, after this, can I ride you again?" She whined.

"A piggyback ride!" Jaune said hurriedly. "A piggyback ride, that's what I meant," he said. Pyrrha felt more jealous than if he'd said nothing about - there was something so playful and innocent and intimate about a piggyback ride! It suggested a complete level of comfort with another person, but here he was, clearly not at all comfortable with her, thus not giving her piggyback rides, or making pancakes with his special batter...

Ruby swooped back to the table at that point, glowering quietly as she plopped down next to Pyrrha. "Mm," she hummed, before glaring up at Jaune and Nora again, Nora bouncing on his lap. "Nora, you should watch what you eat, you're going to get fat."

"Nuh uh!" Nora countered childishly. "I'm not gonna get fat, right, Jaune?"

"She's totally going to get fat, right, Jaune?" Ruby interrupted.

"Uhh, everything cool?" Yang asked, the question more pointed at Ruby than Jaune.

"Actually!" Jaune suddenly got to his feet, yanking Nora out of his lap in the process. "How about, uhh, we go practice?" He said, his voice full of energy. "You and Ruby both."

"Oh, I'll come help," Pyrrha offered.

"A-ah, no, no, no need for that, Pyrrha, please, enjoy your meal, go for it, eat without me," he said hurriedly. "Thanks for the offer, um, I'll just handle these two real quick. Eat! Eat up! Don't want to starve," he said, pointing to her plate hurriedly.

D-did he like pudgier girls? Did he want her to gain weight? Was that his preference?

She only realized once he left that she hadn't eaten a single bite of her food. That was probably it. Just genuine, normal concern for his teammate, wanting to make sure she ate up. Maybe he liked her just a little bit, then?

Oh who was she kidding...

* * *

Jaune locked the door behind himself, panting a bit as he leaned against it, desperately working to catch his breath. His hand went to his chest as he looked at Ruby and Nora both.

He wished he could stop, honestly. The two girls were too enthusiastic, too unbelievably eager for sex and more. If he told them he was cutting them off, they'd scream and cry and somebody'd hear and then... well, then he would promptly be murdered by some mix of Yang, Ruby's dad, and Ren, possibly with assistance from everyone else at Beacon.

He looked at the pair for just a moment, both of them bright-eyed, innocent, staring up at him. "Who's first?" He asked.

"Me me me!" Both girls erupted with those words both gleefully and simultaneously, mashing their bodies into his, Nora's breasts pushing against his chest in a way that most certainly caught a base attention from his body, his cock throbbing in his pants. Both girls went down to their knees a moment later, hurriedly yanking his pants down, his dick bouncing out and free into the open air.

Ruby moved fastest on the cocksucking front, possibly thanks in part to her Semblance, slurping his dick up into her eager throat, a smooth movement that left him groaning in pleasure as her tongue went wild inside her mouth, flicking along the underside, flashing out and licking and slurping, her silver eyes staring up at him with blatant desire for his cum.

"Ugh, Rubyyy," Nora whined, and Jaune just grabbed her head, directing her down towards his balls, making her suck them into her mouth, her tongue flicking and licking away at the underside of his length, rolling his testes in that pretty mouth of hers, as she tasted and rubbed at him, her eyes staring up impatiently at him, his cock throbbing in Ruby's throat.

It felt great, of course. Both girls slurping on his dick, working together like that, Ruby starting to gulp and swallow around his dick as she held herself down, before sliding slowly up until just the tip was in her mouth, at which point she started jerking him off. Nora leaned up at the same time, pushing her cheek up against Ruby's. "C'mon, give me some too, Jaune! Let's share!" Ruby slurped all the harder at that, her cheeks hollowing around his dick, shaking her head around his dick, stimulating him both visually and mentally and physically in the process.

"Ah, we'll, take turns?" Jaune suggested, which made Ruby furrow her brow and slam her face back down his cock, making him groan as his dick wound up fully buried inside that tight, slick throat of hers, the one that only he had ever laid claim to. She swallowed around his length, trying to coax his cum out of him.

"She's not shaaaaaring," Nora whined, before leaning in to suck his balls, pleading with her eyes for him to make Ruby share. It had his length furiously throbbing inside Ruby's mouth, his eyes focused utterly on the pair of kneeling, eager little cockgobblers, their mouths both plastered to his dick, and he let the pleasure wash over him for several long seconds, greedy lips and tongues all working together to really work him over.

Then he pressed his hand against Ruby's forehead, pushing her up and off his cock, his spit-slick length bouncing out into the open air, just pulsing away. She whined, mouth opening and closing like a fish on dry land, trying to get back to his cock with obvious lust for more, but Nora saw her chance and swooped in. "Jaaaaune," Ruby whined, as Nora started to push her way down, wetly gagging on his dick, stimulating it in her throat as she tried to mimic Ruby's own deepthroat. "You didn't even come in my mouth!"

"Ah, well, like I said, we'll take turns," Jaune said, as Nora hungrily worked his cock over, grinding her face down as tears started to run down her cheeks from the sheer intensity with which she was working to throat his cock, the tip getting gagged on constantly, her sclera turning pink with exertion. Ruby stared, pouting, annoyed.

"She can't even take it to the base! That's better, isn't it?"

"She's working on it," Jaune breathed - and Ruby decided that she was annoyed enough to just grab the back of Nora's head and forcibly slam her down Jaune's cock, making him groan in pleasure as the busty girl was forcibly deepthroated by the seemingly oblivious Ruby.

"There! Now she's taken it all the way," Ruby said, grinding Nora into his pelvis. "So when she comes back up for air, I can get my turn, right?" Jaune had never been harder than he was in that moment, his length furiously pulsing inside of Nora's throat, and he nodded - at which point Ruby unceremoniously yanked Nora up and off Jaune's cock, moving so quick the girl tumbled onto her back before Ruby slurped his dick up.

It actually took a bit for Nora to recover, desperately gasping and panting for air as she stared with dazed eyes at the scene of Ruby deepthroating Jaune's cock. She whined faintly for a moment, then decided to dive back for his balls, slurping on them noisily, tongue flicking away eagerly as she swirled them around in his mouth, staring up at him as if silently requesting her turn. His cock furiously pulsed inside Ruby's mouth, his eyes wandering both girls' kneeling bodies, and Nora seemed to take that as a suggestion, popping off his balls to pull off her clothes, revealing those stupendous, full, soft breasts of hers, faintly jiggling as she wiggled her way out of her skirt.

Ruby noticed the way his eyes were wandering, and slid up and off his dick to strip herself - which, of course, Nora took full advantage of, gleefully slurping the top half of his dick into her mouth while Ruby just fumed behind her, taking a moment to pull her clothes off before grabbing the back of Nora's head and forcibly thrusting her down Jaune's length, his cock soon filling Nora's throat, making him groan in pleasure.

That was how the pair went at it, trading off who was sucking his cock and who was sucking his balls, but never terribly voluntarily. Their naked bodies were presented to him this way and that, his cock threatening to explode at any moment, only kept in check by a titanic act of will.

When he finally did feel the urge to come overwhelming him, though, he grabbed both girls by the hair, dragging them together, cheek to cheek, and stuffed his cock first into Ruby's mouth - getting her eager tongue to flick away, her humming and giving him sweet bedroom eyes - then into Nora's mouth - making her slurp noisily, practically begging for his cum - and then back again. He wound up starting to spurt in Ruby's mouth, but hurriedly swapped back and forth between both girls' mouths, making them hum in delight at his flavor and whine each time the spigot was repurposed to the other girl.

Once he was finished coming, the pair hummed and swilled his cum in their mouths, tongues rolling around as they tilted their heads back, expressions one of pure desire, treating his cum like the sweetest treat they'd ever gotten to enjoy. Jaune's cock pulsed at the sight of them like that, and he decided to take advantage of their momentary distraction, grabbing Nora and dragging her over to the bed, pushing her face right into a pillow before slamming his cock balls deep into her wet pussy.

He wasn't gentle, he wasn't thoughtful, and she certainly didn't seem to care, letting out a weird moan, mostly disrupted by the fact that her mouth was currently loaded with his cum. He just rammed away, fingers sinking into that gorgeous ass of hers, enjoying the feeling of it as his fingers just sank into the supple flesh there, muscular and hard and yet oh-so-pleasant for his cock to get thrusting in.

"Jaune!" Ruby said at last, having swallowed the cum in her mouth, apparently. "Why does Nora get massaged first, huh? Huh? That's not fair!"

"Sorry, Ruby," Jaune said, though in all honesty he wasn't the least bit sorry, his dick having fully taken over thanks to being presented with two gorgeous, pliant, horny girls. "You can suck my balls while I work, help me get done faster."

Ruby's brow furrowed for a moment, more in confusion than anything else, but she did in fact slip down underneath him, leaning up to start sucking on his balls, swilling them around and around in her mouth, her tongue flicking away, her cheeks hollowing as she quietly slurped.

It made Jaune momentarily slow down, just pushing his cock slowly all the way inside of Nora and riding out the sweet, sweet sensations of her tight, wet sex, her inner walls seeming sculpted around his cock as he enjoyed the sensations of them rubbing against his length. Ruby sucked harder and more insistently on his balls at that point, some quiet groaning, urging noise, as if to say, Hurry up and cum!

It all felt great, of course. The sensations of Nora's pussy on his dick, Ruby's flicking tongue and sucking lips, he could have sat there forever.

Unfortunately for any such idea, Nora didn't want to just sit there and get his dick passively planted inside her pussy, so she started ramming back and forth on his cock after she realized he'd stopped properly fucking her, squeezing at his cock with all her inner muscles, making him groan in pleasure as she worked him over.

If anything, though, this new position was easier for him - after all, now his dick was getting worked over by Nora's pussy and his balls were getting worked over by Ruby's mouth, meaning he didn't have to do a damn thing. He enjoyed each tight gripping movement of Nora's muscular pussy, each soft, slurping, licking movement of Ruby's eager mouth, every single second seeming to grow ever more intense with pleasure as he basked in it all. His fingers sank into Nora's ass cheeks, relishing the sensation.

"Come on, Jaune! Rub the spot!" Nora grunted, shifting her position on the bed.

"Just find the right spot and rub it yourself," Jaune told her, wanting to enjoy a momentary laziness when dealing with these two horny idiots.

Nora took him up on that, grinding her inner walls along his length, finding the particular point in question that most rubbed at her most sensitive spots, and then just grinding herself against it, panting in pleasure beneath him as she quivered, until she finally came on his cock.

The feeling of her powerful, muscular pussy, spasming endlessly around his cock, pushed him over the edge, and he simply groaned and started to come, closing his eyes and casting his head back as he rode the wave of pleasure, pumping his hips back and forth and just grinding away as his cock found sweet, sweet release inside her.

Ruby popped off Jaune's balls at that point, whining noisily. "Come on, Jaune! You shouldn't come in there, how are we supposed to enjoy the cummmm! Come onnnn," she whined, as he just kept unloading. "Take it out, stick it in my mouth, please," she pleaded, and Jaune did, at that point, pull out, stuffing his cock past her pretty pink lips - but by that point, he was pretty much spent, only the last, limp spurt landing on her tongue a scant few seconds later. Once they both realized as much, Ruby popped off his cock, swallowing, and looking up at him annoyed, ready to complain further - so he just rolled Nora over onto her back and stuffed Ruby's face into her pussy.

"You can get it out," he told her, not having any better point to argue than that. Ruby apparently was thoroughly convinced by the logic, though, and started noisily sucking on Nora's pussy, trying to work the cum out of it. Jaune, who by this point had become incredibly accustomed to just doing whatever he pleased sexually, got behind Ruby and teased his cock at her sex, some momentary hesitation appearing as he remembered he lacked consent.

Then Ruby wiggled her butt, teasing her pussy at the tip of his cock in the process. "Put it in, Jaune!" She cried, and Jaune did exactly that, thrusting inside her and pumping away, just enjoying the sensation of Ruby's sweet young pussy, the way she let him work his way back and forth without complaint, humming happily as she slurped and scooped cum out of Nora's pussy, her fingers stretching into the redhead's cunt and making the woman in question wiggle in a delightful way, her big breasts bouncing and jiggling and attracting Jaune's gaze.

Jaune, of course, got more excited at that, thrusting away in pure, coital bliss, relishing the feeling of Ruby's tight, slick sex, the girl in question squeaking with every thrust, her body gingerly bouncing in place. She hummed and moaned and slurped, soon developing a response that was clearly more to Jaune's pumping than to whatever tastes she was enjoying dragging out of Nora's cunt.

That encouraged Jaune to regain some semblance of self control, shifting from giving Ruby a self-centered pounding to instead grinding his cock along her insides in a way intended to make her feel good. She shivered and jerked faintly beneath him, her inner walls squeezing around his cock as she grew closer to the edge, and he reached around to start teasing her clit, rubbing his index finger against the sensitive nub and making Ruby noisily pant into Nora's pussy in response.

It didn't take too long of that for Ruby to come, and Jaune just relished the feeling of her tight young pussy gripping his cock, hilting himself inside her and riding the pleasant wave of it. He admired both girls' naked bodies as Ruby bucked and squirmed on his cock, her lewd moans carrying partly into Nora's pussy, her whole body trembling in pleasure. Nora, for her part, seemed to have largely recovered from her orgasm (and Ruby's pussy-eating), and shifted on the bed to get up, leaving Ruby to just moan into the mattress.

"Now I'll suck your balls!" Nora declared excitedly. "Ball-sucking time," she added, leaning in to slurp on Jaune's balls, wrapping her lips around them, only intensifying his pleasure as Ruby's orgasm rode out its last few ways, her hips still quietly bucking beneath him in response to the pleasure.

Jaune managed to get through that orgasm, and Ruby promptly started copying what she'd seen Nora do, pumping her hips along his dick in a mad quest for her own pleasure. "That feels good, right, Jaune? Better than Nora's?" The somewhat upset little noise that Nora made around his balls reminded Jaune that he was riding the proverbial tiger. "It does, right? Right?!" Ruby's voice was more insistent and desperate, now, her pussy squeezing actively on his cock, dragging him rapidly closer to an orgasm.

"It feels great, Ruby, you both feel great, different, but great," he continued, not wanting to insult either girl. "I, kuh, couldn't-" and then Ruby came on his cock, and he was inevitably drawn up past the edge, hilting inside her and squirting out a thick load, groaning as he pumped back and forth in a desperate grinding motion, just letting it all out. When he was finished, he pulled back out of Ruby - and of course Nora started to immediately start slurping on Ruby's slick sex, trying to dig his cum out in her own way, copying what Ruby had done earlier and in the process making the girl squirm from the attention.

Of course, the obscene sight sent him into an ever-heightening fever pitch of arousal, and he moved on the bed, grabbing Ruby's head and stuffing his cock past her pretty lips, filling up her small mouth with his cock. Her silver eyes looked up at him, as he selfishly took his pleasure from her lips and tongue and throat, with nothing but sweet appreciation, thankful to get his cock stuffed in her mouth.

He was going to Hell, he was sure... but he was definitely enjoying the ride down.

* * *

Pyrrha had just about gorged herself in the cafeteria after Jaune had left, engaging in a bout of self-pity-inspired gluttony, which then meant she had to burn off the calories with some intense training. She hoped to spot Jaune training, maybe even offer to help, but apparently they were training somewhere else.

When she finally got back to the room, hours later, she saw the three all asleep in their own beds, clearly stained with sweat. She took in a deep breath with her nose, drinking in Jaune's pleasant, musky scent, slowly, tremblingly moving towards the boy himself, creeping so as not to be spotted.

He was so handsome! So cute! So nice! So sweet! She wanted to just eat him up right then and there... a guy wouldn't be mad if he got woken up with a blowjob, right? Right?!

No, no... that would be wrong, Pyrrha, she thought to herself, barely restraining her animalistic instincts, instincts that were excited seeing Jaune like that. She could almost imagine that he was recovering from sex, with his messed-up hair, his sweat-soaked body...

Oh... his... his shirt was there... all sweaty and musky and his... she could just... pick it up and go to the bathroom and frig herself silly to his scent... that would be bad, but... Jaune didn't have to know...

She managed to come ten times to his sweet, wonderful scent, before returning back and flopping onto her own bed, falling unconscious instantly.