Taking Advantage of Ruby Rose

Ruby's family should really have taught her about sex. Instead, she winds up getting a somewhat-twisted sex education from Jaune, who discovers her innocence and guiltily takes advantage of it to get lots of blowjobs.

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Taking Advantage of Ruby (And Nora Too), Part 10

Jaune was going to hell. He knew that. He was riding a tiger, and soon enough, he'd be eaten; he knew that, too.

He was in the bedroom, lying on his bed, and in between his legs, there was a certain redheaded, large-breasted, eager young Huntress-in-training on her hands and knees sucking him off in the nude.

She looked insanely hot like this. She still hadn't overcome her gag reflex, so she mostly bobbed up and down the top half of his length, but his eyes wandered across her gorgeous naked body. Those big, round tits of hers looked even bigger in this position, and on a kind of brainless, childish arousal, he reached down for them in either hand, fingers just sinking in. She hummed pleasantly around his dick, glancing up at him, twisting her head a little, wiggling her butt - it was a playful movement, in addition to being intensely erotic.

She popped off his cock at that point, a cocky grin on her lips. "Yeah, Ren likes to look at them too, when he doesn't realize I can see. What's so interesting about them? I thought it was just 'cause they grew after Ren and I became friends." Jaune's cock twitched in the open air, the upper half still slick with Nora's spit.

"Well, they're very big," Jaune said. "Actually, I just had a great idea," he added, wanting to distract Nora from that line of questioning, and also having a great idea. "Wrap them around my cock," he told her, and she dutifully did so, leaning forward, sandwiching his dick in those gorgeous marshmallow soft tits of hers. He groaned at the sensation, her spit from earlier helping her properly massage his cock without any issue, his breathing growing shallow as he just leaned back and relaxed.

For a moment, that was all there was for him - big, soft boobs, wrapped around his dick, a cute redhead grinning up at him as she worked his cock over. The reality - that he was tricking her into this - was forgotten in the midst of the soft pressure and the eager look on her face. "So, what's that interesting about my boobs?" She repeated.

"Ah, well, it lets you..." Jaune tried to think of something, anything, to say. "I mean, try sucking on the tip of my dick." Nora did exactly that, leaning forward, her lips wrapping around the very tip of his cock, making him groan softly in response to the pleasure she brought to bear. Once she saw she was getting a reaction out of him, she naturally just intensified the pressure, her cheeks hollowing, her hands mushing her tits all the tighter around his cock. He groaned, and she smiled with her eyes up at him, really starting to work his cock over with her tits, starting to pump away.

She may not have understood quite what she was doing, but she did understand how to do it, increasingly well, her tongue flicking away at the very tip of his cock with rapidity and glee. Wet slurping noise emanated from her mouth when she'd just suck, her lips forming a tight seal around his cockhead. She stared into his eyes as she worked ever harder, and he just lost himself in the moment, twisting his hips around and around beneath her, as she started to get ever closer to worming an orgasm out of him.

He was getting very, very close. He reached down for the back of her head at that point, grasping it in both hands and pushing her down into her own tits, pretty much smothering her in her breasts. The look of it was intensely lewd, intensely desirable, and of course, showed off that gorgeous big rump of hers as she got pushed forward, her butt seeming to rise ever higher in the air, wagging back and forth temptingly, pleading with him to fuck it.

For a moment, he considered just ejaculating in her mouth - then he gained control over himself, yanking her off unceremoniously, making her pant as his cock left her tits, her eyelashes fluttering slightly as she stared up at him. "Let's try a different position, stay like that," he told her, hurriedly shifting on the bed to get behind her. She was on her hands and knees, her pussy and asshole both presented to him. His fingers sank into that soft, enormous ass of hers. It was like playing with fluffy dough, just a bit of resistance, but mostly give, the supple flesh seeming to plead for him to do more and worse to it. She had a broad ass, firm thighs, and she just - looked gorgeous. Like she was made to get bred. Thick around the waist, thick in the hips, needing his cock in her cunt. He really, really shouldn't do that, though. He definitely shouldn't do that.

He managed to push aside those feelings for the moment by refocusing on something else: he brought down his hand in a sharp smack on her ass, making her squeak in response. He admired the jiggling movement of the skin, the way the flesh rippled from his strike, and the gorgeous view of that pale, full rump as it responded to his act of unprovoked violence. "A-ah?!" She sputtered out. "Did I do something wrong?" She asked in confusion, taking his ass smack as a spanking or something. "I was trying to do it good... I want some of that tasty cum!"

Jaune's cock twitched at that. "Oh, no, I just wanted to change positions, and I was seeing how hard your ass is," Jaune explained, taking his cock and planting it in between her buttocks, sliding it along the line of it. It was almost as soft as her tits, as he started to hotdog her, sliding forward and back in the valley, sighing softly with each movement. The spit from earlier gave him a decent amount of lube, and that in turn made it easy to push his cock back and forth along the crook of her asshole. He just closed his eyes and sighed, relishing the sensation of her butt cheeks around his cock, his length throbbing with each pulsing pump.

Of course, Nora seemed to recognize what he was doing, and she shifted on the bed, reaching back with her hands to start massaging her ass cheeks around his cock. In the process, her shoulders and tits wound up pushing into the bed beneath her, her cocky grin from her position on the bed all the more intensely lewd because of her ignorance of what she was actually doing. His cock furiously throbbed, and he upped his pace by a few notes as she ground her ass cheeks into his dick, somehow managing to wrap them all the way around his cock, due to just how enormous and soft her butt was.

For a while, he was just enjoying himself, thrusting back and forth, riding the ever-pleasant high of her ass around his dick, enjoying it just like he'd been enjoying her tits, with a long, smooth, continuous movement. He was enjoying himself, taking his time, pretty much just jerking off with her cooperative, pliant body. She smoothly rubbed her ass around his cock, massaging his dick every single second, letting him just enjoy himself there. "Come on, Jaune," she grunted. "Come already. I want your cum!"

Her words didn't motivate Jaune at all, his own selfish impulses currently near their apex, the only prosocial and considerate parts of his brain currently being occupied by avoiding stuffing his cock into her pink sex. He just kept grinding back and forth, relishing in the sensations of her soft, plush ass around his dick, while she squirmed in place and plaintively begged for his cum. It aroused him further, but he kept up the slow pace, wanting to just ride out the sweet sensations of her soft butt.

Then she clenched. The muscles of her ass squeezed around his cock, making him gasp as they suddenly turned hard as marble, a gorgeous, glorious thing currently wrapped around his dick, making him almost nut. Just barely, somehow, he stopped himself quickly enough, completely enough, that his shivering body did not begin to ejaculate all over her ass cheeks as he shuddered quietly in place. She noticed his response, obviously, and started to pump her hips on his dick, her hands on her ass squeezing it around his cock tight, gripping it as he held himself in place.

He leaned forward over her at that point, hands sliding up her hips to find her tits where they were mushed into the bed, fingers just digging into the supple flesh, uncaring about Nora's pleasure, completely forgetting about anything but his own sky-high arousal. Nora just hummed in response, continuing to grip his dick, intermittently clenching her ass muscles tight - and then he erupted, groaning as he started to splatter her back and ass with a thick, creamy load, closing his eyes and losing himself in the moment, shuddering softly in place.

When he was spent, his body having fully sprayed every last droplet of cum all over her waiting back and ass, he pulled back and out, plopping onto his ass and taking a long few deep breaths.

"Oh, come on!" Nora cried out. "That's a terrible place to come, Jaune!" She reached around towards her butt cheeks, trying to scoop up some of his cum from there, mostly just smearing it around to make her ass all the shinier. "I can't get any of it in my mouth, plus, it's going to be a pain to get to the bathroom without getting cum on stuff! It's super drippy and super sticky!"

Jaune looked at her butt at that point, as she frantically tried to scoop cum off it, in the process just smearing it all over her butt cheeks. It was completely obscene. It was completely erotic.

And it completely overrode his remaining ethical brain cells, who had already been fighting a losing battle in any case. He clambered up behind her, pointing his cock at her slick sex, and just shoving his dick into her sex. He'd already done this with Ruby. This wasn't any worse. His brain came up with all sorts of truly nonsensical rationalizations like that, as he sank ever deeper into the gorgeous, buxom redhead beneath him's cunt, her sweet, soft, wet sex inviting him inside her.

She responded to the thrust with a soft moan of pleasure, clearly enjoying the way his dick rubbed all over her insides. "Ooo, so this is that, massage, that Ruby was talking about," she said, and his cock pulsed inside her at those words. She was completely oblivious to the reality of what he was doing, and it just made him more aroused, no matter how immoral and unethical what he was doing really was. He rutted away inside her with impassioned force, railing away, his hard cock just pounding into the gorgeous redhead's pussy, her whole body faintly jerking as he thrust away.

His fingers once more found their way to her tits, sinking into the soft flesh there, while her ass practically rippled from each thrust, her sexy body taking his cock over and over, every thrust reinforcing the fact that he was getting sex with a hot woman, that he was performing some primal drive, his brain practically shutting down as he just enjoyed himself, turning into a raw animal.

"A little higher," Nora said, but Jaune completely ignored her, focused on his own pleasure. "Higher! Shift it higher, I just, nnguh," she whined, wiggling faintly underneath him, trying unsuccessfully to get him to rub at whatever she was talking about - then she suddenly shifted on the bed, pushing herself up and unceremoniously knocking him onto his back on the bed, her pussy hilting on his cock as she shifted her body to get at that point. She rubbed at the place in particular, her butt and tits both bouncing as she did so, Jaune temporarily distracted by that - and then she found what she was looking for. "Ohhh, oh, that's, nn, that's it, yeah, mhm, you should've just done this when I asked, Jaune," she said, rubbing herself on his dick, her hands going to his thighs as she ground away.

Then she came, letting out an uninhibited, animalistic noise, a moan without any concern for how it made her look. She just thrashed and twitched, grinding with his cock rubbing deep inside her, twisting her hips to get exactly the angle she wanted, and he reached for her thighs, groping them in either hand. Her pussy grabbed and clenched at his dick, giving it a firm and thorough massage, threatening to drag an orgasm out of him right then and there - if she hadn't been chasing her own pleasure, it probably would have, even.

Once she came down, though, she immediately began to just pound her hips up and down his dick, her butt bouncing as she moved like wild up and down, red hair flying all around her face. She glanced over her shoulder at him, grinning at him. "Feels pretty good!" She declared, continuing to ram her hips against his, smacking that beautiful big ass of hers against his pelvis as she just enjoyed his body, playing with him like you might a particularly fun toy.

Of course, despite Nora's selfishness, it did still feel good. In a way, it even helped alleviate his guilt - he wasn't sure he could make her stop even if he wanted to. He leaned up as she rammed at him, reaching around to her breasts, playing with them roughly, selfishly - and he found it didn't seem to provoke any negative reaction from Nora at all, her focus still on just ramming her hips into his, feeling his cock throb inside her, rub against her most sensitive points.

Occasionally, she'd wiggle on him, adjusting her position to maximize her own pleasure, but if he even tried to move his own hips - well, that'd make her slam her hips down, thighs clamping on his, hands reaching down to grab his legs and just pin him to the bed. "Stop moving, Jaune! You're ruining it!" She sounded almost as if she really understood what she was doing, as her pussy quietly gripped and milked at his cock, and that just made him even harder inside her. "Just stay still," she told him, and he did what she asked, continuing to play with her tits.

She panted as she pounded herself on his cock, just enjoying herself, flush with arousal and a small amount of exertion, her pussy constantly leaking all over him as she rammed away. She obviously grew quickly closer to an orgasm, once more positioning herself at a very particular angle on his dick, her plump ass rubbing against him, smearing a little bit of his own cum against his belly, but he found he didn't care much. She grunted and ground in place, then let out a whine when no orgasm came.

A moment later, she spun around, knocking her way out of his grip before pushing him down onto his back. The sensation of her pussy corkscrewing around, enhanced by the strength of a Huntress, made him groan in response, his hips halfway thrusting up towards her. She pressed her hands against his shoulders, trying to pin him in place. "Stop moving so much! Just stay right there!" She told him, and then started to pound away on his cock all over again, just ramming herself frantically against him.

Of course, the view from Jaune's position was unimaginably gorgeous: Nora's bare, naked body, her tits bouncing freely, her eyes focused and eager and maybe even a tad frustrated at having failed to come earlier. Her pussy repeatedly took his whole cock to the base, then she'd peel back, twisting her hips, grinding them, rubbing her insides against his dick. Occasionally, she'd pant as she found some particular point, then just rub herself in place, her inner walls gripping his dick.

When Jaune reached up for her breasts, she reached down for his wrists, pinning them on either side of her. "Just stay still, Jaune, almost, almost there," she grunted, bouncing on his dick extra-hard, now, just grinding away, her pussy trying its best to milk his cock of all its cum - then she slammed herself atop him, ramming his whole cock all the way to the base and coming, moaning and thrashing deliciously, her tits bouncing all around in the air, an obscene and erotic sight that made his dick furiously pulse inside her.

It was an opportunity to turn the tables on Nora, so Jaune grabbed her wrists, making her squeak as he forcibly twisted her around, pushing her onto her back, and beginning to just furiously pound at her sex as he pinned her beneath him. It felt absolutely incredible, both the tight feeling of her slick sex trying to wring an orgasm out of his cock, and the sight of her like that, on her back, the sensation of domination as he began to rut inside her all over again. Her tits bounced with every thrust, while she panted, looking more dazed and horny than anything else.

He was a jackhammer atop her, just railing her pussy with relentless, overwhelming force, groaning as he leered down at her, soon leaning in to kiss and suck on her fat tits, his lips trailing across the bare flesh as she just gasped and panted in response to the thrusts. "Hi~igher," she whined, and he shifted his hips subtly, making it that little bit better for Nora, who promptly started breathing heavily from the thrusts, her cunt idly squeezing on his dick as she grew ever closer to an orgasm.

When she came again, he tried to pull out - but she stopped him, legs snapping around his hips and forcibly dragging him deep inside her. With her pussy wringing him out, he came as well, groaning into her breasts as he bottomed out inside her, his cock pumping back and forth as he squirted away in her waiting pussy. She eagerly took it, twisting around beneath him, both of them gasping for breath, trembling in erotic pleasure atop and beneath the other, and when he finished coming, he sagged atop her, simply planting his body against hers, mushing her tits into his chest in the process.

For a long few seconds, both of them just caught their breaths, panting against one another, a tangle of bodies. Then Nora twisted her hands around, grabbing Jaune's wrists and flipping him back onto his back, making him let out a soft "oof" as he landed on his back. "Now back to the fun part," she said, her eyes wild as she started to ride him with frantic and incessant energy, her pussy just pounding at his cock.

That was the pattern of their sex: she'd ram her pussy on his cock with frenetic energy until she finally got at least momentarily sexhausted, at which point, he'd flip her around, putting her on her back to rail away. He'd try to pull out before coming, but she'd never let him, always wrapping those powerful legs of hers around him as her pussy squeezed an orgasm out of him. Then, as he sagged and panted, she'd flip it around.

It took three full cycles of that for her to finally run out of energy, just lying there on her back, panting heavily, Jaune atop her, three thick, creamy loads of his cum splattered all over the inside of her desperately needy pussy. The pair of them actually passed out like that, Nora mumbling and trying to push Jaune onto his back to fuck him again, but finding herself too sexhausted to do so.

Luckily, it was Ruby who came back to the dorm first, not Pyrrha. Though, her response to seeing Jaune resting atop Nora was to push him off the bed, so perhaps it wasn't that lucky.