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What is Taken

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Isabella Parker is the perfectly imperfect girl with half parts sass and half parts innocence mixed with a perfect life. She has loving parents who adore her beyond anything, two younger siblings whom she loves beyond anything. She is in her graduation with 2 great friends, everything seems going perfect UNTIL ONE Day The day she gets kidnapped! One small favor to a classmate messes everything up? Or does it! Isabella has caught eye of an mysterious man, who wouldn't let her go BUT Something at the back of her mind tells her that she knows this man! will she be able to discover his true identity? The better question is will she be able to accept his reality? What if he is someone very close yet so beyond her? What will she do when she is caught up between going back to her perfect life OR staying? find out! **************** "LET ME GO" she shouted half scared as the man dragged and shoved her on a bed, she presumed. Obviously she presumed, she had a blindfold on from the moment she woke up. "The sooner you stop fighting the better for you" he replied in a calm voice. His voice did something to her. She held her tongue for a minute, not because she was going to stop fighting HELL NO! But because of what his voice reminded her of! His touch wasn't foreign neither his voice. WEIRD! "Didn't think that would work" he chuckled. "IT DIDN'T you fucking pig" she shouted struggling as he laughed. "Glad you are finding my misery funny" she growled. "No wonder Alex wanted to feed you off to his Piranhas" he laughed. Her entire body stilled at the thought. They wanted to kill her? but she couldn't hold her tongue now could she? "Then what am I still doing here?" She sassed. She could feel the tense in his posture even tho she couldn't see. It was getting hard to breath. She gasped when she felt his lips on her earlobe. He was so quiet. "Instead I decided you were mine to feed on!" He said in his sexy voice making her freeze.

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When you talk about new books that deserve to be acknowledge d then this book should be among. The writer's choice of words is fascinating and really nice,I can't wait to read more and I hope you don't stop writing.


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