892 Me Too

"My system or your rebirth… Shall we see who comes at the top?"

Anna was astounded. Her mind suddenly went blank, causing her to be unable to say anything.

Instead, there was an image that flashed in her mind.

"Can you tell me… why did you want to kill me?"

"My… name…"

Yes, the image was none other than the time they were about to die. At that time, Noel had completely lost all his energy and his eyes were already blank. He uttered the two words that kept haunting her.

It turned out the one who had wanted to kill her was Noel. But she had actually gone through a lot of ordeals where she could easily die but never actually failed to survive.

At first, she thought she was a genius who had gone through numerous challenges. But she had almost forgotten this memory after realizing that Noel had never wanted to kill her.

In that case, that memory itself was not valid. No, it was her question that wasn't valid.


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