9 Tiers and Ranks

Different Guilds are located all over the world just like any fantasy out of a novel.

But the well-known guild is the Adventurers Guild and Merchants Guild. These two guilds are too powerful in terms of brute strength and influence. And the relationship between the guilds is good.

Merchants Guild always issues requests to the Adventurers Guild to look for guards that can protect the envoy of their members. While the Adventurers Guild buys equipment and items from the Merchants Guild that are not available in the open market.

Players can join either guild if they reached the Level 5 minimum requirements. They also need to pay 5 Silver Coins upfront for registration. And they will be ranked depending on the results of their test. This test consists of actual combat against monsters and placing one's hand on the crystal to measure the Player's Magic Power or MP.

Obviously, the Healer and Mage Job were always ranked higher than the rest of the Job in terms of Magic Power. While the rest of the Jobs are ranked higher than the former. But the last results of the tests will determine their current rank.

The lowest rank is E Rank which is considered a Novice to S Rank which is called Advanced Expert.

E Rank – Novice (Can fight 20 Goblins at the same time)

D Rank – Advanced Beginner (Can fight 10 or more Ogres at the same time)

C Rank – Intermediate (Can fight Chieftain Monster and be victorious or 2 Demons at the same time)

B Rank – Advanced Intermediate (Can fight Noble Demon and be victorious)

A Rank – Expert (Can fight Demon General and be victorious)

S Rank – Advanced Expert (Can fight toe to toe with Demon King or Legendary Monster or Beast)

This ranking system overshadows the Tier System of Jobs.

If a Tier 0 Level 6 Swordsman applies in Adventurer Guild and barely meets the minimum requirements on the results of the test. The Player will be labeled as E Rank: Tier 0 Level 6 Swordsman.

One should understand some skilled Players can be labeled as C Rank: Tier 0 Level 6 Swordsman.

These show the difference between being a skilled, competent Player compared to an unskilled, lacking Player. It doesn't matter if you are a higher Tier or Level than another player, but if the other Player with the same Tier and Level as yours are more skilled and competent in combat than you, then they are clearly stronger.

So it is hard for the Player to be a member of the Adventurer's Guild. The minimum requirements are too much to achieve if one is not Level 20.

So in the very first launch of Kingdom a couple of years ago. And at the early stage of the game, many Players complain about the high difficulty of passing the test in Adventurer's Guild.

But the Developer Team ignore their complaints and advise all the players to be resilient.

After complaining for nothing, many players grind for equipment and kill monsters, and hunt quests. As the saying goes, if one is resilient, one can face and overcome any difficulty.

The Demons, Monsters, and Beast are ranked this way. Not in Tier. Although these Demons, Monsters, and Beasts have level displays on their information, they don't have a bottleneck or limit as all the Players do. Besides, these unlikely creatures can level up infinitely as long as they can kill Beasts or other Monsters or even Demons who obviously had a higher level of intelligence like NPCs and Players.

Because Tier is solely intended for Players only. This Tier represents the limit of each player. If the player reaches level 20, their EXP Bar will be frozen, and unable for them to earn Experience Points to Level up no matter how many high-level monsters, demons, and beasts they killed. That means they already reached the limit of Tier 0.

If they wanted to surpass the said limit, they needed to break through their bottleneck. And once they did, they can now be labeled as Tier 1 Players and continue their level grinding.

But breaking through one's bottleneck is hard. They needed to defeat a Rare Monster Boss of the same Level that was kept in the Town's Underground Prison for monsters and beasts.

Players must request clearance from the Town Chief or Mayor and pay 20 Silver Coins. The requirement for clearance is simple, they must be Level 20, not Level 19 even though they are just 0.1% away from being Level 20.

These Rare Beasts and Monsters are kept by the Authorities, nobody knows the reason behind it but the Players only find it logical since how can they breakthrough through their Tier if the Town and Cities or the Supreme System keep the Rare Beasts and Monsters for nothing?

Tier 0 – From Level 1 to Level 20

Tier 1 – From Level 21 to Level 40

Tier 2 – From Level 41 to Level 60

Tier 3 – From Level 61 to Level 70

Tier 4 – From Level 71 to Level 80

Tier 5 – From Level 81 to Level 90

This shows the difference between Tiers and Ranks.

A Tier 1 Lever 21 Player can be ranked in the Guild as E Rank if they only meet the minimum passing requirements of the test. While the other player with the same Tier and Level can be ranked to C Rank if they satisfied the needed requirements to be labeled as C Rank.

There are categories that rank Demons, Monsters, and Beasts. Numbers and Raw Strength or Level, or numbers! This can be seen in the damage they can deal with specific Adventurers and the damage they can deal to a Town or City.

Imagine a single Level 1 Goblin who didn't reach even the bare minimum to be labeled as Rank E. But it is a different story if there's a horde of Level 1 Goblins, numbering more than 20 not higher than 30. Now, imagine the force it can bring, it can achieve the average to above average to be labeled as F Rank.

And at the same time, if a single Goblin achieved Level 20 and higher, then it meets the standard to be labeled as E Rank.

Meanwhile, a single Level 1 Ogre barely meets the minimum requirements to be labeled as E Rank but it is a different story if there are more than 5 five Level 1 Ogre or a horde of Ogre. Then it easily meets the requirements to be labeled as D Rank. But as a single Level 20 Ogre, with its built and accumulated combat experiences, it can still inflict terror on a Town, and authorities will require some time of to deal with them. So it is only reasonable to be tagged as D Rank.

No matter if the low level of goblin-formed hordes or a low level of Ogre-formed hordes attack the Town or City, depending on their numbers and strength, the higher Rank they can be labeled or tagged.

This is how Adventurers Guild measures the strength of Monsters and Beasts in terms of level and numbers.

But from C Rank to S Rank, this is far different.

Because it involves Chieftain and other creatures with High Intelligence. One should understand to become a chieftain of a certain group of Monsters or Beasts, one should be at a high level with horrifying prowess accumulates through battle experiences.

Even a weak known as Goblin can improve to be a Chieftain, their body builds become more muscular, and height and intelligence increase rapidly. A Goblin Chieftain can speak the common tongue and converse with humans or other creatures with the same rank.

So a single Chieftain of any creature is considered to be C Rank, no argument. Even a low-level demon will have a hard time bringing down a Chieftain of Monster. This monster can cause havoc in Town as well. Killing several NPCs.

Imagine if several Chieftain joins forces and attack the Town or City. Dead NPCs will be littered all over the streets. Because it will require a lot of arduous work and time before the guards and authorities can stop the siege.

And for a higher rank, this is self-explanatory. A Noble Demon has high intelligence and holds a terrifying power that can destroy a single Town on a whim. And a Demon General which is the highest demon can achieve in demon ranks can turn a single city into ashes.

On the other hand, the Demon King can bring a single country into chaos and turn them upside down, alone.

Guards alone are not enough, a title, well-known Adventurers, and renowned warriors from different nations must join forces to stop them.

As for Legendary Beasts, no one was able to lay their eyes upon them but they are part of the main storyline and recorded in ancient documents and texts.

After reading this information, Gerard somehow grasps the situation of the world works and its mechanics. And for the reason of being able to read such confidential information that even the player has no access to at the stage of the game?

It is simple, the Supreme System notifies him and his Interface received it and all the information that was displayed. Gerard considers this as one of the perks of having a Supreme System his own Menu Interface.

A lot has changed in the original plan he remembers. The Tier and Ranks are supposedly the same, regardless of everything. 

Tier 0 is Rank E, Tier 1 is Rank D, and so on and so forth until Tier 5 is Rank S. And if the Player wants to become an adventurer, they will be ranked depending on their current tier.

So the Ranking System becomes hard to grasp but if one ponders deeply, then it will become clear as daylight.

And the Ranking System justifies how a player is skilled in combat. After all, even a single S Rank: Tier 5 Player can defeat tens of lower rank Tier 5 Player in combat.

So the majority of NPC and Players accept the fact that Adventurers Guild is a power not to be meddled with.

Although it seems players are inferior to Adventurer Guild, there are still some advantages a player to be proud of.

Even if they have limits regarding the level that can drastically slow them down to strengthen their attributes, they are still considered a Hero. An undying soul that can respawn in the eyes of the NPC.

Besides, they can still earn Mastery Points through rewards for completing the quest.

Other than that, just like NPCs, Players can still improve through combat experiences such as defeating monsters and demons. Increasing their prowess that can someday match NPCs in Adventurers Guild.

Meanwhile, Gerard wants to know more if the benefits of becoming an Adventurer changed as well, but the information ended in explaining the Ranking System for unlikely creatures.

He has no choice but to wait for the Supreme System to give him precious and confidential data.

This way, he solves one of his many problems. He cannot completely trust his previous knowledge about the game, but since this kind of perk was given to him, he will gladly accept it and be satisfied with it.

He had a hunch that every time his issued quests were successfully completed, then he will receive a piece of important information such as this.

Gerard places his index finger on his forehead and thinks of something.

Hmm. What does it call during the 20th Century? Gerard wracks his brain to remember more than one word.

Ah! That's it!

Newspaper! Daily Newspaper.

But in his situation, it will be called Issued News for every successfully Issued Quest. That's too long, let's just call it news.

And this good piece of news is included as part of the rewards he received.

This time, he expects an ample reward for his second quest because the System scammed him to pay for the monetary rewards!

Suddenly, a familiar scornful tone resounded in his brain.

[Warning. The host tries to curse me. If the Host try for a couple of times, electrocution punishment will be carried over]

Instantly, felt a shiver down his spine. He then excused his behavior and asked for forgiveness.

Gerard cannot help but laugh inwardly and softly mumbles to himself "Damn. Is this how human wants it? Be a lapdog of their invented system or AI?"

Then, another warning is sent.

[Second Warning to Host]

Gerard was flabbergasted. "Damn you! I am not intentionally---" then Gerard remembers that if he curses this time, the electrocution punishment will be carried over. He was about to apologize when suddenly a familiar sound resounded in his brain [Host will be electrocuted, please standby] and somehow he imagines the Supreme System making a smirk.

"Who wants to stand by and wait to be electrocuted?!" He madly rebuked the System.

[Due to the Host being impatient to be electrocuted, the level of electrocution will increase significantly]


But even before Gerard can rebuke again, his body shook wildly like having a seizure due to the intense pain of being electrocuted.

The nearby NPCs start gossiping around and look at him with pity in their eyes. They thought Gerard was really having a seizure, oblivious to them, he was being punished by the system.

After being electrocuted for five seconds, his body stops shaking but he is having a hard time catching his breath.

After a good couple of minutes, Gerard was able to collect himself and asked the Supreme System.

"W-why am I being punished?"

[This is to discipline the Host. To avoid the Host taking the path of being evil]

"Are you serious?"

[Confirming to the Host that the Supreme System is being serious]

Then every time I curse you I will be electrocuted?


And the level of electrocution?

[Depends on the severity of cursing]

Gerard was dumbstruck.

The pain he felt is almost unbearable and whether he likes it or not, he received damage. The previous full HP Bar of 100% is now down to 90%! If the player cannot kill him, then the System can!

Hearing his thoughts, the System replied [This is still within the safety parameter. The highest damage the Host can receive is 20% but the intensity of the pain of punishment can exceed higher and higher]

Gerard gulped too hard that he almost gulp even his tongue.

I should avoid provoking this System! Its view of the Reward and Punishment is simply horrifying.

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