1 Superior Machine

The year 2306.

The technology surpasses what the predecessors could think of. Whether it was medical science or science and technology, Earth was flourishing. The incurable disease in the 21st century can be cured with just a tick of a button in a machine.

Fearsome diseases like cancers in the 21st century are considered common colds compared to what was first discovered. Viruses can be treated instantly and the life expectancy of human increase a bit, from 86 years to 96 years. Imagine the age of the oldest person who can live. In the 21st century, the highest life expectancy only amounts to 86 but there are rare cases of people who had lived to reach 110 years old. How about now that the increase in life expectancy reaches a decade?

Before science blooms and life expectancy increased, the Earth didn't suffer the doomsday that everyone in the 21st-century thought of. In fact, this is because when humanity face the calamity that almost destroy the Earth, they decided to put aside their differences and did what they should have done countless years ago.

According to their extensive research, only through advancing the current technology, the Earth can carry on and people survive. As long as they can resolve the global warming problems.

Nations around the world raise a fund and capital to support scientists, engineers, and mathematicians in this life-changing endeavor to advance current technology. After a decade of struggle, failures, and instead of creating a powerful AI, they created a unique machine that is not harmful to humans or the environment.

It is called Superior Machine. The said machine can imitate what Nuclear Energy can produce but without its harmful waste which is harmful to humans for thousands of years.

First, it can produce clean energy. Unlike Nuclear Energy, although it has no emission during the process of generating energy, what sustains the Nuclear Power Plant is the source of the emission.

But the Superior Machine can create abundant energy from any natural source. Wind, Solar, and Water. Unlike Turbines and Solar panels that can only accumulate depending on the time they are exposed to solar and wave and wind energy.

But the Superior Machine far exceeded the amount of energy that the Turbines and Solar panels could collect.

Because of this, Nuclear Power Plant was disregarded and shut down.

Since then, Superior Machines were used by every nation in the world. When the problem of energy was solved, the emission of greenhouse gases is slowly disappearing from the atmosphere.

The use of fossil oil lessens incredibly. All vehicles were converted to electrical vehicles. Aircraft and ships were no exception. Only those workshops and businesses that need fossil oil were granted a right to use the said oil.

After solving one by one all the problems concerning the destruction of the world, the Earth was saved. The natural environment starts to flourish again, and the air we breathe becomes cleaner than ever.

The creation of the Superior Machine led to countless opportunities in technology. It creates a hundred million jobs which is enough to fill the gap in society.

But one that stands above all is the Virtual Reality Game.

Japan with the help of other countries in Asia was the first country to develop the current Virtual Reality Game. They achieve an outstanding 50% virtual reality synchronization rate!

After a couple of years because of additional funds from different countries, they exceed their first achievement and reach the 80% virtual reality synchronization rate!

If 50% already wrecks the mind of people around the world, what more than 80%?

Inside the virtual game, everything almost felt like in the real world. Everything that could be experienced in the real world could be experienced inside the virtual game. All senses can be used inside the virtual game though it is inferior compared to what we experience in the real world.

And so the launch of the second successful virtual reality game become a sensation and instantly sold out their stocks.

Japan and the countries behind the virtual reality game are not petty. Because they know being petty can result in inconvenience. That is true if money is involved. After they sold their stocks and the continuous growth of demand, Japan almost become the richest country in the world.

So as not to invite trouble, they publicly release a hundred copies of their blueprint, and many rich countries and businesses started to bid.

After weeks of bidding, they also release an inferior copy of the blueprint, and the countries that cannot compete with these rich countries sigh in relief.

After another couple of years, countless virtual reality games were launched and could be played all over the world.

But what stands out the most is the virtual reality game called Kingdom. It is based on a fantasy world adapting to the 20th-century situation but in a world filled with magic and different species. Although it adapted to the 20th century, the use of guns and missiles is excluded to let the player experience the old era.

After a year, the company that developed Kingdom which was located in Japan announced that they will launch the newest version of the game which reached a 90% synchronization rate.

The world once again shudders in joy. The Kingdom is almost like a duplicate copy of reality with only a bit of inferiority regarding senses!

Just after six months, the company sales reached a hundred billion dollars. Resulting in the government in each country becoming anxious.

Most virtual reality games become famous all over the world, and, naturally, in-game currency can be exchanged for real money. To avoid abusing the system, countries all over the world commence the assembly again in Geneva.

The appearance of the virtual game, Kingdom also solve their future problem.

Even government officials and leaders of each country start purchasing one for themselves. Not because they want to play virtual games for leisure. Of course, it is included but what made them decide to purchase one is to solve the future problem that they will face.

First, war. Although they are in the golden age and large war is not present anywhere, can the situation still be the same after a couple of decades?

They are at peace because humanity almost ceases to exist.

Rebels, militant groups, and governments sign a peace treaty. So the world is really at peace, although small encounters still happen. But it is negligible compared to larger wars in history.

If a problem arises and cannot be resolved in diplomatic talk of peace, instead of waging war which would result in countless lives being taken away, property destruction, and other consequences, they would wage war inside the virtual reality game to satisfy their burning desired to take down their enemy.

The terms and conditions must be followed. The one who lost the war must follow and give in to the conditions agreed upon. Of course, the condition must meet the scope of the criteria of the law.

Some opposed the law, but the countries who opposed can only be counted on two hands. Even the militant groups agreed.

So they start purchasing virtual cabins for themselves and start to evaluate and train their military personnel to play virtual games.

Since the government around the world are involved, the company in preparation for the future shut down the game for the time being.

With the additional funding and to satisfy the new law, they announced that the characters of the player will be deleted.

The company will reimburse them according to their character worth.

The company started developing the game again in accordance with the law. Since the law is passed during the Geneva Convention, the game Kingdom holds more significance than any other virtual game.

The company introduces two types of players.

First, a Normal Player consists of individual citizens that do not affiliate with or work in the government in the real world.

Second, a Government Player. They are individual citizens that work in their government in the real world.

Once a player registered, they must choose one of the two. Once chosen, it cannot be changed anymore.

So naturally, those who held a significant position in government office are required to choose the Government Player or GP and so do all military personnel. They are usually from, Executive Department, Legislative Department, and Judicial Department. The head of each department is required but the employees in middle and lower management are not such as secretaries, associates, and other managers who handle the administrative tasks.

Because once inside the game and once they establish their own country, they can hire Normal Players to fill out the vacant positions needed for the government system to run. But they are still considered Normal Players so if something arises like war in-real world, they will be excluded and be safe. But inside the game, they still need to do their job and work in the government offices.

The team responsible for the game's storyline changed some of the plots and expanded the story. The total years before the storyline end would take a decade. But with the intervention of the law, they started to expand the story and added more plots inside the game.

The developer team and other related teams change drastically the world of the game. To satisfy every government, they turned the world of a virtual game, Kingdom into the same as Earth. Whether it is terrain, slope, mountain ranges, rivers, and whatever the current situation of land on Earth is.

The actual diameter of Earth is 12, 742 kilometers, and the developer team triple its size. So the actual size of the world inside the game is 38, 226 kilometers. This was made to meet the future demands of players once the storyline of the game progressed.

To be fair and all, the Supreme System created a unique law on its own, of course with the help of the developer, and the unique law is still protected by the law passed in Geneva.

The Supreme System is a software developed that runs the Kingdom.

So not only the government can create their own country. Everyone has been given the right and chance to create and develop their own country.

But of course, they will start first in villages, then turn into a town, and develop the town into a city until the requirement was met to become a state. Once the nation's requirements were met, the state will become a country.

Each player is also not required to support their own country inside the game if they want to.

But everyone believes once the storyline progress, the player will start supporting their own country.

And it is normal for the delegations representative of each government to have more advantage to establish their country than the individual player before even the game is launched. Because the required manpower of government or military personnel will obey the delegation representative of their government.

Inside the game, if the Normal Player or groups of Normal Players built a nation for themselves, they can start waging war against any country.

Because of this news, the original players that played the Kingdom on its first release were satisfied. At least, everything will start fair and square.

But of course, the higher delegation representatives of the government that will play Kingdom will rally its military forces and start building its own nation or empire. So everybody expected that these people will be the first to establish a nation or kingdom.

Everyone who will play the Kingdom will start at level 1. Whether they are from a government, or even if the president of a powerful country plays the game, the character will  be level 1 and the equipment it will receive is the starting equipment.

The team responsible for the in-game currency exchange system started adjusting the number of dropped coins and dropped equipment of each monster depending on the monster's level and difficulty. The in-game currency's worth will also change depending on the stocks and other related factors that affect the real-world currency.

The in-game currency will be exchanged for all real-world currency, and vice versa, real-world currency will be exchanged for in-game currency. This is to avoid the unfair development of one's character once the exchange system is allowed. The exchange system will only be allowed once the storyline progress to a certain degree.

As for the exchange itself, all real currency will be accepted and exchanged according to its worth in the international market.

But since in the real world, US Dollar is officially the World's Reserve Currency, the team create a Kingdom's Reserve Currency as well called Eternal Coin. The Eternal Coin is not affected in the real-world international market. It cannot be exchanged for real-world currency or in-game currency.

Although the in-game currencies' worth depends on the real-world international market and applies to the real-world exchange system, the Supreme System has one unique rule. The Eternal Coin will only have worth if countries in the real-world start waging war.

Normal players cannot obtain the Eternal Coin even if they did the same quest done by Government Player. Even if a player or group of players establish a kingdom or nation inside the game, they can't still earn or obtain Eternal Coin.

Because the Supreme System already classified them as such, the rewards in the quest are already determined depending on the category of Players.

Eternal Coin can be gained by grinding a quest. There are five tiers of quests. Basic Quest, Hard Quest, Epic Quest, Legendary Quest, Heavenly Quest.

Each quest has its own difficulty and reward system.

But the absolute rule in every virtual game, the higher the tier of the quest, the higher the amount of Eternal Coin that can be earned.

So those Government Players that already establish their own nation or kingdom, they will grind surely for Eternal Coin. But grinding too much for Eternal Coin can negatively affect the strength of the Player.

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