11 Might of an NPC

Meanwhile, Gerard is already behind the group of four players.

"Ah, Young Adventurer sure full of energy. I envy you guys. Can you tell this poor man what's the secret behind your enthusiasm?" Gerard said his piece to get the attention of these four players.

Seeing the four players turn around, he starts praising himself for this little success of his.

The four players scrutinize Gerard from head to toe.

After a fraction of a second, the four players creepily grinned.

"Oh? Mr. Payne, it is simple. Give us 1 Silver Coin and you'll feel more energetic." Responded the Swordsman with a mohawk haircut followed by his group of bullies "Yes, that's right Mr. Payne!"

The player around starts laughing while shaking their head softly while the majority of players present become curious. Why an NPC wants to help the Healer?

Hearing their response, Gerard gives his best smile "Is that so? Well, here take this."

The bully's mouth took the shape of the letter O due to the unexpected response. They just want to toy the NPC but they didn't expect him to grant their selfish wish!

The players around were shocked as well. They start feeling envious of those bullies. Why not let's bully some players as well and let's see if NPC will try to help and take their coins? But their selfish fantasy is short-lived and stops to a sudden halt when they heard a loud scream of pain!

"Argh!!!" The mohawk shouted when he felt an intense pain run through his body when the Mace hit his delicate face!

If Gerard saw his thoughts, he might lose control and beat to death this Swordsman with a Mohawk haircut! Apologies for the Mohawk haircut but this ugly piece of a problem citizen is just tasteless! How a Swordsman could have a mohawk haircut? He can understand if this player's job is a thug but it's not! He is a shame in the world of Swordsman!

The remaining three bullies stand in a daze due to shock and didn't waste any second and take advantage of it.

He swings his right hand with the Mace once again on the torso of the closest player and swings his other hand at the player closest to the Healer.

The two groaned in pain.

Instantly, Gerard took the hand of the Healer and led her to the 2nd floor. After turning left as instructed by Mel earlier, he quickly move his eyes around to look for the room number!

Ah there! Gerard run towards the room still holding the hand of the shocked Healer.

He then put the key on the knob and turn it. When he heard the clicking sound, he quickly turn the door knob once again and open the door.

When the door opened, he saw from his peripheral view the four already catch up to him.

Their eyes are bloodshot and burning with fury.

The Mohawk guy's nose and mouth are oozing blood while cursing him repeatedly.

Unfortunately for them, before they even reach Gerard, the two are already inside the room. And Gerard locks the door.

He smirked and took a stance while gripping both of the Mace tightly.

His heart is pounding loudly due to the adrenaline rush.

He knows running in his room with a closed door will not protect them. Because how can a door withstand the four angry players?

"You piece of shit! I'll get you!"

Then they start banging on the door. The sound of banging on a door is so loud but it is still not enough to break it.

Gerard starts to mock them "Hey, you dumb! You have a weapon so why not use it? YOU GUYS ARE SO LAME and have a LOWER IQ COMPARED TO GOBLIN."

Then heard one of them shout in frustration at being mocked.

A sword being drawn from its scabbard resounded.

Hearing this, Gerard's smiles grew widely.

On the other hand, Angel is still confused, why did the NPC help him? Is this part of the game? She is aware of the characteristics and personalities of NPC, and although they can sympathize and empathize, they won't help players no matter what happens! Unless they did something that made the NPC become infuriated due to attacking them without reason or breaking their properties and---"

Angel almost made her soft lips shape in the letter O due to amazement.

So that's what this NPC wanted. Witty but reckless and most of all.

She likes it.

But her amazement is only short-lived when she saw the door was sliced into two and the Swordsman kicked them.

His eyes are bloodshot and so are his nose and mouth.

Angel, despite the current situation, cannot help but giggle seeing the face of the Swordsman!

Hearing this, Payne Blanc converse with her.

"Oi. Is it the best time to laugh? Although I know where you're coming from, if you can heal me, then heal me okay?"

Angel nodded and ready her staff. NPC can be healed by players.

Hearing the carefree conversation between the NPC and Angel made the four players angry.

"Ah fuck! You are so dead!"

"I will beat you to death!"

"I will write and pronounce my name backward if I failed to kill you!"

The Swordsman make a stance and was about to attack when suddenly, a terrifying pressure slowly moved closer toward them.

It seems the temperature drop and everyone present in the room shivers. Even the Swordsman halted his action.

Not long after, they heard a deep-voiced coming from the destroyed door "You punks dared to destroy my property? Are you all prepared to face the consequences?"

The Swordsman gulped and slowly turn around to face the Store Owner "Good Sir. P-please, spare me. It is because of that NPC we lose our patience and unintentionally destroyed some of your property." His voice is hoarsely filled with fear and nervousness.

As a response, Mel only arched his brows and enter the room.

The Swordsman and the rest of his friends cannot help but shiver as Mel keeps getting closer to them.

When Mel is only one foot away from the Swordsman, he grabs him in his hair and lifts him in the air.

The Swordsman shrieked due to the intense pain and struggle to break free. But his struggles only lead to nothing.

Gerard and everyone inside the room gasped!

What a huge difference in strength! NPC in this stage is too terrifying, Gerard inwardly thought.

The other bullies were left speechless seeing their friend being lifted easily, and the rest of them unconsciously attack Mel.

Gerard can only shake his head softly. They are not in the party and only the Swordsman is responsible for destroying the door. So technically, they are safe from getting punished by the store owner.

But it's too late, when they simultaneously attack the store owner, their fate is sealed.

After brandishing all their weapons, they start attacking the store owner. They quickly cast each of their own skill.

The Assassin is the first to cast the skill "Let's see if you can dodge this [Illusion of Dagger]"

The skill Illusion of Dagger once cast, will create one illusion but has an additional 20% chance to create another illusion. But the damage is reduced to 50% compared to the original damage.

The next to take action is the Mage and use [Fireball] skill. The said skill can burn the target for another five seconds, increasing the damage to the target.

It is the Guardian that cast the last spell. The sole purpose of Guardian is to tank the damage and provide space to his allies but it doesn't mean it is not capable of dealing damage to enemies.

The Guardian buried his Level 1 Basic Greatsword on the floor and activated his skill [Earth Splitter].

The ground of the room which is made of wood started to create a crack that traveled toward the store owner.

Upon seeing what the Guardian did, Mel's face darkened resulting in gripping tightly the hair of the Swordsman, and the latter squealing more in pain.

Mel raises his left hand and nonchalantly speaks the name of his skill [Ice Wall]. Suddenly a thick wall of ice appear out of nowhere and successfully blocked all the skills aimed at him.

Gerard quickly put the healer behind him to protect her from an impact.

Upon collision, it creates a small explosion that produces smoke.

When the smoke dissipate, the ice wall stood still without dent.

The three players were dumbfounded.

Even the Swordsman that was still in his gripped stop screaming.

Idiots. The only word that Gerard can mutter at the moment.

"M-monster! Run."

Sure those players are fast to react but become too blind because of anger.

But Mel is much faster than them.

Mel suddenly swings his right hand and throws the Swordsman toward the escaping players.

Upon collision, those four players penetrate the wall of the room and collided with the wall in the hallway!

Too strong!

Fortunately for those players, they still have 5% HP remaining left.

Not long after, the four players with bruises all over their bodies and blood oozing from orifices due to intense beating were thrown away in the open streets.

It attracted the attention of NPCs and Players

"Are they idiots? They know that NPCs are stronger compared to players in this stage of the game."

"Maybe, they were drunk and start destroying things?"

"Hey! I forgot, what's the usual level of NPC at this stage?"

"The level of Normal NPCs ranges from Level 5 to Level 10, while the weakest Guard is Level 10. So it is safe to say the skilled Guard or Veteran Guards are Level 25 to Level 30."

One player cannot help but whistle when he heard it.

"Crap. They are too OP compared to us!"

"Yeah, right. But it is necessary because who will protect the NPCs and this town if they are on the same level as us? Just killing two Level 1 Goblins simultaneously is too hard, what's more, if hordes of Goblins attack the Town?"

"That sure scary."

"So it means the NPC who beat these players almost to death will be penalized?"

"Wait let me check." After checking for a couple of seconds "Oh. No, as long as the Player started destroying things, the NPC is free to retaliate and they will not be penalized or imprisoned as long as the player is not beaten to death."

"Such scary NPCs!"

But what they didn't know is that the level of NPC who did this was Level 25!

Gerard cannot help but be curious, his brain starts to work and assume the possibility. So he asked the Healer he saved earlier.

Gerard turned around and scrutinize the Healer.

[Tier 0 Level 1 Healer: Angel]

She wore the basic clothing and weapon of a Healer. Since this is a game, Gerard expected every player to make their character a heaven-defying beauty.

But seeing her closely, he is somewhat mesmerized because of her beauty. Her small face can make every beautiful actress pale in comparison. Her fleecy eyes can make everyone forget anything for a moment.

Meanwhile, Angel felt the scrutinizing yet warm eyes of Payne Blanc, she cannot help but feel shy. She innocently tucks her hair behind her ears with a tinge of reddish color while her cheeks started blushing.

Seeing this, Gerard almost drops his jaw. How can you be so innocent and tempting at the same time?!

"Hello, Young Miss. May I know if you are hurt?" Gerard respectfully asked.

Angel shook his head "No, it is because of you I escaped from their grasp. Thank you very much!"

Hmm. She's too polite and Gerard can feel the sincerity in her words.

"That's good. Next time, be careful whom you talk to, okay?"

Angel nodded her head softly as she stare at him.

She cannot help but feel curiosity towards this NPC. He's kind of different from the rest of the NPCs.

Could it be?!

Angel suddenly gasped and softly mumbled "Could it be this NPC that can give a quest?" Her gaze suddenly intensifies.

Meanwhile, hearing Angel say about the quest, his brow arches and he almost smirks. Fortunately, he was able to stop smirking.

Earlier when reading a series of information and pondering about them, Gerard made a guess that he can issue quests as long as the player says something that can trigger him to issue a quest. And that something is the word [quest].

This is the perfect time to try it. Gerard cannot help but felt nervous. If this didn't work then he will be thrown into contemplation again. Or perhaps, the Superior System already determined which place and which player that can trigger a quest.

That would be bad! Very bad! After all, the chances of him meeting or encountering that player are slim!

So deep in his heart, he earnestly prays to the System that his guess is correct.

"Could it be this Miss Adventurer wants to do a quest?" Gerard respectfully responded which made Angel shocked once again. He's able to understand me?

If Gerard is able to read her mind, he would definitely laugh.

Of course, I do! I'm supposedly a player as well but I am stuck here in this Special NPC. But Gerard knows where she's coming from. Even NPCs completely understand the players, they would not butt in unless the player asks them a direct question. Like [Are you perhaps issuing a quest?]

NPCs won't waste their time correcting players if they heard them mumbles themselves.

On the other hand, Angel cannot believe that she might be able to do the quest! Everyone knows how hard it is to find a quest!

Angel swiftly nodded her head repeatedly "Yes, Sir Payne! If I can get a quest from you, it would be great!"

Suddenly, a familiar sound of System Menu Interface rang in Gerard's ears.

He almost shouted due to joy when his guess is proved to be correct!

Gerard took a deep breath and open the Menu Interface.

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