6 Issuing Quest

[Actual Synchronization Rate reached 95%. The host can now use the Supreme System Menu Interface. By using the Supreme System Menu Interface, the Host can now issue different quests depending on the Host's desired quest provided the Host meets the condition laid upon]

And at that moment, the Menu Interface he was trying to open ever since logging in to the game appeared in front of him.

Gerard was flabbergasted after hearing a series of information from the familiar gentle voice of the Supreme System!

Is my luck really heaven-defying?!

But he was confused, what's the difference between the Actual Synchronization Rate and to Synchronization Rate? This is the first time heard of it. Even so in this type of situation, he has no time to ponder on his confusion and set aside it quickly.

Gerard wants to cry and shout due to happiness that keeps increasing every second that passed while staring at the Menu Interface.

One by one, the name of the NPCs nearby start appearing above their head. He squints his eyes and reads every name he can read.

[NPC: Lena (Housewife)]

Level 2 NPC

[NPC: Joseph (Vegetable Stall owner)]

Level 7 NPC

[NPC: Lily (Bakery Shop owner)]

Level 8

He then shifted his gaze to the Swordsman and above his head display his basic information [Normal Player: ???]

Gerard's brows furrowed deeply and inwardly say "Is that his name? What a tasteless player."

Meanwhile, the Swordsman is perturbed seeing the NPC's eyes widen in shock after saying his piece earlier "Uhm, Good Sir, is everything okay?" If his guess is correct, this NPC is acting this way to avoid him and be thrown out to Jail.

Upon logging in to the game, the Supreme System reminded every player that NPC has such high intelligence and can carry out anything just like a normal human. Meaning, even without a synthetic soul, NPC can converse with everyone present like a human, feel to sympathize, and empathize. Can feel fear and has their own reasoning.

So if this NPC acts like a fool, can he issue a complaint to the guard for scamming him? Crazy people scattered in the streets are usually ignored by the cops due to their situation unless they committed a crime that cannot be ignored amidst their situations.

On the other hand, Gerard quickly study the Menu Interface, usually, the Menu Interface should be written in the upper center of the interface but what was written is different than what he expected.

Instead of two written words, there are four written words on it! Supreme System Menu Interface.

Wait! Wait! Wait! So it means the normal interface the player had is inferior to his interface?! Considering the name of the interface, then the answer is yes.

Suddenly, relief washed over his body, removing all the negative thoughts he had earlier. A refresher smile beamed on his face which didn't escape the eyes of the Swordsman. Seeing this, the latter smiled in relief as well.

"Good Sir Payne Blanc. Is there a quest I can carry out?" The Swordsman asked him with full of hope in his tone.

At that moment, Gerard saw the interface show him ten blank tabs. He then thought about the description of the tabs and it appears after a fraction of a second, overshadowing the ten blank tabs.


[This limited tab is intended for the quest of the Host can issue. Upon reaching the limit, the Host cannot issue any more quests unless the Host meets the requirements to level up the Supreme System Interface.]

[Current Level of Supreme System Menu Interface: 1]

[Additional tabs upon reaching the next level are 10 tabs]

[Requirements to level up the Tab are yet to be unlocked after issuing five quests within five days.]

[Condition to issue quest:]

[The Host cannot intentionally issue a quest. A Player must be the first to interact with the Host. And the Host cannot issue consecutive quests to the same Player in a single day]

Seeing all the series information, Gerard was quickly able to weigh the pros and cons of having the Supreme System as his Menu Interface. Although he cannot issue for now his desired quest if he wanted to, once his name becomes known in the whole town, players will surely flock to him and will try anything to trigger a quest.

So it means, I can take advantage of those players? Gerard felt no one can stop him from living a leisurely life anymore but before his lips form in a smirk, the Supreme System Menu Interface show him another piece of information.


[The Host must not at all cost take advantage of the Player. If the Supreme System found out, the system will carry out punishment to the Host and remove the Supreme System Menu Interface from the Host]

What?! Tsk. His wish suddenly crumbles. Although rewards to issue a quest are yet to be unlocked, it will surely consist of money since his character cannot level up as displayed in the Supreme System Interface in the upper left corner.

But even so, it seems natural since the Supreme System is built to carry out justice and be fair to everyone. If the Company didn't change most of the general rules, then the worst the Supreme System can grant to a Player is to totally banish them from the game and never return. No matter how many times they buy a Virtual Cabin and register another account. That is why Players must be careful in everything. Because just like life, once it is forfeited, a person cannot be returned to life once again.

After a good one minute, the Swordsman becomes anxious again. He repeatedly saw the keeps changing expression of the NPC. But before he can call his attention again, to his surprise the NPC gives him a warm smile "Young Adventurer, it seems you found me. Then let me give you a quest."

Gerard tries to issue a quest and just as he had thought, a series of information appear again in the Menu Interface.

[The host is initiating to issue a quest. Wait for a moment]

[The host can now issue a quest worth a Silver Coin. Since the Supreme System Interface is at level 1, the host is given a choice of what quest should be issued but after the Host meets the requirements and levels up the Interface to a certain degree, the Supreme System will give a free rein for the Host to issue a quest the Host desired most]


[Please choose what quest should be issued]

-Have the Player kill two level 1 Goblins in the nearby forest and bring back the Mace.

-Have the Player look for a nearby Inn for the host to stay in the night.

After seeing the choices, Gerard was thrown into contemplation again. So this is like an RPG with different choices that can affect his development.

The most logical quest to issue is to have the player kill two Rank E: Level 1 Goblin and receive the rewards. After all, he cannot rent a room in the Inn due to lack of money.

Gerard then faces the Swordsman "Young Adventurer, please kill two Level 1 Goblins and retrieve their maces for me."

Suddenly another piece of information was displayed again to Gerard.

[Rewards to the player upon completion of the quest are 1 Silver Coin and 50 copper Coins and 1 ring with the regenerative ability (+0.5 HP regenerative ability every two seconds)]

[Rewards to the Host upon completion of the quest are 2 Eternal Coins and 2 Silver Coins plus the Maces of the dead Goblins. And 10% Superior System Experience]


[The quest must be completed within an hour. If not, the issued quest will be deemed void and the Host cannot issue the same quest to the same player]

[Please wait a moment to issue the quest to the Player's Interface]


[Quest has been successfully issued to Player's Interface. Please wait for the Player to complete the quest]

After this series of information, the Supreme System Interface disappears which is to be expected.

Gerard then looks to the Swordsman and encourages him more "Young Adventurer, do be careful. I will await your successful return!"

The Swordsman magnanimously tap his chest with his fist "Good Sir Payne, I will carry out your quest and return immediately!"

After saying his piece, the Swordsman turns around and runs towards the forest outside the town. The Swordsman is full of energy upon successfully receiving a quest.

But the problem is the quest itself. A Level 1 Goblin is hard to deal with. Although they are slow, their damage is not negligible.

A Tier 0 Level 1 Swordsman has Health Points(HP) of 120, 100 Mana Points(MP), and 100 Stamina Points(SP) with the following attributes of

15 Attack Damage

2 Defense

3 Agility

2 Strength

1 Intelligence

0 Mastery Points

While the HP of Level 1 Goblin is 50 HP with attributes of 10 Attack Damage, 1 Defense, 1 Agility, 1 Strength, and 0.2 Intelligence.

Mastery Points can be gained through leveling up and if get lucky, they can be included in the rewards upon completion of the quest. Mastery Points can be used to enhance the attributes permanently. Increasing the firepower and stability of the Player.

As everybody knows, Attributes can increase depending on the equipment and through leveling.

HP, MP, and SP automatically regen, but the regeneration is too slow.

If one has low HP, one can consume Health Potions or have his or her friends cast a healing skill on him or her.

On the other hand, the Player must consume Mana Potion because there are no skills available in the game to return one's Player's MP to a full bar.

While the SP, just like MP needs a Stamina Potion to return to a full bar.

But SP is different because if a Player uses the Free Skill [Sprint], the SP will continuously be dried down until it reached zero which resulted in a Player getting a negative buff [Tired] and being immovable for good 5 seconds. In this situation, A player cannot drink SP Potion and cannot attack but can defend.

Even so, this situation is dire so the Player was given a warning not to causally run and depleted their SP, because if they do. No one can tell what awaits them if the monster or Player Killer is nearby.

Using [Sprint], a Player's movement speed will increase by 20% until SP is exhausted.

So the Swordsman grips the hilt of his swords hanging on his waist. Killing a Level 1 Goblin already is hard enough and what more than two of them? But remembering the quest rewards, he cannot help but grin in anticipation.

He only spent 1 Silver but he can gain 1 Silver and 50 coppers plus 1 ring with regenerative ability! He already earned 50 Copper Coins in the monetary reward alone!

Everyone knows how precious the in-game currency is in the beginning. Coins are scarce and hard to earn. Even though it can be earned, one should still spend it wisely and meticulously to develop their character and increase their attributes and repair their equipment.

So triggering a quest at the beginning of the game is enough to make everyone envy him. After all, triggering a quest is hard to come by.

Meanwhile, the Swordsman is full of thoughts of being lucky. Gerard is currently waiting in the same spot.

Even if he wishes to move around to trigger a quest for the Player around, the condition in the quest he just issued forbid him from doing so. The time to complete the quest is just one hour. He knows how hard to kill a Level 1 Goblin at the beginning of the game so the Swordsman will take the amount of time before he can kill two Goblins! And if he is not here in the same spot when the Swordsman returns, he will not only earn the disgust of the swordsman for not being to receive the rewards but his wrath on himself as well for not receiving the rewards intended for him.

While waiting, Gerard tried to ponder again about the monetary system of the game and its value.

There are 4 coins available inside the game. Copper, followed by a higher value which is Silver and Gold. And the last coin available is Eternal Coin which is only valuable for Government Players who wage war with other Government Players.

Eternal Coin can be gained through quest grinding and is only available for Government Players. Normal Players cannot gain Eternal Coin no matter what they do. This is to avoid abusing the system exchange and make the value of the in-game currency and real-world currency inflate.

Although it can be exchanged it will automatically convert to Copper, Silver, or Gold.

100 Copper Coins are equal to 1 Silver Coin. And a hundred Silver Coins are equal to 1 Gold Coin.

Gold Coin has the highest monetary value. And once the exchange system takes effect, no one can imagine how much is the value of a Gold Coin in real-world currency. That is why countless tycoons and real-world leaders didn't waste thinking and just put their money to fund the Company that create the most famous virtual reality game, Kingdom.

So if the value of each coin inflates so the products and services inside the game will increase as well.

That is why Gerard thinks of how he can establish a stall. If he can establish a stall and poach Players to buy on his stall, his future in the time being is guaranteed.

The problem is, should he hire a Player with a subclass of a Chef or an NPC? Getting raw materials and ingredients is not a problem since he can issue requests in Adventurer's Guild anytime with appropriate rewards.

Gerard sighed and decided to think of a contingency plan once the Swordsman completed the quest.

He then opens the Supreme System Interface Menu. Gerard tries to open every available tab to study the information available to him.

There are currently five tabs available to him and another ten tabs that are currently locked.

The five tabs consist of Character Information, Quest Issued Log, Inventory, Achievements, and Friend List.

He then clicks the Character Information first which is composed of

2 Luck

1 Charisma

0 Curse

Gerard's brows furrowed deeply.

He can understand Luck and Charisma. With luck as everyone knows is how a Player can encounter rare quests, rare items, or rare encounter rare NPCs, and abundant rewards. The higher the luck, the higher of chances of heaven-defying encounters. Gerard thinks he can increase his Luck through items that can be earned through the rewards of issuing a quest.

As for Charisma, well it's how a Player or NPC views you. The higher the Charisma, the higher the views of you of Players and NPCs. Charisma can also bear bountiful fruit by poaching Players and NPCs that will not be deemed as being taken advantage of by the Supreme System but it will be hard to accomplish. Gerard's thought he can earn points for Charisma depending on how famous he is.

And lastly, for the Curse.

Gerard ponders deeply. But after a good couple of minutes of pondering he cannot think of something related to this one.

Gerard becomes anxious. He involuntarily ticks the tab for Curse hoping information will be displayed. To his surprise, no, he was just too dumb not to think of it in the first place.

The Supreme System Menu Interface displays a series of information for him.

[Curse Description]

[Curse can be gained through violating laws and regulations in Town, City and Countries. It is also possible the other powerful NPC, Demons, and high Intelligence Monsters can curse the Host. The curse can affect the Host's Luck and Charisma. If 2 Curse was gained, Luck and Charisma will decrease by 2 points. The curse can be lifted by seeking help from Church and Hiring a Priest or higher Church Officials depending on the severity of the Curse.]

So that's how it is.

Quickly, Gerard clicks the Luck and Charisma for information.

[Luck Description]

[Luck can be earned through items the Host can receive in rewards by issuing a quest. Luck can play a vital role in many aspects. If the Host meets certain requirements and Level up the Supreme System Interface Menu to a considerable degree, the higher rewards the Host can receive]

[Charisma Description]

[Charisma can be achieved by doing Community Service or contributing an effort to the beautification of the Community. The host can go to Town Hall to receive a quest from the Town Chief. Charisma can affect the Host's status. The higher the Charisma, the higher the view of the NPC of you. If a certain requirement is achieved, then the Host can be affiliated with governing the Town. And as long as the Host accumulates Charisma as the game progress, a higher possibility the Host will be promoted to work in Cities]

Gerard was perplexed, he didn't expect the Charisma to be different from what he had thought! And what's more, the benefits of this Charisma far exceeded the benefits he imagined! If he can increase his Charisma, he can easily be part of the NPC government! Even if he starts working on an entry position, the benefits far exceeded the stall business he just thought of!

One is, some of the restrictions in moving about in the Town will be lifted for him.

Players and NPCs know it is hard to enter the Town Hall. There's a specific and limited time every day the Town Hall is open for them. So usually, Town Hall will be packed with Players to get a quest from the affiliated officer in Town Hall while the NPCs will report to Town Hall like paying taxes, registering the birth of their children, requesting certificates, and other important things that humans do in the real world.

So one can imagine, how early would these people will line up just to finish their task and get a quest!

But for him, once he started working in the Town Hall, all these restrictions will be lifted. He can go about without any guard stopping him. Plus the NPCs will start admiring him.

NPC admiration can lead to benefits if it meets the minimum conditions or requirements. NPC stall and store owners and business owners will start giving discounts to Players and NPCs. Everybody knows discount is too precious for everyone so any Players and even NPCs will try everything to receive a discount. Because coins are hard to earn in this world.

After reading several pieces of information, he then scrolls down until the last tab caught his yes.

[Host Killer Status: Currently Clear]

[If the Host kills an innocent Player or NPC, a punishment will be handed to the Host once caught by authorities]

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