13 Forming a Party

After lining up for good 20 minutes, Aliyah and Lex successfully entered the West Town and headed to the Central Plaza hoping that the Player who posted in the Forum is yet to form a party.

Aliyah is the Swordswoman who saw the post in the Forum earlier and told his friend Lex, the Guardian about it.

But to their dismay, the Central Plaza is in traffic and swarmed by Players. Even the NPCs are throwing disdainful gazes at players flocking in the plaza and cannot finish the task they had in mind when they went to Central Plaza. They now lose interest and just went ahead to their respective homes leaving only players in the Central Plaza.

Aliyah and Lex are no exception. Looking through things, they lose interest. There is no way they will have a chance to partake in the quest and join the party.

"I guess we should try our luck in finding a quest instead of pushing ourselves to partake in the quest offered in the Forum." She said and turn around.

"You are right, there is no way we can catch the attention of the Healer. A lot of players are trying hard to partake. How about we head out and try to kill some goblins?" Lex responded and followed Aliyah.

Although they regrated not having a chance to obtain from a quest, they do not want to waste time here.

The pair already exited from the Central Plaza and head out to the forest again. But before they turn left to exit the district of Central Plaza, Aliyah turns around one last time to glance again at the swarm of players, but her eyes squint when she saw a lone player looking in their direction.

Instead of looking away, the player directly gazes into Aliyah's eyes. The two for the time being exchanged gazes.

Aliyah halted and scrutinize the lone player.

She was mesmerized by her beauty, even for a girl like her she cannot help but lose for a second. Seeing her like this, Lex tapped Aliyah's shoulder to get her attention but instead of getting her attention, the latter proceeded toward the lone girl.

He never thought her friend Aliyah has a thing for the same gender. Lex cannot help but smile. He and Aliyah are friends since childhood and this is the first time he saw her get mesmerized by the same gender, and what more. His friend has the guts to approach the somewhat shy lone player.

Instead of following her, Lex let her friend take her moment alone with a beautiful player.

Oblivious to him, Aliyah's expression is the opposite of the expression he was thinking.

Aliyah's eyes are still scrutinizing the beautiful player. She halted her tracks when her distance is only 1 meter away.

"Why are you observing us?" Aliyah's soft yet authoritative tone reached the ears of a beautiful player.

Instantly, the latter becomes nervous and raises both of her hands while shaking her head.

"Uhm. You are not entirely incorrect but this is not what are you thinking."

Aliyah's brow arches "Oh, really? What's the reason then?"

Aliyah, ready herself. Although it is forbidden to fight inside the town because they will be apprehended by guards and get imprisoned depending on the damage that was dealt in the surrounding, it didn't stop her to be extra cautious and planning of striking back.

Seeing her action, the beautiful player becomes stiff "P-please, believe me. If, you do not mind, can you follow me to a secluded area? I do not want to catch the attention of these players…"

Seeing Aliyah not lowering her guard, she still persuades her. "I am Angel, A Healer Class Job…" Then Angel moves closer to Aliyah's face and whispers in her delicate ear "It is I who posted in the Forum about a quest." Angel whispers in her ear, a whisper that does not seem to produce sounds. If not for Aliyah's keen hearing, she will fail to understand her.

Suddenly, Aliyah was surprised. She didn't realize it is the player who posted about the quest! She only thought that this player is the kind of player that scammed people using her beauty.

There are lots of different kinds of players, there are those scamming people using one's beauty to lure them and then ganking up by their companions. She approached the girl because she want to stop her from doing things but it never crosses her mind that this beautiful player in front of her is the same player who posted about the quest!

Aliyah quickly pulls Angel's hand and takes her away while nervously looking around, hoping no one was able to hear Angel.

Meanwhile, Lex almost choked when she saw the beautiful player reach closer to Aliyah's face. From his perspective, the beautiful player kisses Aliyah's left cheek! Never did he imagine that the girl has more guts than Aliyah! In a broad daylight, she kisses another girl!

And when he saw Aliyah pulling the hand of a beautiful girl and heading toward a secluded place, he tapped his chest multiple times because he felt that he really choked!

In the end, he laughs inwardly and gives his blessing to his friend.

This game reached a 90% synchronization rate, and senses are only a bit inferior to actual senses in the real world. So it is no wonder there are people who are doing some 'peculiar business'.

But he never thought Aliyah is one of them. Well, she was mesmerized by the beauty and even him, he would do it too! Unfortunately, the beauty is eyeing Aliyah not him.

All he can do is whistle and wait for Aliyah on the sideline.

After 5 minutes, Aliyah and the beautiful walk side by side towards him.

Lex has a smirk on its face which made Aliyah's brow arch in imaginable height.

Seeing Lex smirk that way, Aliyah instantly gets the hunch as to why.

"Remove your dirty thoughts from your brain because whatever it is, it didn't happen," Aliyah told Lex in a very threatening tone.

Angel was taken a little due to the sudden change of atmosphere. She's rather confused, Aliyah is calmed after she told her everything but suddenly turns into a blooded cold person again when she faces her friend.

Lex knowing Aliyah the most quickly remove the thoughts from his mind and nodded his head. Aliyah then pats his head like a pet and smiles.

"Follow me, we will head to the forest."

Lex feeling irritated by Aliyah treating him like a pet followed her. Behind him is the beautiful player. He was about to ask her when Aliyah stop him "Question later, let's head out first."

Lex just sighed and followed her.

He knows Aliyah, and when she acts like this, something serious happened and the thought he had earlier suddenly vanished.

Aliyah went ahead and was followed by Lex and Angel.

Not long after, they were found standing just outside the forest.

"I think there's no player around here." Aliyah told them and she shifted her gaze to Angel "You can now discuss the quest, Ms. Angel."

Lex was stunned.

So that's how it is! That's what happened! Talking about luck!

"Uhm. You can call me Angel, don't be too formal. Earlier when I posted about the quest in the Forums, many players swarmed into the Central Plaza. I didn't specifically tell them my name, only my character's job. I encountered some scum people a while back so this time I want to scrutinize those who want to join. But as time passed by, I felt they are not trustworthy. And that's when I saw you too and unintentionally overhead you guys talking."

"Hmm. It is okay, but since we are already here, means you trust us right?" Lex asked Angel to make sure.

Angel in response, softly nodded her head several times.

Aliyah then asked Angel to send an invite "Then, Angel, if you don't mind. You can send us a party invitation."

But Angel didn't quickly send them an invitation instead she started talking about the quest.

"Hm… But let me discuss first about the quest."

Angel starts discussing the rewards and conditions needed to complete the quest.

"How long have you been searching to form a party?"

"About an hour now."

Aliyah ponders a bit and urges Angel to send them the party invitation which the latter heeds.

After checking everything is good, they headed inside the forest.

While walking, Lex cannot help but ask Angel again about the reward item.

"Reward item? If we are able to complete the mission within the time that was given to us, aside from monetary rewards, we will receive three different rings compatible with our characters. Ring for a Healer, Swordsman, and Guardian."

Knowing where he's coming from, she shares the quest details with both of them.

Aliyah gasped when she read the effect of the ring for Swordsman.

-Ring with 1 HP regenerative ability every two seconds.

She was surprised and glad at the same time. When she checks, the ring can be leveled up to level 3.

Meanwhile, Lex shares the same sentiments. The Ring for Guardian is just too good to be true. Although it is only level 1, in the current stage of the game, a 20% chance to block damage can already send an uproar to players of the Kingdom.

Seeing the effects of the item, the party becomes more willing to complete the quest as soon as possible.

They headed on deep into the forest where Level 2 Goblins can be found.

After walking around, they found a campsite built by Goblins. More than ten tents are built and have a flimsy fence around them. There are a few Goblins patrolling the area as well.

Aliyah stops their track and hides in a tree not far away from the campsite to strategize.

"Judging by how few they are, it means their main force is on the hunt for food. This might be our chance to kill at least 5 Level 2 Goblins."

Lex interjected, "But we are not sure if that is true, why not set a perimeter around the area to make sure no other presence is around when we start to ambush the campsite?"

Aliyah nodded in agreement "That's a good plan. Let's start. Angel make sure you follow us closely behind us okay? Don't make sudden movements or noise to attract their attention. If anything worse, we will retreat okay?"

Angel nodded in response.

"Good, let's go."

Meanwhile, inside the Midnight Inn on the ground floor. Gerard is sulking while trying his best to persuade Mel, the owner of Midnight Inn.

Earlier, after Angel took off, he was called by Mel on the ground floor and demanded payment due to property damage.

He almost takes out the Mace from his inventory and hit Mel in the face.

"Why am I responsible for property damage? As you can see, the door is sliced in a clean cut. Meaning only swords can do that. And I do not carry one."

Mel snorted "Don't you think I didn't know that? But you are the one who made them do it. You provoked them. Besides, they are not here anymore so it is only natural that the responsibility falls on you."

"Then why you didn't charge them earlier?" Although irritated, he cannot let his emotion get over him. Mel is a scary folk so he must try his best to talk this out.

Mel smiles "I forgot and I cannot stand seeing their faces. I might kill them if I delay myself from throwing them out of my Inn."

Gerard almost choked hearing his reason.

"You forgot?" His face darkened.


Gerard practice the most common way to calm oneself.

He took a deep breath, in and out repeatedly. If only he is stronger than him, he might take him head-on. But that is only his wishful thinking, after all, he is just a mere level 1 Special NPC.

In the end, the only thing he can do is plead. Just like any player, he lacks coins!

"Sir Mel, is there any way we can work something out? Like something, or anything? If you want, I can wash the dishes as payment. Just please, let me off on this one. I do not have much on me and I don't have a job to rely on so please."

Gerard tried his best to sound in pain and pour all his heart into his acting. Mel once again snorted, but he didn't stop begging the Inn's owner.

In the end, he won! Mel gets irritated and his daughter also persuades him.

When Mel agreed to wash the dishes for three days as repayment, he inwardly grinned.

Hmph. Do you think my acting skill is below average? Huh! You are wrong, I didn't enter an acting workshop for nothing.

Kidding aside, Gerard quickly give his thanks and shifted his gaze from Mel to his daughter.

Are all NPCs a beauty? All players are considered beautiful because their appearance is modified by players. Who doesn't want to look good? None!

But this NPC in front of him is beautiful as well.

He quickly read the information of the NPC above her head.

[NPC: Dina (Teacher)]

[Level 18]

Gerard almost frowned seeing her level.

How on earth these NPC are too powerful? Are they secret spies? Planted by authorities in the Town as civilians?

Nonetheless, Gerard give his appreciation to Dina and she replied with a full smile "It is okay, what have you done earlier is commendable. A lot of heroes are only watching but a normal citizen like you tried to stand up for her."

He knows she didn't want to hurt his feeling but dang, it still hurts. His ego was punched in the face when he was called normal compared to a hero.

That is not wrong, after all, he is just a Special NPC but it still hurts.

Gerard wryly smiles.

"Anyway, you can start washing the dishes now. I hope you don't mind?"

Gerard shook his head "No I don't. Thank you!"

"Don't mention it, anyway my name is Dina."

"Mine's Payne. Again, thank you so much."

Dina only smiles in response and turns around to continue cooking in the kitchen.

Gerard follows her and starts washing the dishes when he saw the pile of are in place beside the sink.

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