15 Expert Blacksmith Kurosawa

Is this fate? He cannot help but inwardly mumble.

But he instantly rejected the idea.

Fate? This is a game. This game is flowing according to Supreme System's will.

Setting everything aside, Kurosawa is secretly known as an Expert in the world of Blacksmith trade and is hiding in the eyes of the public using the disguised name Romer.

Kurosawa is one of the relatives of the current Emperor of the Edo Kingdom. He produced extraordinary weapons and shields.

His invention is one of the reasons why the Edo Kingdom was able to secure its sovereignty from the invasion of the neighboring kingdom and the constant monster siege. Because of that, he holds the title of Expert Blacksmith in the Edo Kingdom, only he alone was able to reach that realm.

Blacksmith like other Jobs has a Tier Title as well. From Apprentice Blacksmith, Advance Blacksmith, Master Blacksmith, and Expert Blacksmith, to Divine Blacksmith.

There are lots of Master Blacksmiths scattered around the world, but there are only a few Expert Blacksmiths. And the highest Tier of Blacksmith is only written in an ancient book.

Not only he achieved such a feat as Expert Blacksmith. He is also known as one of the overlords of the Edo Kingdom.

According to the lore, he singlehandedly defended turn away the hordes of Ogre that were trying to lay waste on the Amethyst City during his prime.

Amethyst City is a well-protected city, high-level NPCs are stationed there to stop any invasion. If the West Town's lowest level guard is Level 20, the lowest level guard in Amethyst City is Level 50.

During the siege, the current emperor of the Edo Kingdom visited the Amethyst City and Kurosawa is still active on duty.

So when he saw a horde of Ogres, he went ahead outside of the city walls and order everyone to stand down.

"Your Majesty, it seems my skill is getting rusty these past few months. These hordes are a good practice."

And so he went and singlehandedly stop the siege. It is recorded more than a hundred Ogre died.

But for an unknown reason, after ten years of service, he was stripped of his duty and banished from the Edi Kingdom by Royal Decree.

Since then, he travel the whole of Japan and after five years of traveling, he came back with a different name and appearance.

The proof is he has a long scar from his left temple down to his chin. His left eye is not spared and becomes blind, making him wear an eye patch.

And when the game progress, another monster siege commences and this time the monster target is West Town. The Monster is strong enough to let Kurosawa come out of hiding.

After his heroic deed, the news reached the Emperor, and instead of granting him amnesty, he was chased. After that, no one heard about Kurosawa. Then there was this lucky player who uncovered Kurosawa's hiding spot and obtained a dozen Epic Weapons and Equipment!

This discovery led to the first guild war in the history of the Kingdom.

In the previous launch of this game, Guild start to emerge when the majority of the players reached Level 10.

Since he reached the one-third phase of development, he knows the exact same thing and even will happen again. That is why he is not in a hurry to leave the West Town for Edo City because Kurosawa will protect the West Town from Monster Siege.

And if that happens, he will go ahead and take the Epic Weapon and Equipment for himself and sell it to Merchant Guild! Or rather, in an Auction!

When the very first Player reached Level 10, the Exchange System will take effect. When the Exchange System took effect, many other things will become accessible, one of them being the Auction System.

Players can partake in this system. They can either buy or auction their weapon or equipment.

This system is not only limited to players, NPCs can partake as well.

If Gerard can successfully claim the Epic Weapons and Equipment, then coins will start purring to his wallet! And he cannot wait for that day to come! Gerard felt euphoria!

And those are not the only reason why he was happy, because if he can befriend Kurosawa, then he can learn the way of Blacksmith!

Blacksmith is not easy as it seems. Even players who choose Blacksmith as their subclass, the majority of them failed to reach Master Blacksmith. That is why as the game progress, the blacksmith will be one of the most important subclasses. Not only they can create weapons, but they can also repair weapons and armor as well. And repairing those can enhance the attribute of such weapons. The higher Tier of Blacksmith a player is, the higher the prices there are.

So the prices for the repair not only depend on the value of the weapon or armor but on the Tier of the Blacksmith as well.

When the first player reaches the Tier Advance Blacksmith, that player becomes rich overnight!

Although it is hard for an NPC who does not have a subclass, if he can learn the way of a blacksmith, then his future is already set! Imagine all the fortune he can obtain from repairing the weapon of players.

His happy train of thought was cut off when he heard the deep and stern voice of Kurosawa.

"Boy, mind where you are going."

"I am sorry, I didn't intentionally bump into you."

Gerard responded as he wry smiled while scratching his nape.

He glanced at the information about Kurosawa above his head.

[Elite NPC: Kurosawa]

Level: ???

Title: ???

Title: ???

As expected, even the System cannot peer through even the basic information of Kurosawa.

"Then can you move away? You're blocking my way."

Gerard realized they are on a narrow pavement. He then tries his luck and asked Kurosawa "My apologies. Can I ask you a question, Sir?"

Kurosawa's left brow arched but reply nonetheless "Hmm. Sure."

Gerard took a deep breath "Do you happen to know where can I find a Blacksmith's shop? I just arrived in this Town and want still trying my way to figure things out." He made a wry smile and scratch his nape.

Suddenly, the temperature around them drops and the harmonious atmosphere grew tense.

"What do you mean?" Kurosawa responds in a cold tone with a piercing gaze.

Gerard cannot help but gulp. Goosebumps are all over his body. It seems there is a great force weighing down on his shoulder.

He tries his best to stay calm and control his trembling knees while beaming with a smile, fighting the great pressure trying to bring him down to the ground.

On the other hand, Kurosawa's brows arched higher. Oh? What an interesting person. He's trying to fight off the pressure.

He knows in one simple tap on his shoulder, this man will fall to the ground.

Kurosawa knows as well this man knew something about him. To think to asked me about the blacksmith. Is he courting death? He could kill this man easily and quickly if he wanted to, but he cannot find any fault in this man no matter how concentrated he put through his probing. Besides, this is the first time he saw this man and there's a high possibility he saying the truth.

Kurosawa was thrown into contemplation as he weighs the pros and cons. Actually, he can refer to some blacksmith's shop but if this man is actually planning to harm him, then he just missed the chance to kill the threat here and now.

In the end, Kurosawa decided to keep this man around just to make sure.

Without wasting any more time, Kurosawa responded "Yes and it is your lucky day. I am a Blacksmith."

Gerard was stunned. He didn't expect Kurosawa to be honest and reveal his job. But he quickly set aside his shock and give his response to Kurosawa.

"To think I am able to meet a blacksmith today. It is really my lucky day!"

Kurosawa smiles. This guy is good at acting.

"Anyway, why are you looking for a Blacksmith."

Hearing this, Gerard becomes tense. If he successfully coaxes Kurosawa, his future is set to be good! But if don't, it only spells his misfortune.

Gerard starts to act and gives a saddened expression he can express "I- I admire the Blacksmith's work. My stepdad once was a Blacksmith and I watch him every day and try to learn things from him, but even before I grasp the basics, a misfortune befall him, and was attacked by a monster while away from home."

His tone conveyed a sorrowful tone and his face expressed the saddest expression he can plaster on his face, hoping it can move Kurosawa.

On the other hand, Kurosawa almost choked because he felt the sincerity in his voice and the sad expression on his face is very genuine. He starts questioning himself, thinking a day will come when his intuition might be wrong.

His guts and intuition are honed by his countless battle experiences. But Kurosawa cannot be blamed, because if Gerard plays this act in front of acting directors, he will definitely pass!

Kurosawa coughed to hide his slight embarrassment for doubting him earlier.

"May I know your name?"

Gerard quickly responded, "My name is Payne Blanc."

Kurosawa ponders for a moment and racks his brain to find if he can find a connection with his previous enemies who tried to assassinate him. But nothing comes to his mind.

"Mine's Romer. Nice to meet you. Let's go, follow me and while we're at it, tell me what you know about Blacksmith Job." Kurosawa told Gerard and turn around to lead him to his house.

Gerard nodded his head and hasten his tracks and started telling Kurosawa what he know about Blacksmith Job.

Luckily, Gerard knows the basic information about Blacksmith so when he told Kurosawa what he knew, the latter was convinced Gerard is not an assassin to kill him. From that point onward, Kurosawa considerably lowered his guard around Gerard.

When he heard what this Gerard know about Blacksmith, he was somewhat shocked. He was told he only know the most basic but all the information he knew is enough for him to be a Blacksmith! The only thing left is to put it into practice! If he is able to pull off his knowledge to application, then he would become a certified Apprentice Blacksmith.

After talking their way through his house, they arrived at a large two-story house made of stone.

"I forgot to tell you, I didn't open up shop because for personal reasons but I still keep honing my skill as Blacksmith to the fullest. Come, let me show you my workshop inside my house."

Gerard expected this, if he keep showing his skill as a Blacksmith, even just a little fraction of his skill, multiple threats will be on their way to him.

Kurosawa opens the door of his house and lets Gerard inside.

"Be at home."

Gerard's gaze wanders around the living room. The living room is lit up, and presentable enough to make anyone feel relaxed. Other than that, nothing is worth mentioning.

He was then called by Kurosawa who followed him. Kurosawa took a left turn after passing a bathroom and stop on a big cabinet.

Gerard watches Kurosawa twist one of the knobs of one of the many drawers in the cabinet. Upon twisting the knob, the cabinet shook a little and pave a way for them to walk through.

Hmm. A hidden door huh?

Kurosawa then turns around and faces Gerard.

"You are the only one who knows about this and my job as a Blacksmith. So don't break my trust, because if you do. You'll never know what killed you."

Gerard gulped and become nervous when he heard the threat.

In response, he raised both of his hands while shaking his head repeatedly.

"Sir Romer! Please don't think that way. You didn't know what I go through just to have someone teach me the way of Blacksmith but all of my efforts have been for naught. I am more than fortunate to bump into you. I am in your care!"

Gerard told Kurosawa and bow his head as a sign of sincerity.

Kurosawa smiles upon hearing his answer. He taps Gerard's shoulder "Come, follow me. Just don't do anything stupid, I'll promise I will help you become a certified Apprentice Blacksmith and help you hone your skills!"

Once again, Gerard said his gratitude "Thank you so much!!"

"Stop patronizing me, follow me. I'll show you first how to make a weapon."

Gerard was about to follow him, but suddenly, his eyes grew wide and his pupil dilated in shock!

A familiar sound echoes in his ears.

[System Notification]

[The Host received a quest]

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