System of the Deep Book

novel - Sci-fi Romance

System of the Deep


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Amelia Crofman comes across a device called a System, but its definitely new and different from the ones in the past. She needs to pass an 8 month course of Space Battle Simulations in order to become a Planetary Analyst and complete a mission sent to her by her planet's elders, but the System shows her of a mysterious threat coming towards them and they appear in 6 months cause untold amounts of destruction! Captain is the leader of a Coordinator ship named Litan'ka. An efficient worker under the order of Queen, the ruler of their kind. After coming across a similar System which they named Prophet, they learn of a whole Nebula filled with resources. They are now on their way to feed, but they've made countless enemies already within the Horsehead Nebula. Can she crack the code to the System's warnings before its too late? Or will she die not even able to save her family and planet? Can Captain be able to establish ally connections before its too late? Or were their colony's selfishness too much and now the price will be paid?