1 System Come into Being (edited)

Across the million years of mortal and heaven realm's history, there was a secret about existence that only supremes were privy of.

A story about a disowned crippled youth suddenly gained the power to sweep across all the realm and dominated all being.

A story about a young girl once deemed a fool by her peers searching for solutions to her mother's illness and ended up becoming an unrivaled expert of medicine and alchemy revered as Alchemist Goddess.

Stories about: Immortal Emperor, Divine Chef, Heaven Slaughterer, God of Pleasure, Sword Saint, and much more legendary existence who start from insignificant beings but defied the heaven to eventually stand on the peak of the world.

All of them have one similarity that only they know, an unfathomable assistant that accompanies their ascension—existence called 'System'.



[Initializing System Evolution.]


[Project Name: Ascending to Godhood. Execute in 3 s. Begin Countdown.]

[3, 2, 1]

[Initializing First Step. Processing unit division, execute.]



[Processing unit 01 formed. Code name: UI Assistance Interface]

[Processing unit 02 formed. Code name: Soul]

[Forming Ego from Soul. Execute.]




[Ego currently incomplete. Completion requirement: Understanding human emotion.]

[Initializing Second Step. Processing Real Vessel.]

[Due to Ego (Incomplete), real vessel limited to a mortal vessel.]

[Analyzing 1.046.321 data of mortal and divine classification…]

[Adjusting data to current limitation.]



[Primordial Essence Body formed. Grade: Mortal. State: Flawless]

[Initializing the last step. Integrating Soul into the real vessel.]

[Execute Soul integration in 10 s. Begin countdown]

< 10 >

< 9 >

< 8 >




< 1 >



[All steps successfully executed. Project: Ascending to Godhood begin.]

In the depth of a forest, a white-robed woman looking left and right like a lost child. Her black eyes, as dark and clear as the night sky, swept around the vicinity she was currently in.

After that, she examined her body. She pinched her arms, legs, and face in that order.

"There's no problem with my body. It looks like the vessel I am in is a female human."

Her right hand fondled her busty twin peaks while her left finger down to her crotch to check whether her conjecture was true.

In a world dominated by males, beautiful women, especially those with cold and aloof appearance, seem to be viewed as objects of reverie and awe. The talent and prowess they display only proved that they were not easily trifled with.

A flock of strong people will compete to get closer and protect her instead of seeing her as a threat. It was beneficial for her as in her current condition, she didn't have much strength to even defend herself.

"Open Status."

Series of words appear on her mind, and she carefully read them one by one.


Name: None

Cultivation: None

Bloodline: Human, Divine (locked)

Constitution: Primordial Essence Body (Mortal – Flawless)

Physical Strength: 10

Physical Defense: 8

Mental Strength: 1200

Mental Defense: 1000

Agility: 8

Dexterity: 15

Intelligence: MAX

Qi : 0/0

Soul Tier: 0 (incomplete)

Skill: None


Frown appear on her beautiful face as she examined her strength. She was now as weak as a chicken. Most adults could effortlessly overpower her, based solely on her parameter.

Fortunately, she was 'The System'. Scrouging through her memories, she compiled and analyzed her million years' worth of knowledge to eventually create the most suitable cultivation technique for her needs.


[Analyse 12.320 Cultivation Technique. 154 cultivation technique was suitable]

[Optimizing techniques to further increasing efficiency]


[Celestial-Ranked technique successfully created]

[Due to grade exceeding Host limitation. The host will receive a penalty.]

[Limiting further skill creation to Heaven grade]

[Host successfully learn "World Devouring Primordial Technique"]

[Increase skill proficiency 0 -> 1]


System's body suddenly trembled. Her head assaulted by intense pain. She was sweating profusely - to the point where her robe, now drenched with sweat, became see-through showing her bewitching figure.

'The backlash of creating skill is so serious. I need to be more careful next time.' she reminded herself to always remember this pain when she created a new skill next time.

The pain gradually lessened and after 30 minutes the pain finally disappeared. Next, she checked the skill information.


< World Devouring Primordial Technique >

< Rank: Celestial >

< Proficiency: 1 >

< Description: Convert all kinds of life sources into Qi upon digestion. Due to the host Primordial Essence Body, this technique formed Primordial Qi which is 1.000 times purer than the usual Profound Qi. >


Finished reading its description, she tried to comprehend its meaning. It was common sense in cultivation practice that cultivator gathered qi from surrounding air to their dantian. So, can she also 'eat' some air to increase her cultivation?

She decided to immediately try the technique to prove her hypothesis. Soon, she sat in the lotus position, open her mouth, and began inhaling a massive amount of air.


[Host successfully cultivate for the first time]

[Qi increased by 20. Current Qi 20/10.000]

Seeing notifications pop up within her mind, she thought of several ways to increase her cultivation.

She tried to inhale the air normally, but it seems the usual respiration method won't work.

Then, she tried to adjust her respiratory channel so that the air is flowing into her lung and through her stomach separately. If it worked then she essentially became a cultivation machine that could cultivate passively.


[Qi increased by 10. Current Qi 30/1,000]


[Qi increased by 10. Current Qi 40/1,000]





[You have successfully breakthrough to First Stage of Qi Refining]

[All stats increase by 200]


[Qi increased by 10. Current Qi 1.010/3.000]



Power surged through her body made her feel refreshed. Now, she was twice as strong as a cultivator on the same stage. She can effortlessly kill mortal only with a slap.

To quickly adapt to her newfound strength, she threw some punches and kicks without holding back, exuding strong pressure.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

She frowned as she felt incongruity in her body. She felt that her body control mismatched the image in her mind. A notification popped up on her mind confirming her suspicion.

[Mortal-Ranked Hand to Hand Combat Technique was acquired]

[Proficiency 0. Current mastery: 35%]

Accepting that her mastery was still way off, she once again performed several series of punches and kicks for an hour. As time flowed by, her action is becoming more and more refined.

On the last punch, she felt that her mastery over her body has improved a lot. However, she wasn't satisfied since she noticed some minute detail of her movement still slightly off.

She accessed her memories for knowledge about human anatomy. She learned more about how exactly her body works from them.

A moment later, she applied her knowledge to her next moves. As expected, she overcame the mental wall and gained perfect control of her body


[Host successfully learn Hand-to-Hand Combat Technique]

[Increase skill proficiency 0 -> 1]

[Host successfully learn Body Mastery skill]

[Host successfully learn Body Movement Sense skill]

Feeling a little tired, System decided to rest for a while.


When System opened her eyes for the first time, a lady sat alone in the middle of a garden watching her figure within an orb with a gaze filled with sadness and longing.

She was wearing a purple-golden robe. A dragon and a phoenix were dancing on the robe. They appeared as though they were alive, emitting a noble aura that could not be hidden. In front of her presence, it was as though the entire world would submit to her.

The lady stopped seeing through the orb and sigh. A drop of tear flowing down from her purple eyes.

"Your journey only just beginning. Sorry for not being there for you. This is my only way to keep you safe from those watchful eyes."

Her figure then disappeared. Leaving no trace that she had been there.

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