System is Scary Book

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System is Scary


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After reincarnated to another world, Vale never chose to activated the system, even if that will help him. He thinks system are too mysterious and powerful that it might control his body. But unfortunately for him, he is weak and had no talent on magic, although he is training so hard, it is not enough to make him survive in the world where people can easily destroy the city. Until one day he forced by the situation to activate the system. The game finally begins. [Special Quest] [Kill your lovely teacher, Ms. Rosaline.] [Deadline: 24 hours] [Reward: Magic talent level B] [Punishment: Permanent blind.] .... [Ms. Rosaline has changed her name; Special Quest is canceled.] .... "So, it's a game between you and me, system. I am going to use you to make me stronger, while you will use me to achieve your goals."


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