System: Daily login!!, jackpot on the first day!!!

Taufik D'Archy was just an ordinary Boy who lived an Ordinary Life in an Ordinary environment. His Ordinary Life Changed when A Daily Login system Appeared in his life. [The World Is Not Simple As The Master Thinking] [Many Danger Lurking In The Darkness] [Many Hidden Wolrd For Master To Explore] [And Many Mystery Masters Have To Uncover] With The power he got from System Can our MC Overcome His Trial?, let's follow his journey, as he Overcome the Trial one by one... #SlowPace #Don'tHaveMuchAction #FastRomance

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chapter 5 - Weapon Mastery

Unlike any other day, this morning Taufik woke up early, no, it's like he didn't sleep at all, which is strange to explain it's like he is asleep but didn't sleep at the same time when he lay down and closed his eyes, his hearing sense became sharper, he could hear the sounds around him more clearly, so in a few hours his eyes kept closed but his ears kept hearing the sound around him.

But strangely enough, he didn't feel tired or sleepy at all, maybe because he had become a vampire, he didn't have to sleep at all, and somehow he didn't feel hungry too, since school yesterday, he had only eaten Fried chicken that his mother brought home, but he didn't feel hungry at all.

He began to worry about his current condition 'In the vampire movies they are always portrayed as a blood-hungry monster, would I become one too?' just the thought about it gave him goosebumps all over his body.

"System, am I going to be the bloodthirsty monster like in those films?" Taufik asked, fearing that when he got hungry, he would blindly attack those around him.

[Master you don't have to worry, master doesn't have to drink blood, a vampire who has blood dependence is only at a blood slave level. they are the lowest-level vampire species, and they must continue to consume blood to survive, while the master is a progenitor vampire, so the master can eat human food as usual to relieve the hunger, The master's heart still has the function of producing the blood like before, unlike the low-level vampire, when they Reincarnate to become a vampire they basically death, they have to keep drinking blood to survive, for master drinking blood it's just like a very delicious drink so drinking blood for master it's unnecessary, ] the system explains, long.

"Huft, thank goodness "he felt relieved by the system's explanation 'imagining, if I unknowingly attacked my mother out of hunger, I would never be able to forgive myself '.

He finally came out of his room and went into the kitchen, he found his mother still preparing breakfast, and seeing this he just sat at the dining table deciding to wait for her to finish.

Hearing the sound of the chair shifting, his mother turned and surprised, looked at her son who had woken up. he looked at the clock on the wall thinking that she was late to prepare breakfast, but looking at the clock still 5:47 AM, he said "Huh fik, you usually don't wake up at this hour, what happened?"

"Nothing, I just woke up early, and maybe it will continue like this" he replied, knowing now with his vampire powers he never seemed to be fully asleep.

Hearing her son's response, she was a bit pleased "That's good news, I won't have to yell every morning to wake you again, Wait breakfast will be ready in a minute" she said and went back to preparing breakfast.

Seeing his mother who didn't want to continue any further conversation he called the system 'System, LOGIN!!'.


Just Like yesterday, the same box as yesterday reappeared in front of him, emitting all kinds of colors, but not like yesterday's today he got orange.

[congratulations to the master for obtaining RARE-LEVEL ITEM 'weapon mastery-{skill}']

[Weapon mastery-passive skill.

Weapon mastery Skills allow the user to master the art of fighting with a particular type of cold weapon and raise the attack power and speed of any weapon is worn]

[your speed in learning the basics Increasing by 100%]

[ learning any skill related to cold weapons is Increasing by 50%]

'cool!!' it was every man's dream to use a weapon like a sword, a katana, or a spear.

So he was pretty happy with the reward he got today.

Satisfied with his gift, Taufik closed the system interface 'With the gifts I gained these two days, I might become invincible, with this skill I might be able to learn sword skills like in those light novels I've read before' he thought, Taufik has read a lot of manga and light novels, So he knows some of the sword techniques the fictional character use and there are some that explain clearly how they practice, so if he can replicate how they practice maybe he can master the technique.

'like that issen sword style (The way of the flash) from IM THE EVIL LORD Novel I've recently read, I've always felt that technique was cool and powerful, with weapon mastery skills and magical aid maybe I could master it too' he thought.

While he was making plans to practice.

his mother had Finished preparing breakfast "Breakfast is ready, hurry up and eat and get ready for school, I have an important client coming to visit the boutique today, so I have to go early today" said her mother, sitting down and eating with her son.

"Yeah yeah, ohh Mom, are you coming home as usual hour today?" He asked.

"Hmm, maybe I'll be back home a little late today, why do you ask? Did you want to bring someone home, hehe if that is the case then, maybe I have to stay at my friend's home tonight? " replied his mother, teasing her son again.

He paid no attention to his mother's teasing, he was used to her teasing about him not having a girlfriend even though he was in high school already.

It's not like he doesn't want to have a girlfriend he just hasn't found a suitable one yet.

Even though he was quite handsome and a lot of girls had asked him out he had never once fallen in love with them, so he rejected them all It's not like he's playing hard to get, he just thinks what's the point of dating if you don't like each other is just waste of time.

'Just you wait, if I find someone I love I'll give you a lot of grandchildren and hand them over to you to take care of, just wait, hehe at least she won't be home early today so I can use that time to practice mastering my powers' he thought, quickly finishing his breakfast and go to have a shower then go to school.....

from the six infinity stones, I just want one... the power stone (:v)

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