System Breaker of the Shinobi World

Author: JSK_Wilson
Anime & Comics
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What is System Breaker of the Shinobi World

Read ‘System Breaker of the Shinobi World’ Online for Free, written by the author JSK_Wilson, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering REINCARNATION Fanfiction, SYSTEM Fan Fiction, MAGIC Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Waking up in a black void with 99 other people was not how she expected to find out she had died in her sleep. A being r...


Waking up in a black void with 99 other people was not how she expected to find out she had died in her sleep. A being referring to itself as the Great System announces to the crowd that they have been called to this space after suffering from a premature death to be reborn into the world of Naruto, one after the other, for the sake of the being's entertainment. Each "contestant" is given a choice of two limited wishes and their very own personalised system to give them an edge in this chaotic world. Many immediately began calculating the most efficient wishes and systems to give them the greatest edge against both the world and each other. But she thought differently. "Why would you need outside help when this world already provides plenty of ways to get stronger?" She asked herself. And so she made her wishes, and the system she requested next was no Goldfinger, Harem Builder or Skill Shop. She requested a system that would drag the others down to the same playing field as her. She requested... a System Breaker. ________________________________________________________________ What to expect: A Main Character who makes mistakes, especially during her childhood years. No harem. Objects, Powers and Creatures from other series but no multiverse travel. Romance is only a 'maybe' for now. Updates are... uh... whenever, at this point.

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Table of Contents
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Volume 1 :Systemic Childhood
Volume 2 :Out of Sight
Volume 3 :The Third Shinobi War
Volume 4 :The Third Shinobi War, Part 2
Volume 5 :This is not a volume


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Obligatory self-review. Feel free to be honest in your own reviews! I need to get better at writing and I'll happily take constructive advice.


The novel explores a new concept that I'm really liking so far... I just hope the power scale doesn't increase too much. I also like that it explored the consequences of wishes in general, I mean I imagine reincarnators making exaggerated wishes and dying because of them.


Reveal spoiler


This is a great story, and I'm always looking forward to a new update. The premise of it is exciting, and I can't wait to see where it goes.


I like the novel and wish there were 5 chapters a day, but it is what it is. Does anyone know any other fics with multiple reincarnators like this?/?????


It is one of the best naruto fanfics I have read.it has an unique start compared to others. i definitely recommend it. I just hope the release schedule was better. Hope this helps. Dattebayo


very good, well written and an original idea I'm impressed. keep the good work author. I like very much that the author does something beyond the usual tropes and give the mc a brain


I love the premise of the story and how interesting the different ways this story can go. Especially with how many reincarnates that have yet to be reborn. I hope this story makes it to the end.


Fascinating world, adeptly portrayed on the page by a capable and creative author. I picked this up tentatively, hoping for something fresh but expecting a mishmash of concepts poorly thought out and terribly written - you know, like most AU fanfics on here. Instead, I found a story that feels more like a system apocalypse tale set in a wonderfully realized Naruto world. And I mean that in the best way: interesting player growth paths; fun system interactions; clever social manipulation; survival focus; competition and anxiety; several scary, powerful beings players can’t even consider competing with yet. Etc etc. Well worth your time. Mask cover image makes sense, author, but also looks like a generic filler image. Add some color to it and put something fresh up to stick in our minds’ eyes!


I'm not a great reviewer but I know a good story when I see one. This is a case of an "OP" main character; 38 chapters in of course. The fighting scenes are not bad at all, usually I get very bored of reading fighting scenes like in other fanfics as they drag them out a lot when we already know the ending to most of them. Story is also unique considering there are 99 reincarnators, the changes to canon are also very welcomed as we already know we don't really want to read "another naruto", we want a naruto world with different developments. For world background we've already had mentions of most of them, and it seems nearly all of them will be important in the future due to the reincarnators. And of course, we have a lunatic reincarnator, gotta hit that 1/99 chance you know! [img=update]


Story just started, might be too soon for a full review. Unique start for a NARUTO fanfic, a well written, detailed backstory for the MC thats still ongoing, and good grammar. Keep up the good work.


very good! i love it!(very good! very good! very good! very good! very good! very good! )


This book is actually very well written and I absolutely love the concept of multiple reincarnators!! Keep up the good work, but don’t stress yourself out okay?


Reveal spoiler


I like your story it's very interesting to listen to


love the book looking forward to when you get your inspiration back so I can read more of your amazing work.


This is one of the most unique isekai system fanfics I've read, you don't see a massive amount of characters from our world reincarnated in the same world often.


This is great. I hope you continue this. It is one of the best fanfics I have read. Now I am just writing stuff so that I can Post. Wow, Jus


the best [img=merekomendasikan][img=merekomendasikan][img=merekomendasikan][img=merekomendasikan][img=merekomendasikan][img=merekomendasikan]


Good job this has been one of my favorite reads


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