System Break

What happens when you have nothing to lose, so you agree to become a subject in a sketchy experiment. What happens when this experiment ends up being a game and you're an alpha tester. What if the game wasn't in a computer but (spoiler free) What if the Alpha testers are helping create the system the game is based on. I was a brash kid and after getting a war wound I became a bitter bastard. I was given a second chance at life because of something called a high qi-count. I could die, but it's all good cos my current situation sucks. I am Benzhi and this is my story. PS I had nfi what I was in for. . . https://linktr.ee/Skully5812 the above linktr.ee has links to all my other novels, amazon page, discord, youtube and instagram. . . No shameless author review. I want the readers to have their say. . Something about the Author. Under my pen name Skully I have been writing online web serials since 2017. . I fell in love with a couple of stories, TKA and Savage Divinity and thought I'd give it a try in mid 2017. My first story was Hardcore Qi Worlds which was published on Gravity Tales and Royal Road. One of only 2 or 3 originals on Gravity Tales. . I felt like I made a lot of mistakes and there was a distinct lack of modern sci-fi so I started Daedalus in 2018. I published it on here under Skully_ and on Royal Road. It's now on Amazon as 4 books and the 5th will come out this year. . This year I'm writing a lot more than last year. I have Spiritmaster which will go on to Kindle Vella and Amazon. And System Break is designed for webnovel. I plan to write 1,000 chapters for System Break before its completed and the major arcs are planned. At the 6 month mark I plan to have 380+ chapters.

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What's 7 feet tall with Antlers?

It was the end of summer and the afternoon sun threw a shadow over the stands and onto the field where Gisael and Sakaala talked with the adjudicator.

The Duke of Dawnharbour peered down at the Red team led who were making their way to their starting position. "Why are the forestfolk delaying?"

He received no answer from his aide, and he looked to Alejo. "Bluecloak do you know what the delay is?"

"No sire, I can only guess."

"Guess then," the Chancellor said. His tone was disrespectful, and the young Duke glanced at him before taking a sip of his wine.

"We can wait a moment," the duke said. "Alejo if they delay further can you jump down and get things moving for us please?"

"Yes my duke, I await your command."

The Chancellor bristled. "It's probably the bird. Something about it is unnatural."

The bird flapped its wings and a ton of dust blew through the adjudicators and into the stands as it took to the air.