System's POV

"What you do in life, Echoes in Eternity." The System, who goes by the code name, Thirteen, defied the System God in order to give his previous Hosts’ the chance to change their Fates. Unfortunately, he was killed by his Father, the System God, and was sent to the world of Pangea to struggle like the Cannon Fodders that he fought so hard to protect. Armed with his knowledge as a System, Thirteen vowed to change not only his Fate, but the Fate of others whose destinies were tied up with him. In a world torn by power and corruption, a fallen System will bring out a symphony of change, or lead it to its destruction. ---------------- Chapter release schedule: 2 Chapters everyday.

Elyon · Fantasy
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397 Chs

The True Horror Of The Rigel Continent [Part 4]

Wendell's eyes turn bloodshot as he unleashed a giant water spear to pierce through the falling Bird Man's body.

However, the Rank 8 Sovereign didn't plan to die so easily.

After throwing its own spear to block the Water Spear's strike, it used the resulting momentum to propel itself toward the Port so that it would be able to land safely on it.

"Noooo!" Wendell's scream spread on the battlefield. The Port was the last place where he wanted his enemy to go.

He could already envision that everyone on it would be annihilated. Even he couldn't defeat the monster, let alone the ones who were left in the Port.

The Bird Man landed, skidding several meters as its clawed feet gripped the metallic ground, sending sparks flying as his speed decreased.

It was injured, but the injury was not bad enough to prevent it from fighting.

When it came to a complete stop, it immediately turned around to kill the first human within its reach.