System's POV

"What you do in life, Echoes in Eternity." The System, who goes by the code name, Thirteen, defied the System God in order to give his previous Hosts’ the chance to change their Fates. Unfortunately, he was killed by his Father, the System God, and was sent to the world of Pangea to struggle like the Cannon Fodders that he fought so hard to protect. Armed with his knowledge as a System, Thirteen vowed to change not only his Fate, but the Fate of others whose destinies were tied up with him. In a world torn by power and corruption, a fallen System will bring out a symphony of change, or lead it to its destruction. ---------------- Chapter release schedule: 2 Chapters everyday.

Elyon · Fantasy
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Returning To The Order Of The Apocalypse [Part 2]

The Bird Man was resentfully glaring at the one responsible for his suffering when Metatron appeared in front of Thirteen and Camazotz with a smile on his face.

"Congratulations, Thirteen," Metatron stated. "You have just unlocked the Fourth Level of the Treasury. Is that the reason why you've come here?"

"It's one of the reasons, yes," Thirteen nodded. "I have a deal with Camazotz, and I need you to bear witness to it."

"Very well." Metatron made a gesture for the two to start their deal.

The Guardian of the Order of the Apocalypse listened to the details of the agreement and placed his mark on the armor.

The mark made it so that the armor would automatically return to Camazotz regardless of where it was once the agreement had reached its due date.