System's POV

"What you do in life, Echoes in Eternity." The System, who goes by the code name, Thirteen, defied the System God in order to give his previous Hosts’ the chance to change their Fates. Unfortunately, he was killed by his Father, the System God, and was sent to the world of Pangea to struggle like the Cannon Fodders that he fought so hard to protect. Armed with his knowledge as a System, Thirteen vowed to change not only his Fate, but the Fate of others whose destinies were tied up with him. In a world torn by power and corruption, a fallen System will bring out a symphony of change, or lead it to its destruction. ---------------- Chapter release schedule: 2 Chapters everyday.

Elyon · Fantasy
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399 Chs

A Very Bold Plan [Part 2]

While the general consensus of the higher-ups of the Dvalinn Federation was to recall all their forces who were currently in the Sirius Continent, Aldebaran Continent, and the Cygni Continent to execute a grand counterattack, this was something only they knew.

Because of this, he wanted to ask the teenage boy why he believed that now was the perfect time to strike back at the Jinns, who had just decimated a tenth of their overall fighting force a few days ago. 

"Let's say that we do what you had just suggested," Benedict said. "After that, what is stopping them from reclaiming the lands we hypothetically conquer? They can easily do that, you know?"

"Then, tell me. What is stopping two Monarchs and five thrones from destroying the territories that they left unguarded?" Thirteen asked back.

"…Don't tell me." Benedict's eyes widened in shock as he looked at the boy, who was currently wearing a devilish smile on his face.