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Symphonic Poem


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“My name is Mei Yun. ‘Mei’ for plum blossoms, not beauty; though you can consider me beautiful.” Wang Jun was dazzled by her bright eyes and confident smile. It was a far cry from the wailing girl minutes before. “My name is Wang Jun.” He gave no comment for the ‘beautiful’ vs. ‘plum blossom’ wordplay she made. 26-year-old Master's student Mei Yun was reborn into her 16-year-old self in front of the School of Performing Arts where she gave the harrowing performance that made her quit music for good. Taking the chance of a lifetime, she decided to make her old dreams reality, with the help of soon-to-be famous pianist, Wang Jun at her side. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Author's note: This novel is about the lives of musicians so around 30-40% of the content has musical terms a classical musician will relate to. However, footnotes will be provided to explain the terms so don't worry if you are not a musician.