27 Striking at the Wrong Target

Emperor He Mo is sulking in his seat while his bodyguard is solemnly standing behind him. This sullen mood is caused by either the young emperor is annoyed from the little interaction of the courageous noble lady earlier or disappointed of his bodyguard for not intercepting the fall of the body from the noble lady towards him.

He had expected her to protect him not only to danger but also to other women! Looks like he had not given enough briefing to her job description! The young emperor secretly thought and keeps his silence despite the sound of chatter and laughter around him. King Ru Ning who had sense the glum mood of Emperor He Mo decided to take the opportunity to talk engage him in a conversation.

"What do you think about the yellow river territory?" King Ru Ning asked in a low tone. When the Emperor of He heard him, his mood shifted greatly.

"King Ru Ning, you might not know this but I came from a pitiful background. My family were enslaved by the Chi Empire. They died before my late uncle, the previous emperor of He had put an effort to save me and inherit his throne. I do not only plan on subjugating the Yellow River but the whole neighboring region. This is what I promise to my parent's grave and also to the tomb of the late Emperor of He." Emperor He Mo responded meaningfully. The King's eyes immediately widen upon hearing the young man's response!

"Great! I want to discuss an alliance. Let's get some privacy. Shall we go to my study room and share to me your plans?" King Ru Ning excitedly said as he expressed his interest to the territories. Emperor He Mo slightly glanced at the lady behind him before giving his response.

"Of course. Occupy my seat for a while, there's plenty of food here." he said and instructed his bodyguard to sit in his chair and finish his food. Ye Shin nodded at him and did not mind as she took his seat. Emperor He Mo followed the king as they exited the banquet, leaving some noble ladies disappointed.

"Why is the other emperor leaving?"

"How bold of his servant to take his seat, we must teach her a lesson!"

"Now it is really true that when the cat is away, the mouse will play! Look at her, eating the food for nobles because her master is not looking!"

"She really has guts!"

"Yes! We must discipline her!"

Some noble ladies intentionally accused Ye Shin and said loudly to attract the attention of others. The Emperor Ru Shi had already gone first for nobody knows whether he also slipped away for business or for pleasure. Emperor Hong Te did not even bother to attend the banquet but his daughter was also there carefully observing the lady who just became the center of their attention.

Ye Shin is already eating halfway when the noble ladies came to her side. She calmly looked at their faces one by one as if scrutinizing them. She seemed to think of something but after a while of pausing, she continues to eat and completely ignoring the nobles who are surrounding her.

"Don't you know your place? As a servant! How dare you sit and eat in the emperor's table!" one of the ladies scolded her but Ye Shin did not bother arguing to her. She continues chewing until the food in the table was gone!

"Bah! Your master must have not disciplined you!" another noble lady said.

On the other table, Princess Hong Mei is just observing her reaction. Ye Shin have already felt her gaze earlier in the banquet. She decided to turn her head and meet Princess Hong Mei in the eyes. She then calmly greeted the Hong princess.

"My lady." Ye Shin bowed and Princess Hong Mei slightly trembled. Her heart races faster and somehow she felt panicked! There is a small voice in the mind of Princess Hong Mei that says the person bowing to her is actually positioned higher than anyone around. Without hesitation the princess reciprocated the greeting.

The princess immediately stands from her seat and offers a sincere bow to the lady as well. Her gesture made the noble lady surrounding Ye Shin more aggravated. They are also angry at the princess for giving respect to a servant.

"Yo! It looks like the Hong Empire also lacks noble teachings!" someone from the group of women said. This girl is the one who pretended to faint earlier. She feels high and mighty after the Emperor of He caught her when she staged her fall. As the lady arrogantly looked at the Princess of Hong Empire a loud voice echoed in the banquet.

"How dare you! My daughter does not lack anything! I will make sure that all of you will pay a huge price for tainting her reputation!"

It was the voice of the Hong Emperor. He was supposed to be checking her daughter. Who would have thought that just as Emperor Hong Te arrived at the banquet, he would hear some lady insulting his princess! He was angered at first but when he saw that his daughter seems fine, he slightly calmed down. His mind then turns the situation into a profitable one! The man even emphasizes that he will asks for a huge price!

The noble lady did not dare talk back to the Emperor of Hong. They silently looked down on the ground showing that they are guilty of their actions. Emperor Hong Te handed them a piece of paper and asked them to write their names. It was as if the emperor is making a list of debts from them! The ladies trembled and complied the demands to the demands of this business minded emperor.

Meanwhile, inside the study room of King Ru Ning, the two immediately talked about the conversation they had. Emperor He Mo explained that he has some things to do first before going against the Region A. He did not said what are the things he needed to be done to King Ru Ning but it was clear that he is talking about the Qing Empire.

"There are no plans yet. There are some things that I have to finish before I deal with them. Have you made some preparations King Ru Ning?" the young emperor asked.

"I made all efforts I can. I sent the strongest army near in the edge territory to guard the area. Some of my men went to investigate the Yellow River but none of them has gone back. Whether they are dead or alive, nobody has confirmed their whereabouts up until now." King Ru Ning expresses his loses to the young emperor.

"The Region A is cunning and unpredictable but it does not mean they don't have a weakness. In fact, most kingdoms are a just puppet of the Empire of Chi. It is Emperor Chi Xing who is the mastermind of their actions. In the surface, the whole Region A seemed united and its kingdoms are supporting each other's but the reality is, Emperor Chi Xing is a devious ruler and a great manipulator. He had managed to exploit and control other emperors. He is like the life force of all decisions in his region. If we strike at the very life force, it will be easier on subjugating the rest of them." Emperor He Mo declared in a hushed tone.

King Ru Ning could not help but feel dumbstruck of the information he just heard. This young emperor had actually known so much! No wonder, all the years he spent fighting against the force of Huang Empire is fruitless! He was like striking at the wrong target. The King is somewhat embarrassed that it was the young emperor who is actually giving him pointers instead of the other way around.

"Then do you have suggestions?" King Ru Ning quietly asked.

"Have your men stand by. After I'm done with some unsettled business, we will deal with them." Emperor He Mo said.

"Then I will send instructions to my soldiers tomorrow. The next two days, we will host a friendly fight arena in the capital. Are you interested to join the fight?" King Ru Ning asked as some masters may also want to be in the ring.

The young emperor had also joined this friendly fight during the last few years. This is where strong people compare notes and gain understanding of their ability. Killing is prohibited and the public is encouraged to join in this friendly battle.

"Maybe. King Ru Ning, let's go back to the banquet." the young emperor said in haste. The idea sounds clingy but the young emperor is somehow not comfortable that the presence of his bodyguard is away from him.

"How about the lady joins the arena?" King Ru Ning pressed. He is actually just eager to see the rumors about how strong the Spiral Sword is.

"She might not like that idea." Emperor He Mo stated. King Ru Ning laughs awkwardly as they finally walk back to the banquet.

The banquet was already quiet when they came back. They also saw the Hong emperor and her daughter talking to Ye Shin. The lady is calmly listening as Hong Emperor was immersed in his talking.

"Let's go rest?"Emperor He Mo sneaked behind the lady and silently whispered in her ear.

Despite the two old rulers expectations that the lady is soon to be the Empress of He, they are still taken a back at the closeness of the two. Rulers rarely act intimate in public! Before they could make some remarks, the young Emperor of He already bid them his farewell and walks away together with his bodyguard with out waiting for their responses.

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