25 Something About the Rain

At midnight, tiny droplets of rain started to fall in the sky. Ye Shin solemnly stands outside and looks above as fragments of memories started playing in her mind. Her memories are perfectly blending in the ambiance of the rainy night.

Her father.

Her master.

The sounds of rainfall.

Those beads of rain slowly falling on the ground. There is something about rain... It was raining when her mother and unborn brother died. The rain also sprinkled after they claimed justice for their deaths.

Then suddenly, Ye Shin subconsciously began speaking to the air of silence in the night. At that time, she is not fully aware, whether the air is capable of hearing her soft voice or if someone is listening to her while talking to no one but the mere space. Her face is only glued to the vast sky as she started speaking in a very slow manner.

"Rain is an existence of mysteries.

Like a traveler, it will come and it shall go.

It is merciful.

It can repair and heal those thirsty and dying roots of shrubs and grass.

At the same time, it is merciless.

Fully capable of softening the earth and uprooting mighty trees.

When this traveler pays a visit, everyone will have a gift of renewal!

Renewal that can bring restoration for some while destruction for others.

No matter what, I choose to regenerate."

The emotions that she felt at that time is so intense while she reminisced her family. It is taken from the deepest part of her soul. They are all perfectly carved in her memories.

At the same moment, inside their room the sound of the rain pouring heavily on the roof wakes Emperor He Mo from his deep sleep. He gently sits on his bed and stretch his body. As his eyes wander in every corner of the place looking for a particular figure. Their journey towards the Ru Empire made the emperor got used to seeing the lady whenever he wakes up. This time, there is no sign of his bodyguard within the vicinity. He slowly jumps out of the bed and walks outside.

As the rain continued to pour down, the young emperor saw the figure of his bodyguard not far from him. He was about to go near her when he noticed that the lady is wearing an unusual expression. The once placid face of Ye Shin is now reflecting various emotions. The kinds of emotions that even Emperor He Mo are having a hard time of describing them. What he saw made him stopped on his tracks and decided to remain his distance to her.

For a moment, he looks at the lady frozen in her place while facing above the sky. Though at that point, the emperor is not sure whether her eyes are looking on the darkness of the night or the rain falling from above. He just patiently observes the lady in the distance until he heard her started talking.

Her voice is soft but the impact of her words is strong! The emperor has felt an invisible force as Ye Shin delivered every word with high intensity. He had never thought that someone as calm as Ye Shin is capable of showing such intense expression! From the moment of their fist meeting, this is only the first time he heard the lady speaks so many words at once!

At that instance, something unknown to him within the deepest part of the young emperor's emotion also twitched as he continues to pay attention to the lady quietly.

After sometime, the lady had stopped talking. The atmosphere became calm and normal. The young emperor saw her began to move. She slowly bends her body and extends her right hand as if picking something on the ground. Then the lady stared at the object in her palm. He could not see what she had picked on the ground so he slowly took a few steps forward towards her.

"Your majesty." the lady greeted and offered a customary bow to him as she saw the emperor approaching.

"What is in your hands?" the emperor curiously asks wile looking at the tiny object.

"A blade, your majesty." the lady calmly told him. As she showed him the object in her palm, the emperor was astonished. The size is minuscule and the shape is like a teardrop but its tip is like a needle!

"Is that from your Spiral Sword?" the emperor curiously asked her if the blade is part of her weapon. He was expecting that maybe the sword had evolved again! The lady calmly stares at the sharp object as if studying it a little more before she gently shakes her head. Impossible! She did not manifested the Spiral Sword! She pondered for a while.

"No, your majesty. Something about the rain." she vaguely responded then she glanced away at the blade in her palm and look at the emperor in the eye.

Her response made the emperor confused. What is it, something about the rain? A frown slightly folds on his forehead. He was about to ask something to ask her but the lady just handed her the blade and walks away. The emperor was left dumbstruck with the blade in his hands. This surely is not her teardrop right? The emperor asked himself as he examines the object glittering.

After a few breaths of examining the blade, its sparkle slowly fades! Almost instantly, the sharpness of the object also vanished! Then the blade starts to crack its solid form until it completely transforms into what remains in the palm of the emperor was a liquid water from rain.

The emperor frowned deeper while staring at the liquid in his palm. It was really a rain water! What had just happened? He asked in his mind as he looked at the door in their room. The lady just walks inside the place and then the blade also follows to disappear in his sight? The emperor was left outside with untraceable emotions.

Unbeknownst to the emperor, inside the room, the lady is also wondering how an almost microscopic yet noticeable object shows up in front of her. She was so immersed of her memories that she did not notice her inner force is slowly circulating around and started to mix with the raindrops.

She did not know that some drops of rain slowly become a blade when the inner force from her body was infused to it. If she had just spared a look on the decorative banner in her right side, she would have seen that the cloth was slightly ripped by the other sharp droplets of rain! The intensity from her emotions created a link for her to manifest a weapon within the domain of nature!

When the lady left the emperor outside their room with the blade, the link of her internal force in the drop of rain also lost. This is why the object that was once a blade had suddenly turned into a liquid in the palm of the emperor. At that moment none of them has realized of this link at all!

If the Elder of the Sword Cultivators Clan was there, he would be bewildered and astonished again! Ye Shin is just simply beyond his knowledge! A sword cultivator that is capable of honing a weapon made from the connection of the inner force and the natural force is really more than just shocking! It's inconceivable! It defies their cultivation practice!

They only cultivate inner force for materialization of weapon and not materialization of nature!

When the emperor came back inside, he saw the lady in her usual countenance. His bodyguard was calmly standing at the window of the room. As soon as he enters, she stared at him and the emperor could not help but wonder what is running in Ye Shin`s head when she looked at him.

"Could it be that you don`t like rain?" the emperor suddenly asked as he walks towards the bed.

"The rain is good, your majesty. It is carved in my memory. " he heard her responded to him as he climbed back on the bed.

Somehow the emperor discerns what the lady has said to him. The rain is a phenomenon that anyone can easily remember. It would need a much more deeper connection of something meaningful when someone wants to carve it in their memory. It is not really the manner of raining but the events within it.

As he closes his eyes to sleep back again, few of the words that he heard from what the lady had subconsciously spoken earlier made the emperor realized that the lady was probably living the kind of life that is very opposite from her usual undisturbed demeanor and expression. He remembers that the lady is talking about renewal.

'When this traveler pays a visit, everyone will have a gift of renewal!

Renewal that brings restoration for some while destruction for others.'

What will be restored and what will be destroyed? The emperor pondered until his consciousness surrenders back to sleep. What Emperor He Mo did not know is that the lady was not talking about the subject of 'what' but rather those words of hers were targeting the subject of 'who'. The real question should be, when the rain ends, who will be restored and who will be destroyed?

But then again, is she even referring to the literal kind of rain?

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