23 Kismet

When Emperor Ru Shi heard his friend's tone, he just gives him a casual but daring smirk. No matter how dominating Emperor He Mo sounded or how authoritative his voice is, this is nothing to Emperor Ru Shi. As a son of a military father, he lives all his life with this kind of tone that by now he had been immune to it!

"The lady accompanying brother He Mo, I am the new emperor of the Ru Empire named Ru Shi. Welcome to the Empire of Ru!" he finally finished his introduction while seductively looking at Ye Shin.

Since Emperor Ru Shi had witnessed the extraordinary talent of the lady earlier, the man would never want to pass the opportunity to get close to her. He was even thinking of including her in his rare collection of girls! The fierceness of her attacks fueled his motivation to know her. If Emperor He Mo and Ye Shin can read his mind right now, Emperor Ru Shi would have been long beaten in the entrance of his own palace!

Meanwhile, the lady calmly steps forward from the man covering her and what the Emperor of Ru saw made him dumbstruck! Her placidity made him look at her with more than just the undisguised interest he had earlier. Such a deep tranquil composure!

On the other hand, the three maiden's beside Emperor Ru Shi at first felt lingering fears from what they have seen earlier. But after they got a close view of the lady, their emotions were immediately replaced by jealousy! The lady does not even look like a noble in their eyes! How is it possible that our Emperor Ru Shi becomes engrossed at her!? They secretly mumbled to themselves.

"Brother Ru Shi, this is my bodyguard named Ye Shin." Emperor He Mo took the initiative to introduce her before the lady could respond. He eyed his friend with seriousness as the grin in his friend's face becomes wider. From the looks that Emperor Ru Shi is giving to the lady, Emperor He Mo has almost started to regret bringing Ye Shin with him.

"Ye Shin! Ru Shi! This must be an auspicious sign of kismet that brought us here! Even our names Shi and Shin are almost the same! Heavens have made our paths intertwined!" the emperor of Ru lamely declared with his tone full of excitement. He was completely unaware of the three maiden's ugly reactions upon hearing what he said. Even Emperor He Mo helplessly frowned at him. Does this man really believes in kismet? He secretly thought. The lady on the other hand, still maintained her calm composure seemingly not affected of the majestic face in front of her.

"I am just a servant of my emperor your highness Ru Shin. It would be inappropriate to call this meeting as kismet." the lady softly responded to the Emperor of Ru.

"Mind not on this trivial differences my lady, as long as you wish it, I shall make it happen." Emperor Ru Shi persisted. He was confident in his charms and godly appearance. He was even thinking that the lady has probably fallen in love to him.

"No need to trouble you, your highness Ru Shi. This servant has promised to protect my emperor with my life." the lady softly rejected Emperor Ru Shi. This made the emperor beside her silently felt a sense of great satisfaction.

Ye Shin had noticed the glares that were thrown towards her by the three maiden beside the Emperor of Ru. The lady glanced at them with no emotions and pondered for a while. This emperor is surrounded with beauties but fails to value them. She could hot help but sigh inwardly.

"Aren't you going to let your guests come inside the palace?" Suddenly, another stern voice sounded behind Emperor of Ru Shi. This time, the voice made him stand more upright! The owner of this voice is his father, the previous Emperor of Ru, King Ru Ning.

"Father! You are actually here!" Emperor Ru Shi enthusiastically called his father.

"Don't mind this son of mine blocking the way. Come! We have prepared a banquet." King Ru Ning disregarded his son and invited the two guests inside.

Nobody had paid attention to Commander Gu who is still in disbelief and his soldiers from the distance. When the man realized that they will just leave like nothing had happened, his mind becomes clouded by panic! He boldly shouted for help!

"Your majesty! My King! These people are murderers! They have killed someone in Old Ma's restaurant. They even cut my arms! And two of my soldiers have suffered in the same manner!" he said trying to gain sympathy from King Ru Ning and his son Emperor Ru Shi.

The King has only glanced at the man but did not say anything. He was also there when the commander's arms were cut off! He just decided to observe things first before he announced his presence.

As the commander felt the quick but intense gaze of King Ru Ning, his whole body slightly trembled! His heart was beating faster than the normal heart rate! Is he nervous? He could tell! He does not even understand why nor knows what's the reason why his body reacted the way it did.

As he looked up, he saw the retreating figures going inside the palace. The other soldiers sigh in relief as they went away. They too were too scared of King Ru Ning's aura. A single gaze was more than enough to almost let their souls leave their bodies!

Inside the banquet were four separate tables for the guest. The two in the left side were surprisingly occupied by the Hong Emperor and her daughter. The other side is still empty. When the three maidens did not follow to the banquet Ye Shin automatically knows that it is an exclusive banquet.

"I'm going to check the area." she politely said and made a few steps away but she heard someone stopped her.

"No need. Those two unoccupied tables are for each one of you." it was King Ru Ning who responded to Ye Shin before Emperor He Mo could give his permission to her. The lady gently nods to King Ru Ning before they take their seats.

King Ru Ning had indeed prepared the two tables for them. This is because the soldiers who were guarding the boarder entrance had sent him a quick message informing him not only the arrival of the Emperor of He Empire but also the emergence of the imperial token for the Empress of He Empire! This is also the reason why he waited their arrival to examine the lady who currently holds the token.

He had never expected that, not only he was able to see the lady but he also witnessed her capabilities on their first meeting! And King Ru Ning was very satisfied by it. A sword cultivator that is able to manifest tiny blades. Not bad! The King thought as the palace maids started placing food on their table.

"Yo! Emperor He Mo, good to see you!" the Emperor of Hong Empire casually greeted the two figures who just sat on their seats. He was already told by King Ru Ning about everything that had happened in the border entrance of Ru Empire. He was also eager to see if he could potentially earn money on the news about the emergence of the imperial token for the Empress of He! This gossip will definitely be a scope!

"Oh! Emperor Hong Te it is nice to see you also. I see Princess Hong Mei is accompanying her father, what a filial daughter! Emperor Hong Te, you are lucky not only in terms of money but also with your family!" Emperor He Mo quickly complimented the business minded emperor in response to his casual greetings to him. He had known it before that Emperor Hong Te would never engaged in casual talk unless he will profit from it!

"Hohoho. This emperor thanks your compliments Emperor He Mo! Say, why don't you introduce your company this time?" the Hong Emperor directly suggested as his loud laugh echoed in each corner if the place.

When Emperor He Mo heard what he just said, he could not help but ponder for a bit on how his bodyguard managed to attract the interest of this business minded emperor! He paused for a while and took his time thinking of what is the real intention of Emperor Hong Te. There is nothing he could think about! This is also very normal since he did not have the kind of brain Emperor Hong Te has. If he had the chance to read his mind, he would definitely be laughing by how ridiculous the things are running in the mind of this business minded emperor.

"Emperor Hong Te, the lady is my bodyguard. She is from the Sword Cultivator Clan. Her name is Ye Shin." Emperor He Mo finally introduces the lady. The business minded emperor has also pondered what he just heard. He tilted his head as if he is thinking of something before looking at the young man in the eyes.

"So the lady is from the Sword Cultivators Clan! If the lady does not mind, could she grant us the honor of having this chance to see her manifested weapon?" Emperor Hong Te politely asked.

What does this business minded emperor really want? Does seeing a weapon from a member of the Sword Cultivators Clan will bring him profits? Why did he suddenly have an interest in weaponry when his heart is dedicated only on earning money? Emperor He Mo was totally baffled and could not guess what Emperor Hong Te's hidden agenda is!

Finally, Emperor He Mo gestured Ye Shin to step forward. The lady did not hesitate. Once she stood up, a weapon appears in her right hand. But this weapon is the ordinary looking Spiral Sword with the appearance of a double fuller long-sword!

When King Ru Ning saw the weapon, some doubts appeared in his head. He was so sure that he saw two tiny blades when he met the lady at the entrance gate of the palace! On the other hand, Emperor Hong Te did not hide his dissatisfaction in his face. Upon seeing the ordinary appearance of the sword, he nods his head and sighed as if he just lost a profit. But after a few breaths, the business minded emperor persisted on his objective.

"This weapon, does it have a name?" Emperor Hong Te asked but his voice is already lacking of excitement.

"Yes, your highness this is called Spiral Sword." the lady casually said. Her demeanor is so calm but there are two people around her that had completely changed their expressions!

Spiral Sword!

The chest of Emperor Hong Te suddenly contracts because of excitement!

While King Ru Ning had subconsciously hold his breath for a few seconds!

"What did you just say?!!" the two old rulers finally manage to say in chorused as they stared at her with full of astonishment.

One is a military man and the other is a business man. At some point they had definitely heard some rumors about the weapon in the field of their interest! Their faces were slightly paled in shock. The tone of their voice are somehow erratic and completely something that does not depict their noble status. Both of their children were even embarrassed from their sudden outburst.

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