24 A Brush, an Ink and Paper

In the midst of excitement from the two older rulers, a loud thud sounded in the room! It is as if someone had stumbled down. Then a soft squeal of a girly voice resonated. Everyone snapped their eyes and stared wide eye at the direction where the Hong Emperor is sitting!

"Father!" the daughter called her father as she hurriedly stands from her seat to help the man beside her. The owner of this voice which is laced with full of concern is Princess Hong Mei. The Emperor Hong Te had actually fallen from his seat!

When his body fell down, his face had somehow first crashed on the ground. The position of his body in the floor was totally awkward for the onlookers. It is like he is kissing the ground but his torso had manage to be in a side ward position due to his chair! If normal people have seen the scene this Emperor of Hong is in, laughter would have probably erupted in this place! But since they are all nobles, their expressions only show how worried they are for the business minded emperor.

There were no personal servants around so it is the daughter of Emperor Hong Te who first attempted to go and save him. But just before the princess could take a few steps towards him, Emperor Hong Te had already stood up from his awkward position like nothing had happened to him! He made a gesture of dusting off some invisible dirt in his clothing before he went back to his seat. His daughter sighs in huge relief.

The energy of Emperor Hong Te was quickly renewed when he heard the name of Ye Shin's weapon. He simply tried to adjust his sitting position and subconsciously exert too much force on the chair causing it to outbalance! He was too excited that he could not even feel the pain from the impact of his fall!

"Are you okay, Emperor Hong Te? Do you need a physician?" Emperor Ru Shi asked him in a serious tone. The Hong Emperor shakes his head several times indicating that he does not need any physician. He took a deep breath to calm himself. After a few breaths, he finally managed to speak again.

"No worries... I am totally fine! Hohoho" Emperor Hong Te said while laughing lightly as he casually sits back on his chair. He was already immersed in his mind thinking about the information Ye Shin had just told him.

Some ideas have constantly floated in the business minded emperor's head as to how he will definitely gain a huge profit! He had not even thought of his reputation when he fell down on the chair! He is too busy calculating the possible amount he will be earning from the details that he just heard!

Spiral Sword!

Meanwhile, King Ru Ning also grabbed a cup of tea to ease his uneven breathing. Countless of thoughts had also passed in his head. He is still sipping his tea when Emperor Hong Te managed to ask another question to the lady.

"Ah! Hohoho! I am so surprised! The fine lady from Sword Cultivators Clan... And the Ehem! The weapon. Well then, the person bearing the title of White Death is the same? Is it you?" Emperor Hong Te somehow stuttered as he asks one last clarification with a much softer tone. It is as if he is whispering to the lady but everyone can still hear him.

"That is correct, your highness." Ye Shin responded quietly like it is not a big deal.

White Death!

On the other side, King Ru Ning was almost choked from the tea that he had been drinking by the affirmation of Ye Shin. He secretly cleared his throat and maintained his silence. The Hong Emperor on the other hand, enthusiastically raises the cup of his wine to them.

"Great! Great! Hohoho This emperor will congratulate you, Emperor of He! Let us all toast to the lady!" the Hong Emperor stated and everyone raised their wine in the air. His gesture looks very elated.

Emperor He Mo could not understand the reaction of the Hong Emperor but he gladly raises his wine as a gesture of toasting a drink. Although he had witnessed the strength of his bodyguard with his own eyes, the Hong Emperor's facial expression does not look like it is from the admiration of Ye Shin's strength or skills. This expression is different!

As Emperor He Mo looked closely, the aura around Emperor Hong Te looks more like he had just win a huge jackpot from gambling! It was definitely a very unusual reaction! This expression had slightly creeps him out! He had kept on observing this Hong Emperor since earlier so he could see his plans but up until now, nothing has occurred in his mind. He had definitely missed something but he could not pin point what it is!

Finally! The question and answer portion was over. The host empire and its neighbor did not bother the lady anymore. The two older rulers decided to change the subject of their discussions while the younger men are creating a plan for what they will be doing the following day. The princess and the bodyguard had put their attention to food and did not join the discussions.

When the banquet was finished, everyone retreated to their individual rooms. Emperor Ru Shi was assisted by his maidens. Each of the guests was given their own place inside the palace. The Princes Hong Mei and Emperor Hong Te did not objected to the arrangement but Ye Shin and Emperor He Mo insisted on sharing. In the end, they are transferred to an appropriate large room with two beds.

The moment Emperor Hong Te arrived in the place arranged for him, there are three fine looking imperial maids outside the door waiting for him in case he needs anything. The maids slightly bow their heads and greeted him. They also asked him if he needed anything.

"Give me a brush, ink and paper." the Hong Emperor ordered to the maids.

All the maids were dumbstruck when they heard what the Hong Emperor had requested. They did not move from their position and just looked at each other's face with questioning eyes. Why would this guest need those things? Isn't it very late now for him to write?

These three imperial maids was in fact picked and arranged by the legendary playboy, Emperor Ru Shi earlier that day to entertain the business minded emperor. So the sudden demands for writing materials are out of the maid's expectations. Could it be that this emperor wants to act like a bad scholar or good scholar in bed? All the three finally nod their head then secretly wink to themselves as this idea come to their mind.

"Are you all deaf? Did you not hear what I said?" the emperor's impatient tone rang through the darkness of the night as he saw that the maids are not moving. And the three immediately bowed and went away to look for the materials.

"Hurry up!" Emperor Hong Te added as he looks at the retreating figures.

After a few breaths, the three figures successfully brought all the things the Hong Emperor asked. He did not waste his time and immediately grabbed the items and went inside his room, closing the door behind. The three maids could not help but glower at the tightly closed door of his room.

The wealth of this emperor made the three maids thoroughly practiced on how to effectively seduce him. They think they will have a chance to earn big tonight! But before these three maids could perform their actions, the emperor had already closed his door right in front of their faces!

These maids have really underestimated the dedication Emperor Hong Te puts when it comes to earning money! What a bad luck! The three maids subsequently thought. If the emperor knows what they are thinking, he would also probably sell them an advice about making money successfully just by using brush, ink and paper!

Inside the room, the Hong Emperor is now scribbling some few words and sketching some kind of an image that resembles a sword. It was the Spiral Sword he saw earlier in the banquet. After he finished all the writings, a big smile appears in his face.

The excitement in his appearance is indeed quite creepy if someone could see it. As the smile curved in his face. The Hong Emperor then made some plans of his errands for the next day before he drags his body to bed and sleeps.

On the other side of the palace, King Ru Ning is having a hard time sleeping despite drinking several cups of wine in the banquet. People with military experience is said to have the highest tolerance to alcohol. He sat on his bed and replayed in his mind all the things that happened that day.

The territorial conflict over the edge of their Region S will probably be neutralize and acquire by the He Empire given the current circumstances. This new idea suddenly popped to King Ru Ning's mind. The area of this place is situated over the edge of their region and is called Yellow River. The location of this place is between the Ru Empire and Huang Empire of Region A. The Yellow River is simply the regional boundary of Region S to Region A and neither one of the two kingdoms successfully claimed this territory yet.

Long ago, there was an old covenant sign by all rulers of the Region S that states; whichever empire can drove away the Huang Empire from Yellow River will have the full rights of ownership over its territory. Over the years the Hong, Hu, Hei and Qing Empire did not show any interest in joining the Ru Empire on chasing away the Huang Empire from the Yellow River. He had also lost his hope from the He Empire before because of its past, specially the rumors about the vicious vow of the last Empress of He before she died during her execution.

This territorial conflict is the very reason why King Ru Ning handed his throne to his son. He wanted to give his full attention, and claim this territory! King Ru Ning's problem lies on having a reliable support. He does not have a dependable ally that can support him on his ambition. And contrary to the situation of King Ru Ning, the Emperor of Huang named Huang Si has a full support from allied empires in Region A. This means that King Ru Ning have been fighting against the forces of the whole region!

This generation conflict and disagreement over the possession or control of the Yellow River has been on going for centuries but if White Death is on their side this time, then victory is already smiling and waving at them. King Ru Ning suddenly got up from his bed and went to his study room. He stayed there for the whole night as he draws his new plans against the Huang Empire and future negotiations towards the He Empire.

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