Swordsman System In Naruto

Yukan Norio, a boy living in Konoha with the soul of an earth resident. He was an unplanned element who interfered with the course of the original story. But, what if he also created some unexpected things? What if there are unexpected twists? ---------------------- The Mc's behavior in the first few chapters is like that of an idiot. It is because someone living in our world would not be experienced in fighting and killing.

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V.3 Chapter 14

[It is about the slave contract. The host should know, the slave contract does not work like this]

"Yeah, wonderful. You can't let me be happy huh?" Yukan said and opened his eyes.

[For the slave contract to work, the host should be in physical contact with the desired target.]

[After the slave contract is applied, the host can make the target follow your wish. The contract bounds with the target's soul]

[Disobeying an order would result in an intense heart pain to the target]


"Fuck! This motherfuc*#!@%&..." Yukan yelled all the cuss words he had learnt from the ninja world and his past life. His voice could be heard through the forest.

"*Sigh* Just don't let me live peacefully," Yukan said as he put the seal inside the box and put the box back.

"Now how to proceed? In case Kaguya comes later, I'll just need to be in physical contact. It would be better if it is after my second template is also completed. In case Madara has the same plan, we'll just save our student. If there is another, I have to…"


-The next day, In the Hokage's Office-

"Hel- Good Morn- Hail Hokage-Sama." Duy, wearing his classic green tights, greeted Hiruzen while kneeling in front of him.

"I-It's alright. A good morning is fine. What are you here for, Duy? And what is in that big sack?" Hiruzen asked after feeling awkward from Duy's greeting.

"Oh, it's some weapons. I came here to–" As Duy was speaking, several ANBU ninjas appeared and put their swords on Duy's neck.

"Umm, Hokage-Sama, I swear I don't come here with malicious intent," Duy said as he raised his hands as much as he could, gesturing surrender.

"I know. Get back, all of you… I apologize, Duy. Please continue quickly, I don't have much time." Hiruzen said as he lightly hit his palm on his head.

Duy continued to open the sack in front of Hiruzen while still being aware of the ANBU ninjas.

He presented all the seven swords collected by Yukan in front of Hiruzen.

"D-Did you kill their owners?" Hiruzen asked as he fumbled in between. Killing the seven ninja swordsmen of the Mist was not something possible.

"No, obviously it was not me. I am not even powerful enough to make out alive after an encounter with their owners… ex-owners. It was Yukan Norio, the Crimson Demon Yukan Norio." Duy said and then he proceeded to explain to Hiruzen everything that had happened.

"Hmm. You may leave. For now, don't tell this to anyone and tell the kids to do so too. Starting another war with Kiri won't be too useful right now… well, they don't exactly have any large force on their side but still…" Hiruzen said and got up from his seat. He looked out of the window, up to the sky and smiled.

"Thank you Hokage-Sama," Duy said and left the office.

After Duy left, Hiruzen, while looking at the clear sky said," Your son has grown fine, my friend."



In the evening, Yukan was walking back to his house. He planned his next moves according to every possibility he could think of.

"There is also the case of no secrets… Should I tell Kushina about my previous life? Should I say,' I have my memories from my previous life?' Hah! I don't know…" Yukan said as he walked forward.

While walking, he saw his students, Kakashi and Kozuki hiding behind a wall and spying on someone.

"Hey, she went through here, right?" Kakashi asked.

"Of course. I am not blind, you idiot. I will give you the correct information." Kozuki replied as they both continued to look in the other direction.

At this moment, Yukan appeared behind them and stood like how they were standing and said lightly," What information?"

"Bwaaah!! Fucking idiot, who is it?" Kozuki yelled as he fell from getting scared.

"H-Hey, open your eyes, you blind idiot," Kakashi said hurriedly.

Kozuki still did not look at Yukan and said to Kakashi directly," What is there to look at? He is a shit. I'll punish him."

"Hehe, nice words you have right there, my student." Yukan said with a 'warm' smile on his face.

Kozuki looked at Yukan finally and gave no reaction. He rather got up and stood with a blank face.

In a robotic voice and with a straight face, he said," You can't catch me. Not before 3 seconds are over. Since you are stronger and faster, it'll be cheating."

Kozuki ran in the opposite direction and as soon as he started, Yukan pulled him back from his upper.

"Hey, that's cheati-" As Kozuki was speaking, he was interrupted by Yukan's punishment.

Yukan went soft and started pulling Kozuki's ears.

"You, kid, have extra training with me tomorrow. You seem to have gotten slower." Yukan said as he smiled.

"Tomorrow? But I have plans tomor-"

Yukan pulled Kozuki's ears harder and made Kozuki shriek.

"Alright sensei, tomorrow it is," Kozuki said as he sat and let his ears be pulled.

"So, do you have any sweet things to say too or are you going to tell me what is happening?" Yukan said while looking at Kakashi.

"No, I have a brain. I'll talk. We were following a girl." Kakashi answered.


"Anko Mitarashi."

"Kid, tell me everything at once, otherwise I'm going to help you remember."

"So, what we were doing was information gathering. She doesn't talk to me and when I asked her to play, she refused. When I asked her her name, she refused to tell me and moreover, she started enjoying it and told me to gather information on my own, so here I am."

"... you were stalking her."

"Yes, but information gathering sounds better."

"... Whatever… Hey, don't you already know her name though?"

"I do but she doesn't know that I know. Got to strike up a conversation and it was so…"

"Hah! Come on kid, I'll give you tips for talking to girls," Yukan said as he left Kozuki's ears and started walking with Kakashi.

"Hah! Evil man," Kozuki said lightly when Yukan walked a little far.

"I hear you. The day after tomorrow too." Yukan shouted from a distance while doing a thumbs-up gesture.



-At home-

"You're back. Welcome. Are you fine?" Kushina asked as she gave Yukan a glass of water.

"Hmm? Yup, I;m good as long as I'm seeing you at the end of my day." Yukan said as he hugged Kushina lightly.

Kushina blushed and said," Noo, I mean seriously. You went away in a hurry so I thought something happened."

"Everything is fine," Yukan said as he kissed Kushina once and walked inside.

'I'll just tell her today. It is for the better. If she still wants to, she'll stay.' Yukan thought as he walked into the living room.

In the living room, as soon as Yukan was about to sit, Kushina pushed him a little and picked something up from there.

"Hey, what is it?" Yukan asked.

"N-Nothing," Kushina answered. She quickly opened the almirah and threw whatever was in her hands.

"Ok. Hey Kushina, I have something to tell you. Come sit here." Yukan said in a serious tone.

"What is it?" Kushina asked worriedly as she sat down right beside Yukan and held his hand.

"It is about me. I…"


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