Swordsman System In Naruto

Yukan Norio, a boy living in Konoha with the soul of an earth resident. He was an unplanned element who interfered with the course of the original story. But, what if he also created some unexpected things? What if there are unexpected twists? ---------------------- The Mc's behavior in the first few chapters is like that of an idiot. It is because someone living in our world would not be experienced in fighting and killing.

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V.2 Chapter 19

In an empty forest between a dense green forest, three men lay down, unconscious.

The sun was about to rise.

Yukan woke his three teammates up," Hey, get up. It's time to leave."

The first one to get up was Takido. The moment he saw Yukan, he remembered last night's feast.

"Captain, let me make the food from now on," Takido said. He did not want to test poison once again.

"You guys asked me to cook it. Wake Ozawa up, we are leaving." Yukan said.

Takido nodded and got up to wake Ozawa.

Soon after eating fruits for breakfast, the four people left for Takigakure.

"Captain, I have a shortcut I discovered when I last came to Takigakure," Ozawa said.

"Then, let's go from that route. It would be better to get over with this mission as soon as possible." Yukan said.

Ozawa then took the lead and the three started following him.

By the time they reached Takigakure, it was already noon.

The four stood right in front of the border of Takigakure as they talked about their next steps.

"Now we are going to stay here for around a month. It would be better if we enter Takigakure as a band of travellers. Remove your masks and change your faces so that people don't get to know your true face." Yukan said.

All of them started to change their clothes. Ozawa used transformation jutsu since he was a specialist in changing his guise.

Yukan went a little away from his squad and used the [Mask Of Oni] to get into disguise.


Meanwhile, In Konoha, (When it was still before sunrise)

Aayu entered her house with wet clothes and went straight to take a bath.

Since it was very early in the morning, no one saw her and no one knew she was out at night.

After she took a bath, she got out and started doing some housework.

She started cleaning the rooms of the house one by one starting from the living room.

By afternoon, she was done with all the housework and was only left with cleaning Yukan's room.

She started cleaning the room.

She turned over the whole room, making it seem like she was trying to find something. After half an hour of searching, she found a box.

It was the same box that she had given Yukan on his birthday and asked him to open when he turned 24.

"Good he did not open this," Aayu said and then walked out of the room.


-In an underground cave-

Madara sat in front of the ten-tails, absorbing its chakra as usual.

This time, there was no Zetsu, rather, a boy with blonde hair and pink ends stood in front of him.

"How is it going?" Madara asked while keeping his eyes closed.

"The plan is proceeding perfectly, in this way, I will have my revenge soon, Madara-Sama." The boy said.

He wore a mask so his face was not visible but from his voice, it was clear that he was someone in his teenage years.

"Keep on following the plan. The target of your revenge will end up becoming a problem in future. Also, call your comrade, I need to have a word with him." Madara said.

The boy nodded and left the area.

Soon after he left, a man who seemed to be a lot older than the boy came in.

"You called for me, Madara-Sama?" The man said.

He also wore a mask, concealing his face.

The only visible part of his head was his black hair.

"Yes. Go and check that boy I gave the Rinnegan to." Madara said.

"I am sorry Madara-Sama, I cannot do that. If I stay away from Konoha for a long time, people may start getting suspicious, the same with the boy." The man with black hair said.

Madara pondered over it for a while and then said," Then leave right now and go back to Konoha. Our plan should not be ruined."


Once again in Konoha, in the evening

Kushina walked through the streets, towards Yukan's house.

"I think that since Aunt is alone at home, I'll spend some time with her," Kushina said.

When she reached right in front of the house, she saw Kiyome standing there too.

"You are here too?" Kiyome asked when she saw Kushina.

"Of course. Otherwise, how can you see me? I came because I wanted to spend some time with Aunt Aayu." Kushina said.

"Me too," Kiyome replied.

Both of them went forward and knocked at the door.

Aayu soon opened it and the moment she saw the two, she asked," You two? Did you two not know? Yukan and Minato have gone for missions."

"We know, we came here to have dinner with you, Aunt," Kushina said.

Aayu welcomed the two of them inside the house.

As Kushina entered the house someone who never opened his eyes or was shocked, opened his eyes in shock.

Sealed deep inside her body, Kurama sensed something that was not something that should have been there.

It shocked him and he also had an angry expression on his face.

'W-why does this woman have a trace of 'his' chakra?' Kurama thought as his eyes continued to get redder.